MrMushy - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Daman453

MrMushy - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Daman453

What’s your BYOND key:

When did this incident occur:

Your character name:
Bubba Goofus

Their BYOND key:

What are you reporting?:
Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:
My name was Bubba Goofus and a staff member wanted me to change it, while I was adamant about changing it I tought of another name I used to play as “Gay Johnson”. While I know Gay sounds like a silly name but it actually is a real life name and several sources for this, also the reason they wanted to change my name Bubba Goofus was because that its not a real name and no people are named by it, so I assumed that people have the first name Gay I could use it. The staff member told me that the name Gay Johnson was not against the rules but they were against it cause I would be made fun of and in return they’ll have to punish those people making fun of me. While I am doubtful if I were allowed to change my name to Gay Johnson those people making fun of me would have been punished. They made it sound like I could have the name Gay Johnson they just wouldnt like it. But the staff members demeanor changed and outright told me I cant have the name Gay Johnson, when I asked why I got no solid answer just because I said so’s. While I fully understand I must follow staff members commands, still I do not see why this name would warrant a ban and me not being allowed to use it. To add I needed to ask the staff member several times if the name was against the rules( they said no), if i was allowed to have it (no real answer until the end), will i be punished( yes). To me it seems like the staff member just didn’t like the name and wanted me to change it, and expected me to change it but when I refused cause its a real name, they banned me. To add, them saying that it will cause problems made it seem like I was allowed to have the name, but it seems to me over time they got a little more angry and decided to ban me. Now the note doesnt mention them saying the name is not against the rules(I highlighted it in pictures), I wasn’t attempting to be hostile and in my opinion I wasnt hostile and was actively trying not to be hostile only towards the end when I said it seems like they just dont like being talked back to can I percieve this as mildly hostile. The staff member seemed to refuse to really explain why the name isnt allowed and I percieve that as they truly know I can have the name but they dont like it and want me to change it, and when I refuse, they banned me for talking back, this is what I percieve it as.

edit: theres a guy with a nickname momfucker but i cant have gay as a first name?

I think these should be looked at and read if you want to fully grasp the situation that occured since I am not a very good writer.


I am the admin involved in this ticket. You were walking around the ship, naked, as Bubba Goofus. Checking your notes says you were warned and banned three months ago for doing this exact thing. Wishing to give you a chance as it had been three months, i decided to allow you to change your name. You picked the name ‘Gay Johnson’ I, as a staff member have the right to veto any name, xeno or marine. I vetoed this name because i knew the marines would decide to use this name to make rude jokes, jokes they would have to answer for in ooc. The name is a rare name to give someone in the first place. It violates no naming rules, but…

Staff retain rights to make the final judgement if a name or Xenomorph prefix is acceptable or unacceptable.

For the reasons above, i feel like the name is unacceptable.

I was giving you three strikes. You joined the game as a name that caused you to be banned a year ago. Strike one. Strike two was choosing a name that was unacceptable, then auguring about it. Strike three was when i decided to move the conversation on to a new name. You refused to, and decided to say that you were going to change it to that name anyway and didn’t choose a new name. Strike three. The three hour ban was to allow you time to cool down.

I want everyone who plays in our community to have the chance to redeem or come back. Your actions showed me that you do not wish to come back as a player redeemed, you showed me you were the same player you were three months ago when those notes/bans placed.

My advice is to take this small ban and think about it, just change your last name, enjoy playing this wonderful game that me and other players devote their freetime to enjoying, creating and having fun. See you then :slight_smile:

Still I do not agree with your decision to barr me from having fun with a name I desire, all jokes made at my expanse are in good fun. What fun would it be if were not allowed to make jokes about each other in fear of admins breathing down our necks. And those people who make fun of my name in ill faith, well thats their own bussiness and i pay no attention to them. I do not agree with admins having the ability to disallow a player from choosing a name they would like not because it breaks rules but because they personally dont agree with it.

I still request the permission to use the first name as Gay.

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Huh. I’ll edit my post haha

You’ve been asked to change your name twice.
I’m sure you can come up with something better than Gay Johnson.