Usnpeepoo - Permanent Ban Appeal

Usnpeepoo - Permanent Ban Appeal

What’s your BYOND key?


Character Name?

DKD/Mark Rain

Type of Ban?

Permanent Ban

What is your Bancode?


Admin who banned you?


Total Ban Duration


Remaining Duration


What other servers do you play on?


Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?

Paradise, 2020 when i first downloaded ss13

Do you play using a Virtual Machine?


is your copy of Windows legitimate?


Reason for Ban:


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Your appeal:

Hello, I am appealing this ban now that it has been 180 days (Ban applied on 5/30/2023) because I believe the ban reasoning is a misunderstanding and completely in the wrong as to what rules I had broken. What I am really appealing are the wrong-doings that I did from the period of 2/25/2023 to 5/30/2023.

I firmly believe that the investigation into me being a cheater had likely been rushed as a result of the discord that I was in being leaked (and subsequently the proceeding bans), I was given a perma ban for “cheating” despite not doing so. In that discord there were no logs of any sort of cheats being distributed, either in chat or in DM’s (Not a soul in that discord sent me any files, ahk, .exe, etc). I can only theorize that the ban for cheating is a result of me mentioning ahk, or making jokes about it. I’m going to deconstruct certain points that I believe are relevant to my ban reasoning and explain them in detail.

The first and foremost thing I’d like to bring up is the message that I had sent in which I said “I don’t show mouse cursor or use display capture cause i got ahk” which is obviously clearly bad for my image, however in the context that it was mentioned I was responding to a message asking why I don’t show my cursor for recording clips. I had a discussion as I was learning how to edit clips, (The date coincides with my first video on my channel) , and was told they don’t show chat for the aesthetic purpose, and I chose to follow that idea. The reason behind me not showing mouse cursor or using display was a personal choice, it wasn’t so I could hide behind some cheat. I frequently alt tab and display capture would record that, so I had used window capture (which doesn’t show windows bar). I’d also like to point out that the question that garnered my response was from me posting a video clip in which I am playing with another warrior. These clips (and the message logs) were on 5/18/2022 were made by me after a request by gachiweeb/DP, shown here: . As I’ve said, enabling mouse cursor was a personal preference and I don’t think it’s indicative or definitive proof of cheats. It also wouldn’t make sense as an argument for me cheating as I currently have videos on my channel where my recordings have mouse cursor recording enabled between disabled ones (where you can clearly see and decide for yourself whether i’m using AHK/cheats). These videos include clips from my time in the JVC discord so they’re relevant enough to be mentioned as what I can consider evidence that I don’t cheat or use 3rd party programs. Here is the channel that I had posted clips of me playing, along with recent ones showing me play about the same that I would on CM, on TGMC (I had been playing there for a bit since my ban). If anyone seeing this appeal feels like it, play the clips where I have mouse cursor enabled at 0.25/.50 speed and notice the varying levels of delay on my clicks. I have normal reaction time, my clicks aren’t the same as a cheater nor is my gameplay.

The second thing i’d like to explain is the exact mentions behind me bringing up ahk/cheats. Namely, a message from in the main cmcord asking to bring back old status bars. The mention of old status bars was after I had seen a message in #mentor-help which showed a 2020 clip with the status bar covering being extended all the way to the chatbox along with the bar itself being always present. I brought it up later in (i believe cm-discussion) because I thought it looked visually appeasing and was misunderstood as me wanting ahk to be useable again. I made a sarcastic joke saying “it ruined my ahk script” since I knew my point about how it looked wasn’t being seen. It wasn’t to admit or say that I actually cheated. I just want to point out, that with context almost all my messages regarding AHK/cheats have either been in response to someone cheating or as a sarcastic joke that I didn’t think would be taken seriously.

Lastly, I find it very hard to believe there is physical evidence (specifically a video) of me cheating, or an admin overseeing me play a round and denote suspicious gameplay. The ban that I was given was likely sticked to me as a result of other members of the discord being banned and automatically assuming that I was also participating in cheating. This doesn’t make any sense, as there are multiple other members in the discord that do play cm, do interact with the other members of the discord, are also much better than me mechanically, however weren’t also banned for cheating/AHK scripts. My ban seems extremely out of place and has entirely wrong reasoning. Along with this I’d like to point out that (to my knowledge) AHK scripts were completely patched out with the merge of an MR during 2021 that revamped how status bars appeared. From what I know AHK scripts typically use the status bar to verify what appears when your cursor hovers over something and then it instantly clicks it. The Mr (Removes status bar and replaces it with something else (!1434) · Merge requests · CM Devs / CM13 · GitLab) changed this and it broke any AHK scripts. This was added about 2 months after I had started actually playing CM (I started playing in march 2021) so it wouldn’t make any sense for my ban reasoning to be AHK related. I wasn’t apart of any discord in 2021 and I don’t know nor use any scripts that would work despite the change to status bars. These AHK cheats are also incredibly blatant as back when it was in full use by certain people a lot of onlookers noted them to be hitting cloaked preds, random passerby’s, etc. I’ve never had such claims against me and I’ve never cheated.

So if I didn’t cheat, then what am I permabanned for?
Well I’ll just admit to it and say that during the period of me being in that discord (From 2/25/2023, to 5/30/2023) I participated in metacomming during rounds. There’s tons of evidence that I did, it’s what my ban reasoning should be saying, and I won’t try and hide that I was doing so. What I had done was terrible and I’ve broke the trust of a lot of members in the community for my own personal benefit. I gave myself an unfair advantage, and hurt other players enjoyment of their rounds doing so. I want to apologize for these actions and make it clear that I will do whatever is needed to gain back the trust in me, and while it’s extremely hard to believe that I had I’m no longer the same person I was 6 months ago, I only ask that I be given a chance to prove that I won’t participate in such actions ever again and show that I can indeed change and improve my behavior. There’s no real way to go about this appeal with just simple apologies and I understand that, I feel that my time in the community had been positive for me and I’d like to return to it as a better person. This appeals asks for that opportunity, and I hope for it to be given.


I apologise for the delay in handling this, it appears to have been buried amongst other things.

Unfortunately after a rediscussion with the management team and a revision of the evidence against your case, we have decide not to lift your ban at this time.

Added appeal:denied and removed appeal:waiting