OT payload calculator

Technically not a guide, but the handy preview on the right should hopefully help understand the effects of adding different chemical mixes to your explosive (or otherwise) assemblies!

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Will not work in Microsoft Excel, uses several helpful sheets-specific functions.

You can select up to 6 different chemicals for your payload by simply typing the first few letters of a chemical in the light-blue chemical column, and using the ‘Tab’ key for auto-complete, then entering the amount of that chemical in your assembly immediately to the right.
All the container properties are adjusted by selecting which assembly you are using in the top-left corner of this light-blue box.

Thanks to @Doubleumc for a working example of an explosive falloff grid.


this is amazing dude, ty

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Great job, dude!

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• Added list of possible research explo chems, thanks to Rena & Tristan Quilt on discord
• Included some stock recipes from my cookbook to serve as inspiration
• minor styling improvements

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What the hell. I didn’t even think this was possible with google sheets. Big thumbs up

My god. What a legend. This is singlehandedly the best thing I’ve ever seen. Should be immediately put into the wiki as a link. :flushed:

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