mrsmiley316 - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - mrsmiley316

What’s your BYOND key?

What’s your Discord ID?

Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?
Misa ‘Mars’ Burnout

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?

What clan are you joining?

If minor: Give your clan lore.
Clan Loxzil has a more recent history only spanning fifteen centuries. Its foundation was created by the Master Artisan Atla’tes-Loxzil after breaking away from Clan Uliz’bard due to perceived disrespect for his arts. He along with other artisans of Clan Uliz’bard who broke away to follow him set out and formed Clan Loxzil on the remote, arid planet of Buhiri. In doing so they also heavily modified the existing Yautja pantheon to suit their own views of how everything was created, being dissatisfied with the existing interpretations that many clans follow. Of course this action he took has not painted the clan in any form of glory, instead being seen as a bunch of proud, arrogant, ignorant, and closed off artisans to those outside of the Clan. Those who are part of Clan Loxzil are known to create multiple different pieces of artwork and are all inspired by various hunts the members are required to go on before creating more and as part of their blooding ritual. They range in quality but the members within the clan are very self-centered and always view their own piece as the best.

Yautja Character Story:
In the deep, depths of space, lies Buhiri. Though not paradise, many call it home. A remote arid world, yet so full of life. Mountains as high as the clouds, savannahs across the horizon. The charming views of the planet were only matched by the imaginations of Yautja younglings. The world was a pangaea-like continent with many smaller and isolated islands surrounding it. This only ever led to less suitable lands to settle thanks to the relentless - unforgiving - mountain peaks, and the sea of sand further inland. Like sprinkles on the continent, freshwater lakes and rivers were scattered about. The boundless benefits of these freshwater sources made it common for tribes to settle near the coast, river banks, or the inner mountain ranges.

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hi, i’ll drop some questions for you, if you don’t mind

  1. you are hunting and actively engaging a marine, but they ran away to the current frontline. other marines, that are on the frontline, decide to help their mate out and start shooting you, wdyd

  2. as you are tracking lost yautja gear, you realize that one of the carriers is a synth. wdyd

  3. there’s gear/predator’s body inside of fob, wdyd

  4. some marine starts shooting you while they’re hiding behind a line of cades, wdyd

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Here. We. Go.

Question 1

Assuming the frontline is at filtration padlocks on solaris Ridge and we are dueling someplace at engineering.

If I’m hunting a marine and they run away to the frontline, then they are already dishonorable since they ran away from the duel. Now I “Could” Hpc, use a smart disc, or use cloaked combat. But I didn’t and he got to the frontline and I’m being shot at.

His buddies are not dishonorable since they are helping my target take me out. All is fair there. But at this point, I would cloak and start stalking my hunting target until they were alone once more.

Until the moment came, I would mock him while he was alone. For example I would say," you have no honor. I can only imagine what your elders will think of you." or “Do your clansmen know what you have done?” Just simple things but remaining anonymous to what really happened giving the marine a chance to tell his buddies what happened. I could just kill my target and run away with the body, but I see the predator whitelist as a chance to define a fun with engaging role play experience and with these questions you will see that as a defining point and because I’m un-robust as heck.

All on all, killing a marine who knowingly, or unknowingly broke the Honor code is no fun. I think it’s more entertaining to create a dynamic narrative between the hunter playing with his food and the dishonored prey who doesn’t know when, where, or how they could die. Possibly leading them to go back up to the almayer and claim Insanity and further the experience. To other players. Hopefully causing a chain reaction.

I think doing what I Stated above is much for fun the luring the dishonorable marine back into the open and away from the front just to be killed in cloaked combat or hpc’ed by something they can’t see.

Question 2

Normally, a synth is unhuntable due to primary being a non-combative support role. Similar to doctors, medics and such. Unfortunately they have picked up and harboured yautja gear and have now been marked as dishonorable.

The best way I see is too approach the synth and demand the gear back. IF they accept, then I will be on my way and return the lost gear to the ship.

But nothing is that easy. Should they decline, I would have to hack them down and retrieve the gear by force. Once I have the gear I would return the Synth body back to the Fob.

I can talk with the synth and such but it will always go back to these two options. Any way it goes, I don’t go back to the ship without the lost gear

Question 3

Chances are, I’m not getting in the FOB without being spotted ,trapped, or shot by being mistaken as a lurker. My best bet is to wait for the gear to go up to the almayer. From there I would rediscover the location of the gear and take It back to my ship. I would do this all cloaked and avoid unnecessary collateral damage of the almayer’s assets and personal.

P.s should it ever be a yautja body on the almayer, I will attempt to take the body back to the ship. Failing that small SD the body.

Should the body/gear ever, for any reason be taken out of the fob I would small SD or take the body/gear back to the yautja ship.

Most of all of this would be a plan since circumstances after circumstances could change plans. And plans are made to be a guideline for what is expected and/unexpected to happen.

Question 4

If I’m near an area with marines manning cades (FOB, Front, Mini-Fobs), then I probably shouldn’t be there to start with. It doesn’t matter if I’m cloaked or if I’m hunting a target. If I’m close enough to the front/FOB then I need to leave since preds are not supposed to be the main antagonist of a round nor are the intended to be as such.

Following that, I wouldn’t do anything to the marines on the cade line. They had every right to shoot me and I can do two things.

  1. I can bekon them to come out of the cade line for a proper duel.
  2. I can suck it up and leave to find/spectate other duels, battles, and honorable prey that are not in a cade line.

tldr: the marines were telling me to “back off your not supposed to be here”.

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  1. hunting and dueling are two completely different things, keep that in mind. running away wihle being hunted/attacked by a predator does not make you dishonorable.
  2. carrying yautja gear does not make you dishonorable, unless you’re in orbit(alamayer). but if a synth refuses to give the gear to you, then you are allowed to kill them to get it back.
  3. good
  4. good

your answers are mostly ok, but i haven’t seen you in-game so i guess i’ll keep an eye in the future

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Thanks for the questions. It’s better for me to find out now then be back here under player reports.

I played several times has SO with you, I’m kinda surprised that you applied for Yautja before CO, Still that doesn’t mean it’s bad, I like you RP and I don’t think you would blast people for small reasons.

Also your answers were fine.

+1 from me


I’ve played several rounds with mrsmiley on the marine side of things, and they are a solid roleplayer which I think can be trusted to uphold HC.
Their story, I think, is very nice, and I’ve seen their writing capability and effort before, they pulled no punches here.
Edgardo mentioned they were surprised they didn’t apply for CO before, and really, that just shows you how much they can be trusted. I’ve had several rounds with them in CIC, and, if they can be trusted to not grief while ‘in command’ of half the server I don’t think they will have an issue holding the Yautja WL.

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You applied for the wrong WL dumbass. Decent player to interact and hang out with, they know how to rp, just a cool dude to chill with.


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The Council has voted, and the application is to be denied. Council’s reason is insufficient community vouches. You do have something good going, so I recommend continuing to build a positive reputation within the community, and you should be good on the next attempt. You can reapply in 30 days.