Obligatory loadout thready

Show off your loadouts, your drip your swagger

form medic, to comtech
from Sl to mt

show us them loadouts and drip

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CO Deployment Loadout, yes I put eb on shotgun and bayonet on rifle, no I will not be taking criticism lol.


how did you make this image

People generally will make an offline server, set up their loadout, and teleport to the Thunder dome to showcase their loadout in a neat and presentable way.

Here’s an example. Of one of my Rifleman loadouts I like to use. Standard M41A Mk1 with a underbarrel shotgun, ammo box to sustain and help others, and a ton of flares to light up the frontline.

Screenshot 2023-09-20 23.41.37

OK thanks. I don’t think I have any loadouts to share because I really just use a bunch of default stuff but it’s good to know for the future.

Whenever I play CO I always try and take as much as I possibly can, be it ammo or meds, and my loadout fluctuates a lot. But! This is what I usually rock for deployment

(yes, I wear a beret on the field unless I’m not in combat because it looks cool)

(Just what’s on my hotbar, usually)

(What’s in everything! Formatted terribly for your viewing displeasure <3)

If you take anything but the mateba your ass is WRONG!!! RAHH

Wondering where the synth is for the first 10mins?


Okay, counterpoint, the bayonet looks freaking dope on the shotgun.

Here’s Zhu Cijue’s loadout for Corpsman:


  • The defib next to the Peri bottle should be a tramadol pill bottle. Didn’t notice the mistake until it was too late.
  • The roller bed below another roller bed is supposed to be a stasis bag
  • The radio key next to my headset is a JTAC key. This is actually correct in the picture, but is not obvious visually.

With the bottom right UI

And with no UI in the bottom right

He also carries a welder backpack (called the “PortaMed”) with spare medical supplies for himself and other medics.

Zhu HM Backpack

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Pfc +

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any reason you take the welding fuel version? just for the looks?

are the meds for yourself or to heal others?

It’s to refuel my mini-flamer. I use that a lot.

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Both, in the rare case I need to use so much i run out of autoinjectors on the front I’ll use it for myself but otherwise it’s for helping others


Calling me anything below PFC +++++ is DASO and a brig-able offence, my MP secret police is coming for you…

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It is pretty sexy, can’t deny that, but just think about the Commanding Officer of this fuckin space ship, carrying some blinged out sci-fi future gun with every piece of hi tech bullshit imaginable plugged in, and then just a giant fuckin knife duct-taped to the front of it

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Potentially controversial CO loadout, but I do in fact take the flare gun. >:o)

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If you think about it, a lot of modern weaponry is just throwing sticks and rocks at each other in increasingly more complex ways. Warfare hasn’t evolved too far away from it’s roots in a way.

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This is true, warfare does not evolve just the context of implication.

insert fallout 4 reference here


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