Nightwifore#1984 - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - Nightwifore#1984

What is your Discord ID?


What is your BYOND key?


Total Ban Duration

Permament (No idea, but it’s been weighing for a long time, I unfortunately don’t know exactly what it’s for, but I’m guessing… for an unfunny meme.)

Reason for Ban

Most likely for the unfunny meme (
I’m sorry I can not say exactly why, the bot, which was to write the reason for the ban me in private messages I have added to the blacklist a long time ago.


I realized that the joke is not worth it, and in general, that I am a bad person, since I could not please the administration, but I promise that I will try to fix myself.
I do not think that this is a critical violation, more like a misunderstanding, so I ask you to unban me, so I can communicate with other people in your discord
Please forgive me.

(BRAH… some time i think, continue ban evading easer, than APPEAL BAN. brah, guys… If ban evader make appeal, think about it… because he can easy continue ban evade…)

Assigned to discord team for review

The discord team has chosen to deny this appeal as you have previously ban evaded this discord ban, and you have not mentioned the ban evasion in this appeal. You may re-appeal in 30 days.

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