NebulaHeart - Sticky Ban Appeal

NebulaHeart - Sticky Ban Appeal

What’s your BYOND key?


Character Name?

Ibrahim Al Tabir

Type of Ban?

Sticky Ban

What is your Bancode?

Bancode - REF-27Nov2023-P328SA

Admin who banned you?


Total Ban Duration

Perma i Believe

Remaining Duration


What other servers do you play on?

Rarely play on TG Terry

Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?


Do you play using a Virtual Machine?


is your copy of Windows legitimate?


Reason for Ban:

Grief and multikey

Links to previous appeals:


Your appeal:

I believe that i got an sticky perma due to use of VPN during play time, i believe that this ban not even belongs to me due (REF-27Nov2023) that i think is the date of this ban, I was banned today at 2 p.m MSK, when and only, playing the MST.

I dont believe that i hardly Griefed during my playtime, the most hard thing that i maked on MST, its making mead and pizza, and cooked a queen at the end of the round.

About multikey… soo i believe that my country or provider has been region locked, soo i forcefully used VPN to play the game, and got perma banned due using it, i ask for a appeal, but i believe that i will continue get the same bans in future.

Greetings, this does look like a stickyban from our end. I’ll get this posted and hopefully it will be handled ASAP.

Added appeal:approved and removed appeal:waiting

I’ve been informed this has been lifted, best of luck!