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Reads like you dug your own hole here not gonna lie

hey man i agree with the entire running a event after the first one crashed, but it really looks like you dug your own grave here, i understand the frustrations but damn dude.

ill miss your events, hope to see you around some time

lol, they are guidelines but we enforce them like rules but refuse to call them rules


Look, man, the same thing was said to you when this happened.

You can keep saying you’ve lost faith in everyone above you and that you stick to your guns and honesty, but the truth is we’ve had event guidelines for 2 years now and it’s not that hard to follow them.

You weren’t fired because you wanted to “agree to disagree”. You were reprimanded for breaking the staff guidelines and then instead of saying yes, I’ll follow them, you decided it was the hill to die on.
You speak about how you weren’t destined to stay and that staff need more “warfans”, but my man you chose to make it your hill.

Everyone was pretty open that that’s why you were removed and there was a million and one chances for you to walk it back and continue as staff mate. You even contacted me two weeks prior about the Event Manager position and then proceeded to burn your bridge!

I get you were frustrated (and still are), but like there was a way (and still is) a path out of this “hole” that doesn’t involve kicking yourself out of the community. :stuck_out_tongue:

@V3nturis we’re talking about event rules which have been set in stone for years now. Your remark about the guidelines is exactly why they’re no longer a thing (cough cough subtle meta-rush hint), If you’re getting bwoinked for arbitrary rules that’s something that needs to be reported because it’s not the current enforcement standard.

You did kinda dig yourself your own Kola Superdeep Borehole here, dude, it would’ve been a lot easier to express annoyance with the system if you didn’t decide to ramble on and on about it in PMs and instead just talked out a way to improve it with management later on.

(And yeah I know that pointing out that you chose a dumb hill to die on is rich coming from me)

I was explaining to my wife how it’s possible there can be so much drama on “that dumb space game”

Sadly I think the autism and obsession that gets you playing ss13 is also the reason we have a quarterly shitstorm.

I miss warfran as a staff member.


in be4 ;this thread gets deleted im too drunk to read everyting


This comes across as very passive aggressive.

Not gonna lie I thought this whole situation was going to be something ominous and a lot worse.

At the end of the day however it’s simply a matter of failure to communicate and probably a mix of your ego/vanity that you yourself alluded to earlier in the post.


This kinda says it all. Communication is one of the most important factors in any team, xeno or marine, let alone when it comes to staff. To me it feels like you felt you were doing hard, earnest work for the better of the community and everyone above you was trying to stop/slow you down, as if you should be above certain staff members or have unrestricted oversight because of how much better you were than them. It’s hard to understand why anyone would choose to play SL-FTL and not listen to command let alone become a staff member and refuse to listen/communicate with their superior team member.

In my personal opinion this just seems to be a situation where a minor infringement was transformed into a major issue without any reason to.

While my understanding of events and auth is limited due to my lower staff rank, and disinterest in running events, however I can appreciate the annoyance of server issues killing your custom event, and wanting the players to be left with something to make up for the lost time and being annoyed at having to chase an auth to do that.

But, my issue here, putting aside the already explored issues of following guidelines/rules, is that I don’t see the issue with players being disappointed an event was cut short, because I operate under the belief that “shit happens”.

Server rounds end in a boring manner all the time. All the xenos dies before the 50 minutes mark, or the marine FOB is overrun by 2nd drop. We don’t normally run a event to “compensate” players cause the round they played ended too fast or was ruined by 1 side being too proficient or 1 side was under-staffed.

If a XO came to me and stated they were frustrated a SL unitaterally ignored their orders and did their own thing, I would sympathise, ergo in the case of senior management being frustrated an admin ignored their directives and did their own thing, I can understand the issue.

The fact this graduated from a slap on the wrist to being fired was a behavioural issue.

Nah I’m with Warfan. If they wanna drown in bureaucracy let them. It’s a silly space game lol. I’ve seen multi billion dollar companies give more leeway than that. Don’t take any shit from them


o7 gon miss your UPP vs USCM events

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“my child will be gone for years and years, maybe never returning”

“2 months later”

lmao warfan you aren’t a fucking le misera character, representing the common player against the ruling manager class, just take the L and return to staff, it was a very simple rule and you tried to tap dance around it like a minefield. In all reality asking for auth takes all of like 15 minutes max.


Honestly, I agree with you man, beaurocrats can suck my cock; but some things are better left unsaid :sweat_smile:


Being serious, god speed Warfan, you ran good events. I just feel you flew too close to the sun.


I’ve come to realize neither the spirit nor letter of the law really matters, but actually just the guy in charge and whether he’s got enough of a brain to make decisions that end up working out for the best. Bureaucratic die hards just use rules and committees as a shield against responsibility and accountability, and as an untouchable weapon against people they dislike.

Humans are hierarchic animals, we naturally gravitate towards leaders, and I find bureaucracy subverts that natural hierarchy as we turn a frigid unthinking construct into a leader, and disperse decisionmaking to comittees so no single person can ever be directly responsible for anything.

You know you’re in a bad neighbourhood when you join a community and the first thing you’re hit with are 300 rules you need to follow, which at least on the server itself, is thankfully not a direct problem. (yet?)

Not an explicit comment on Warfan here, but the vibes I get from this case is that it’s bureaucratic nonsense and egotripping (maybe on all sides involved) rather than decisions that actually work out the best for the community.

In my eyes, effective leadership comes not from the method, but the result.



An admin flouted a rule, got reprimanded for it, disagreed with the reasoning, and it devolved into an argument over whether you should follow rules because they’re rules or do what you think is best, which resulted in warfan being removed from the admin team “after discussion with the rest of management” for “attitude displayed that isn’t what we want”.


Ah yes the famous

Bureaucracy, CM13

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Very true. bureaucracy is the bane of society.

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