Okay what happened with the Cheaters that got banned?

Just curious i have heard that they were mostly marine mains and that they might not have been cheating after all, i do Rember that there were some big names that got banned and just wanted the full story.

I didn’t even know you COULD cheat

yeah, that’s another thing how does one cheat in 20-year-old spessman game? and was it specified how they cheated?

They used aimbot via AHK Scripts. Basically from what I heard, they’re mouse autolocks onto an entity basically allowing you to land all your shots.

One of the banned people is appealling his ban Usnpeepoo - Permanent Ban Appeal

that is what made me make the discussion post , weren’t most of the people banned marine mains though

they played both sides a lot, people just know them by the marine names

some people in their discord server were cheating and probably metacomming but some people caught in it were innocent so

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Isn’t that an Acid Goop post?

They were metacomming, using scripts to cheat, and also said very bad things about some staff members. The ones who are 100% guilty aren’t ever coming back unless they multikey and spend a lot of time and effort to evade detection. I think the ones who were ‘just in the server when it happened’ are able to return if they can prove they weren’t involved, but I’m not sure.

Fairly certain most of them played more marine than xeno.

Dude was caught in some very suspicious videos as a predator where anytime he walked into melee range he would melee attack automatically… but in the video the cheat doesnt seem to differentiate between dead bodies and living ones. So the guy literally is fighting a marine. walks past a dead xeno midcombat and hits it every time he is in range (for no reason).

When they found the server, he tried to bargain with staff to trade his knowledge of the hacks for not being banned (which staff didnt do). When staff didnt do that he threatened them, insulted them, then started giving the cheats away to as many people as he could.

I hold a grudge because this is one of the synth councilors who shot down my reapplication to the synthetic whitelist many times because he wasnt sure I was “serious enough” and “couldnt be trusted”… while cheating continually and running a cheat discord. Fuck him.

Cant find a copy of the video anymore.

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You weren’t willing to cheat to win therefore you were not “serious enough”, REAL.

Clap wasn’t running a cheating discord, he went off the deep end and went full schizo mode by making his own cheat after the guys you’re talking about gang stalked him and staff didn’t lift a finger. He’s DMT with more schizophrenia.

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The downside of these councilor whitelist groups…

I don’t think I’ll ever like them. I want there to be a better way, but I do understand the need to gatekeep the roles to keep people who can’t or won’t RP out of critical jobs that require it.

Still has never sat right with me. I think I’d just automatically approve anyone who took the time to fill out an application honestly. I mean, obviously not tell people it’s automatically approved, but treat it that way, probably with majority vote of other whitelisted for removing someone from the whitelist - head councilor breaking vote ties or stepping in for egregious issues.

Well you’d better get to work +1ing all the applications with a ten sentence story and have never played command for CO and don’t know what bic tric tram and kelo are for synth.


If they can navigate to the forums/discord and present an application in the first place they are almost definitely capable of figuring the rest out for themselves. I don’t really care if the CO knows the difference between tricord and bicard so long as he’s playing like he’s the CO.

After that you just need a system for weeding out the major problems, which a majority vote-you-out-by your-peers should hopefully be enough.

Have you read some of the applications? Seriously, some are quite poorly done and the same applicant will continuously submit lack-luster applications. Whitelisted roles have lots of power in the game and handing them out willy nilly WILL lead to grief. Imagine if a griefer was given predator WL - they can screw up a lot.

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You might be right;

My personal view is always towards flatter hierarchies and less bureaucracy. I don’t like gatekeeping much, but I’ve also seen how a poor pool of players can ruin games and systems that would otherwise be absolutely fine with higher quality players. IMO /tg/station was a victim of that process a long time ago.

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Honestly, it works well enough. The whitelist councils for synth and CO are flawed, but that’s inherent to pretty much every group of people no matter how much you try to beat it out. Whatever they’re doing, Bob Cross and Bill Carson aren’t CO and that’s good enough for me.

COs and synths generally tend to be competent and play a serious enough character that you can trust them to play the role and get the job done. If I see a synth, I know I can trust them to not fuck up, and if I see a CO I know that command isn’t going to be someone fluoride staring at marines through OW while not uttering a word all op.

Not really sure what the emphasis on RP is about though (especially for synths, who are literally either doing surgery or engineering 24/7. Does anyone really give a shit about quirks? 90% of synths may as well be the same character to me.). I assume it’s more of a display that you actually put thought into the application.

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I stand corrected. My knowledge is second hand not being staff.

Still bitter about it though!