Officer Armor has toggleable Trackers

I wish for a way to track Officers leading the marine force.

More often than not they’re:
1 Faster because they’re making the decisions of where to move.
2 Faster because they’re unwounded still.
3 Faster because sometimes they dont even have armor.

And sometimes people disperse because they lost DIRECT LINE OF SIGHT of the Officer.

It would be extremely important in some last ditches push to the hive with direct leadership of SO and above.

Since we have ways to track our SL, whoever the SL is, also ways to track our FTLs, I thought we could now have an armor that can toggle tracking so the whole marine force can track the Officer.

tl;dr Officer armor with track toggle for marines.


inb4 marines use this during a mutiny

Make it groundside only. Boom.

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That would unnecessarily limit it’s use, just have ARES automatically disable them in the event of a mutiny.
(Meant to reply to Penpusher, oops)


Speaking of tracking, it’d be nice if non-squad marines could choose to track other marines if they are wearing armour (such as IO tracking a SL or CO/XO).

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The Armor user should get an Icon/Verb that toggles if he is trackable or not.
Even during a mutiny, if the XO or CO is using trackable armor shipside, then thats a skill issue.

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