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Synthetic Application - NotLiquidus

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Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Kazemiro “Kaz” Silva

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?


Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

as he was created to help others first things first. To him, all that exists in life is deeply connected, and if one looks thoroughly enough, they’ll find genetic links to all beings. Due to this, in his opinion, all life is sacred, which makes him non-confrontational.

While working, he seeks to ensure the crew he’s working with maintains a level head through speaking and acting in a calm tone, akin to that of a tranquil leader, even if a situation is growing tense. The main reason for this being that to his perspective, a nervous ally can pose no help toward resolving a problem. Although he’s also confident in his own skills due to his background before being taken into usage by the USCM.

In a less stressful situation, Phillip isn’t shy about engaging in dialogue with whoever would be interested, assuming both have the time to spare to wind down after work. His third generation synthetic nature also helps him in that aspect.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

If anything, Phillip is a Synth with a quiet, yet burning passion about his field: Medicine. Specifically, medical applications and development research for what could be considered heavy-duty environments, such as ERs. Although he doesn’t operate solely behind hospitals, as he was preprogrammed with Engineering deployment support functions. Due to this, Phillip has seen people from all walks of life, and is very approcheable to anyone else interested about him.

This experience with tense environments give Phillip the field expertise and the awareness to manage to keep a level head and to redirect his attention to helping out anyone he is allied with to maintain their psychological control, ensuring they can keep performing their duties adequately. Though he trusts anyone he’s working with to deal with their objectives on their own, he’s not one to complain if asked for a professional opinion.

When approached to a more direct conversation by someone else, Pillip doesn’t have any topic he dislikes - Of course, assuming whatever is the topic of interest isn’t something illegal. But otherwise, he’s open to talking about anything, especially medicine. Naturally, if the topic of medicine comes up during dialogue, he tends to keep the usage of any technical jargon to people who are closer to the medical divisions.

Generally speaking, Phillip seeks to maintain a behavior of professional respect to the USCM troops, as in his eyes, courtesy is always a good step to maintaining a healthy relationship between workers, especially when talking to the command team, and making sure his skills are put to good use to protect the marine crew according to command’s needs.

As for an advertisement logline: “The future in medical health - Professionality and knowledge in one advanced package. Include Phillip in your team today!”

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

Ever since I started with CM around late 2022, I was always more inclined to play support driven roles, as I never found the more combat focused ones particularly appealing, and at this point I believe i’ve gained the technical know-how to submit a character for Synth. Of course, the concepts behind the Synths are also personally very interesting to me, especially for roleplaying purposes. In retrospect, the moments that stick the most out in my mind is when i’m doing something like a post-round banter while still in character.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

While I have played alongside many other synthetics at this point, I’d like to compliment Malcolm in particular, as our match times seem to coincide frequently. Specifically, I managed to resuscitate him in one occasion after deploying as planetside medic. Watching him RP a boot-up sequence was certainly an interesting aspect, brief as it was.

Synthetic Character Story:



I consider myself pretty competent at the role, as I’m capable of disassembling and repairing APCs, creating reinforced, or merely regular walls out of muscle memory, while also knowing how to deconstruct, repairing power stations, opening and closing doors with the tools for it, and I know the usual techniques to a good cadeline construction, such as putting them one square behind the actual entrance to an area, and upgrading barricades to fit the xenomorph types active (for example, if they have a boiler present, my usual go-to is the acid-proof barricade upgrades), along some other miscellaneous things that i’ve had the chance to put into practice, such as chair constructing.


Probably my strongest role, if we’re just taking playtimes into account, as one fourth of my total hours are in Staff Officer duties. I’ve done a bit of everything, from filling in Requisitions to handling brig appeals, and on rarer occasions, working as the Acting Executive Officer, I managed to gain two medals for my performance in this role alongside the platinum playtime medal, and i’ve been playing command duties for long enough to have a fitting grasp on Marine Law for Synth duties at this point. Additionally, I also know the chain of command structure.


Overall, probably my second strongest role, as I can manage and perform all the primary operations (Alien Embryo Removal, Bone Repair, Interal Organ Repair, Brain Damage Repair, Eye Damage Repair, Limb Replacement, Suturing, Foreign Objects, Internal Bleeding and Autopsy, as a more situational one) out of my own memory without having to consult the wiki, and on a quick enough manner that i’ve been complimented by my speed on occasion. Additionally, I know the primary medical chemical compositions (MD, IA, TB.), the functions of and when to utilize each, including the more base level chemicals and how to operate the chemistry station in the shipside Medbay. Since I got a good amount of experience on my planetside Doctor and as a regular Corpsman, I know how to operate under several types of external pressure.


The first role I properly got used to, and probably the easiest of this bunch in my opinion. I can say with good confidence that i’ve seen the main points of what it has to offer, from memorizing vendors and their functions, to utilizing the stamp system for a small gain over the original cost.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

As a general explanation, Synths can fight in self-defense or in case they’re defending someone who can’t defend themselves. I’ll give examples for three types of scenarios this can be applied to:

For a starting example, let’s say some marine starts shooting up Medbay, or some other location with people that won’t be able to easily stop the attacker, and there’s no Military Police members anywhere to be seen. Assuming I have the time to notify the MPs about it through the radio, I would then be able to move to disarm and restrain said marine, and when the situation is resolved, notify the Military Police of the situation in case I haven’t already. Granted, if someone shot up a highly used area like medbay, half the ship would already be telling them about it either way.

In something like a CLF versus marines situation, direct fighting wouldn’t be permitted, but I would still be allowed to defend myself and others who aren’t in the faculties to fight back, ideally through non-lethal means, and in general without using any firearms.

The same would also apply to the more commonly seen in-game xenomorphs, although what typically happens is that they’ll move to finish off or capture some unconscious marine, and that would result in me being able to keeping the hostile away through using non-lethal means as needed until they back off.

As for a situation where I wouldn’t be able to fight, that would apply more to places where there’s already people who can defend themselves, typically the frontline.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

Don’t have any bans registered, nor any jobbans in general.

Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

My time zone is UTC-3, and i’m playing throughout most of the afternoon until 10 PM, though I might be out of action for a day or two this week, since i’m switching my internet provider, granted this is just a one time thing. If you’d like any other additional details that I can clarify, I am willing to answer.

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Hey man, no one’s really commented on your app so I’ll start it off. No idea who you are, so I can’t really comment on your competency directly, however saying that command is your most competent role and it’s just SO does not fill me with confidence.

Your personality is odd. Your model is kind of a hippy “we’re like all connected man” and you are non-confrontational. How is this going to impact your performance? You are going to have to fight at some point, but you’re non-confrontational. That’s an issue, this is a combat force. Also we have enough synths who don’t speak much, we really don’t need more.

Consider characters you like from media or books and make a synth based off of that.

Good afternoon, thank you for taking your time for leaving a comment. Perhaps I didn’t make the best choice of words regarding my skillset, as when I state my experience with SO, it’s mostly in the sense that it’s something I believe I mastered at this point while the rest is extremely solid.

Regarding the personality thing, I meant it more in the way of not directly pickings fights type of non-confrontational. Because well, I don’t think the USCM would be wanting to hire a Synth who keeps escalating any potential discussions with their staff. Though I’m not too sure if I made it clear on my application much, so i’ll take the blame on that one.

It doesn’t really matter to me if you’re non-confrontational towards USCM personnel, because you’re required to at least get along with them. I’m more so making sure that you’re not also non-confrontational to enemies of the USCM like CLF and xenos.

Oh, no, obviously not. I actually included something covering a USCM hostile faction encounter in my story, funnily enough.

I meant to comment on this much sooner, but an IRL injury, me taking a slight cm break and my general habit of being distracted too easily i spaced it for too long, but as someone who’s played rounds liquidus was in a bunch, i can say at least in my experience he was fairly competent in all fields i saw him in (medical, command especially, engineering etc) I also quite like the personal unique touches added to your synth app, but as someone who’s not a synth nor experienced in command roles or req, thats about all i can really give as far as my opinion goes, but its a definite +1 from me. Hope ya get it! we need more good synths.

I think I may have seen the name once or twice. The fact that it’s not memorable is a little bit of a problem.

The thing is, maybe I’d like to know who you are, or the character you play so I can confidently vouch for you, but I just can’t. I’m sure you have the skills, but you really need to get yourself out there more.

c4x gave great pointers. I see a lot of synthetics who don’t interact much when I’d love to interact with them for maybe 5 or so minutes. I believe the personality could use some refinement.

No vote from me because I can’t vouch for either or. I wish you luck, though.

Hey, appreciate the comment. Yeah, i’ve been focusing more on comtech work and medical sectors recently. It’s likely that we haven’t ran into each other much since most of my previous times were working with Bravo, so that might be the reason.

I have taken the personality comments into consideration. Though I think I have some type of difficulty putting these sorts of details into a description when transcribing the idea in my head into text, and I’m more used to making my characterization through action, since i’m more experienced to TTRPGS and the like. Either way, thanks for taking your time and participating in my application.

Hi NotLiquidus, thanks for your interest in the Synthetic Whitelist.

There’s already some feedback but to give you the gist:

  • Personality: We would recommend you rework this because quite a bit can be attributed to other Synthetics, and we feel that in general your listed attributes aren’t really unique or impactful in a significant fashion. A rework from the ground up would be a good idea - and you should pick something related to one of your hobbies or passions. Doing so will make it easier for you to integrate it into your gameplay while being fun.
  • Story: Your story was a good effort but I think it exemplified that the dialogue for your Synthetic would be too wordy and too ‘fluffy’ to be integrated into normal gameplay. Less is more, so long as the content is good. So again this ties back into reworking your personality.
  • Experience: Decent answers, however we felt based on observations that your medical gameplay was not up to par. I highly recommend you spend more time getting comfortable in triage - Corpsman is the best way to go. Make sure you scan patients and double check before administering medicine.

We wished to see you in more support roles more often, and while you are competent in other areas we think that your medical expertise could be improved quite a bit more! The medical concerns combined with lack of vouches and the personality have unfortunately meant that this will be denied - but you can reapply in 30 days. Please take the feedback and refine your app, and feel free to ask for more advice in WL App help or by councilors. Best of luck! :slight_smile: