Nerv Stan

Of course I understand that xenos players are pussies.But I sincerely do not like that when a drawer opens or you are spat out of your belly-there is enough time for even a defender to be able to feed you.What’s the joke?You’ve been swallowed and you’re not even able to do anything anymore?


Your stunned to the point where xeno’s can tackle you three times if their solo.

you already lost. the moment you were tackled long enough to be devoured without anyone intervening is a game over. your round is over.

Your round isn’t over until your pinned to the nest

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No, when you were capped,I atack off the acid runner from the inside, and as he spat me out, I just pressed the move button.I haven’t moved a tile.

there is a small stun after being regurgitated by a xeno so you can’t immediately PB them the second they regurgitate you on a nest, if they don’t tackle you in time on the nest youre able to do something then

Back when marines could escape from nests, people were progressively finding new ways to get out them.

So we got a progression of hand holdy features to solve the skill issues for xeno players. For instance, xeno players would often spit marines out somewhere unsafe and then get buckshot immediately - now you could of course have solved this problem by spitting the marine out over an opened egg, or had some backup with you, but why do that when you could instead have what we settled on:

A timed auto stun when you’re spit out so you cannot do literally anything for some 3-5 seconds. Skill issues resolved. Just get gud marine; now you’re the skill issue.

Functionally by the time we actually got rid of people escaping from nests we had already pampered xenos so much with nesting and capping that it was functionally impossible to escape barring some absurd 0.0001% fucked up situation.

Of course when we got rid of people escaping from nests we naturally didn’t remove any of the hand holdy features that made capping easier.

And that’s why you get stunned forever unable to do anything when a defender spits you out. So there’s zero chance with you immediately grenading yourself, using stims to poison yourself, shooting yourself, or even killing the xeno.

I’m a bit salty about it because this is something I see with the development of things in this game:
When it’s a xeno skill issue, it gets patched up with actual changes to code and game mechanics
When it’s a marine skill issue, you’re told to just git gud

Some of these changes I don’t even disagree with, I like that huggers will inject healing chemicals to help stabilize caps, I think that’s a good change (and maybe a stun after being spit out is for the better too) - but it’s still holding xeno hands and mitigating their skill issues and I rarely see the same thought process being applied towards marines, even other marine players would rather yell skill issue at someone than suggest fixing unfun mechanics that might be completely stupid or broken.


Getting devoured at all is when you lost, you should not be able to get out at that point unless the xeno really fucks up.

Spittin straight facts

I mean, there was quite litterary nothing you could do as a xeno, if you had to eject the marine you were holding before you got close to an egg before. He would just instantly kill himself, or buckshot the runner gibbing it instantly. It wasn’t rewarding at all when you went through all the hoops of actually capping someone, which takes skill and effort, so you just got punished for it.

So if a xeno manages to cap you, and none of the marines near you help you (If you are alone, you deserved it to begin with), then you are essentially fucked with no salvation.

I thought this was about NERV from evangelion :skull:

Survivor complaining about not being able to 1v4 xenoes. Mmm, salt



Classic marinemain cope, someone fucking forgot they nerfed larva amount from each burst to one.
So capping is way way way less viable than it used to be. And you suggest to make it harder (they already nerfed lurker solocapping and sent solocapping).

Gramps still PBs hisself with 3 xenos tacklespamming (VERY HRP BUGMEN). XENO COPE

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I mean yeah. Thats what you are supposed to do essentially to counter it. No problem there.

about the fact that after spitting out 5 seconds of a full camp, and in theory sentinels can still stun you, I will keep silent

That wasn’t done because anyone wanted nor asked for it. You won’t find a congaline of marines outraged that xenos were getting 2 bursts per cap nor a dev specifically catering to marine greivances; everyone’s been chill with it as a gameplay mechanics for what? Like 3-4 years now? Hell the same is mostly true even for things like being stunned forever after a xeno vomits you. Or stuff that’s really not fun to fight like burrowers dodging out of town in 0.5 seconds flat.

The burst larva change was done because someone on the dev team felt, on their own volition, that 2 bursts per cap + getting larva from controlling telecoms would be too much. (funny that you don’t mention the telecoms larva buff…)

From what I see, we more consistently have issues on the marine side than the xeno side that persist for literal months/years and only get looked at once new blood on the dev team start making the necessary changes to the game. One such issue for example: The recent unwanted NVG changes that made them less fun to use in every possible way and it’s still like this at - what? Almost 2 months later?

And you know, I noticed that a lot of unwanted changes that affected xenos get reverted almost instantly and immediately - like the deployable turrets on hijack, which went out almost the day after Morrow was, because “nobody wants to maintain it” (though we did get them back again within a week or so of removal) meanwhile we STILL have these NVG changes despite being the SAME “unmaintained changes” by the SAME former dev. It seems the logic of “nobody wants to maintain it so we removed it” only got applied to particular things and not universally and to my eyes they always seem to have a certain bias…

It just consistently strikes me that there’s different application of standards when it comes to marine/xeno balance and development. When xeno gameplay has problems or marine something is especially too strong, it’s almost always fixed/removed within the week. Often within a day or two. The inverse of this on the other hand has been consistently rarer.

Also as somebody who has plat PFC and is slowly approaching plat (prime) runner, this entire thread is just cope, no other way to put it.

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