NotLiquidus - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - NotLiquidus

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Kazemiro “Kaz” Silva

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

NotLiquidus - Synthetic Application - #9 by QuickLoad - Denied.

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Originally designed for operating within disaster response scenarios, Richard can be best described as tranquil and dedicated with a jovial attitude, who was also originally programmed to act like a practicing Christian. And with his background, he has the experience to back up his behavior. No matter how bad a situation might turn out, he can always be seen speaking with a reassuring tone that demonstrates confidence. His appearance making him resemble an older looking man, mannerisms and speech aid him in being a calming force in more turbulent situations, commonly seen slightly smiling if the situation wouldn’t make it nonsensical to do so.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Thanks to knowing people from all sorts of walks of life, he’s quite approcheable and has his fair share of sociability, keeping a high level of respect for all of those involved in an operation due to knowing the pressure that’s typically present in missions, utilizing more proper terms when speaking with command staff to maintain professionalism. He enjoys a good conversation when it’s appropriate, trading stories of his encounters in the field with those interested in listening. Typically before a deployment, Richard likes to recite a brief prayer while awaiting for transit into the area of operation, quoting scripture in applicable circumstances, and in particular reciting Psalms during longer procedures like working on Engineering duties or when treating the injured.

“When life comes crashing down, and all other human options are beyond ones grasp, sometimes it takes a synthetic to be a lifeboat. Meet Richard - Your new flare burning in darkness.”

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

From the start I was always more interested in support driven roles, and I saw the concept of Synthetics as an interesting place to take within a character writing perspective. Even with my initial shortcomings that ended up happening with my original application, I took the time to further push my abilities ingame, in particular corspman, with a bit of each of the other roles to not lose my practice, and especially took the time to essentially start from scratch with personality details, hoping to create something unique that could be seen as interesting from someone’s else’s point of view. And while the typical roles have led to some great roleplaying at times, going pretty much the entire round focusing on just bantering on occasion, I wanted to broaden my horizons beyond what’s usually available.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

During an event, while sitting through an hour long discussion on intel that was pretty mentally tiresome. As everyone took a brief break to get lunch, Sam ended up serving pizzas for those present in the break room. Wasn’t anything complex, but it was something that ended up sticking mentally because of the effort that went into it, even if it wasn’t directly asked.

Synthetic Character Story:



Still one of my favorite roles. While it was something I was pretty proficient in originally, I’ve managed to develop my own skills for FOB construction and further master what I knew before beyond the typical routine of metalworking, opening doors through the toolbelt and doing repairs to APCs and the power relays off memory, managing to learn how to focus on cost effective defenses, while also knowing the tactics to frontline fortifications like covering flanking areas and safe zones in the areas leading to the front. One particular highlight that I recall was from a Shiva’s round back when it was still in rotation, where I managed to set up three metal barricades on each of the three entrances leading to the relay with sandbags as an extra layer of security in under an hour without burning through a lot of supplies.


Always a role i’m very much confident in, knowing how to load and prepare OB’s as needed, securing supply coordinates, and the like, while also maintaining a good line of communication, with the occasional handling of appeals here and there. although I managed to get some extra time in groundside leadership positions since then.


In my opinion, the area that had the most improvement on, and the one where I laser focused on between then and now. Beyond being capable of performing more common surgeries such as repairing fractured bones and organ damage, mixing both into one as necessary, while also knowing how to perform more niche operations like the facial reconstruction surgery. Additionally, i’ve also managed to improve my preparation times for chemicals when playing. Specific highlights include an occasion where I managed to remove the larva for four people who suddenly showed up all hugged without taking casualties back when LV-624 had the surgery table on Robotics. And as far as corpsman rounds are concerned, i’ve been managing to revive those showing up in the 500% ranges of damage and above, utilizing custom chemicals as needed. One particular event that stands out in my mind being an Amphibious Landing round where by the end of it I managed to revive around twenty people while frequently getting shot at because the UPP kept pushing our positions despite keeping the injured behind cover.


Since this is the first role I took my time to learn, there’s not much to comment beyond the usual positioning of things in the three main vendors, and turning stamped purchase certificates back in to reduce costs during the operation. Although I’ve been improving my response times since then, as in the rounds where I do play in requisitions, it’s often understaffed, so I end up doing a good part of the work involved, and that results in me making quick deliveries to not stall a push due to a lack of supplies.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

Generally speaking, Synthetics are capable of only using weapons that aren’t firearms in self-defense, with some other more specific restrictions later on. For specific examples:

Let’s say the supply line is taking too long, and someone feels like shooting up Requisitions. In that circumstance it would be acceptable to engage them in a non-lethal manner and restrain them to make sure the MPs would get there in time to handle the rest of their processing.

For another example: The front has entered a state of disarray, and the marine force is having to fall back to another position, and a xenomorph decides to attack while i’m needing to retreat while escourting the wounded back to a safer location. In that case i’d be allowed to make sure they’d back off, being able to kill them if the need arises. However, all things considered it would be better to simply fireman’s carry the wounded and run to safety, as most likely they wouldn’t be alone.

In the unlikely scenario that there’s no one available to operate the mortar, I can’t operate it as that would go against the restrictions, as that’s one of the more specific cases I mentioned previously. Furthermore, I also wouldn’t be calling out coordinates for CAS and the like, as while technically that isn’t going against programming, it would be a very grey area, and more importantly, anything that could go harm the marines would end as my responsibility.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?


Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

My playing times are still under UTC-3 exluding Thursdays, as i’m busy from 6-10 PM. Other than that, thank you for reading my application.


It’s pretty unfair that you haven’t gotten a response yet, so I’ll chip in my advice.
First of all, I like your synth’s personality; it is quite unique; however, I’m unsure about your quirk.
“originally designed for operating within disaster response scenarios” all synthetics are designed to operate in highly lethal situations; your quirk isn’t really setting you apart from other synthetics.
Your story does a very good job of showcasing the personality of Richard. It’s a pretty fun read, and the characters are well written.
However, while your story showed off your personality, I’m still unsure about your quirk; it simply doesn’t make you stand out from other synthetics. While ingame you will already be doing all those tasks normally, your quirk is designed for those special RP moments.
I advise that you rethink your quirk have it be something special to you, like, for example, cooking, detective, or safety instructor.
Moving on to your app, your skill answers are good and draw a decent picture of your knowledge of each role, except for command. I would like to ask you to elaborate more. As a synthetic, you aren’t expected to be leading anyone, and you aren’t allowed to give out orders. This section is more for your knowledge over CIC itself, how to change squads, how to modify ID’s, how to activate red alert, and so on.
As for your combat answer, it is correct; however, the last part is a bit of a strange thing to add, but it’s correct.
I also wish you had added an example for combat on the frontline itself.

Moving on to your mechanical skills. I personally haven’t had the best of luck locating you ingame. I attempted to observe you during low and highpop hours but no luck.
On the one round that I managed to observe you, though, you were playing medic. I didn’t see you mess up at all during the 2 hours I observed you in; you got each patient up quickly. I also managed to see you perform IB surgery, which went well, but even with that, I would still like to observe you some more.
I would like to know the hours you are mostly online ingame.
My advice is that you should focus on medical overall, fob doctor and medic, combat engineer, and req.
I would also like a chance to observe your RP.
Overall, this app is decent; however, there is still some improvements to be made.
I won’t cast my vote at this time since I’m still mostly in the dark regarding your mechanical skills.



I won’t get into the specifics of your synthetic, HID did an excellent job of that. I agree, would like to see you RP more, etc, etc.

I would like to comment however that I’ve had multiple experiences with Kaz both in and out of the game, and they’re mechanically competent and overall a fun person to talk with. They are always willing to learn and improve. I just really, really, and I mean really want to see you more in game.

As far as that goes, nice dude, +1, for what it’s worth. Take the advice given above, show your improvement, and best of luck to you.

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Hello there, thanks for leaving a reply. Allow me to address some of your concerns. Regarding the details commented on the quick, I must apologize, as I believe I didn’t word it properly, as that it’s meant to be more of his background and something that explains his origins. The quick’s main focus is supposed to be more driven toward reciting scripture, which I figured would be fairly flexible for RP scenarios and could lead to interesting conversations, though I understand your concerns.

On the topic of the command experience mentioned, I have a good amount of experience with the squad terminals within the CIC area, assigning squad leads, handling Orbital Bombardments and supply crates, and I’m also knowledgeable of the shipside and groundside operation consoles, alongside the alert level terminals, while also managing to also use the command tablet on rarer occasions. I didn’t mention this before as I thought my original application had a good enough explanation, but to be thorough, most of my experience comes from Staff Officer. (To give you an idea, this was back when they still had senior permissions and could freely use the operations consoles.)

For the record, the peculiar combat answer from before was just me wanting to make sure I’d get that detail written down as well, and I do apologize for my on and off appearances in-game. I’ve been handling my college finals and some other personal issues which make my scheduling less than stable, but generally, you’ll have an easier time finding me in the afternoons at UTC-3.

If you wish, I could send an image with my total hours in the roles for this whitelist, or for me to explain further my experience with the other mechanical roles. Either way, thank you for your time in reading my application.

Edit: I forgot to comment that yes, I am aware how to operate the terminals for modifying IDs, I’ve done so quite a few times. Thank you again for the comments.

Captura de tela 2023-12-09 233125
Playtimes listed above, just in case.

All I care about in a Synthetic player is their ability to perform medical and engineering tasks proficiently and with good speed. Your hours suggest you should be proficient, but I’d need someone to corroborate it.

Your quirk seems fine in my opinion. What matters is how you act as a synthetic in game in terms of keeping your roleplay appropriate, which you can only prove once you are playing as a Synthetic. So long as you act like a sane human, then I’m sure you’ll do fine as a Synth.

Combat answers are fine. Your mentioning of CAS/OB and your grey area is a good answer.

So long as someone gives you the tick of your medical/engi work, I’d give this a +1

I’m sorry as well to have taken that long to post on your app, Liquidus.
Apparently, some holders of the synthetic whitelist rate applicants only on their ability to perform medical and engineering tasks proficiently and with good speed but I’ll still vouch for your ability to uphold the RP standards of whatever whitelist you find yourself applying to.
I’ve had countless rounds with you as SO and in other Marine positions and I know you mean well and would do justice to the synthetic whitelist on an RP level. Good luck!!!


Nice player to meet ingame, their character they play is generally likable and notable player of Charlie. I have seen them countless of times on SO and medical roles, so I can vouch for competency.

Although, I havent seen too much shipside surgery from them in recent times, my experiences with them shows them to be pretty much lightning fast in surgery. Happy to give a +1, im sure you’ll do more than fine.


Seen Kazemiro “Kaz” Silva in CIC a couple times but never really interacted with them until recently where I saw them playing a squad medic who knew more about medical than the FOB deployed Doctor and saved me from their inexperienced hands. +1

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After review this application is accepted, permission update request will be submitted and executed shortly.

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