Other Lessers? (And T3 Drone too it seems)

How about more Lesser T1s?

To add variety to the horde of expandables.


My non-dev big-brain tells me that queens should have a big cooldown on switching pheremones, but the expendables should reflect the pheremones. IE Regen = Drone, Warding = Defenders, Frenzy = Lil’ Ravs.

Realistically though, the reason that Lesser Drones exist is because hive infrastructure is critical to Xenomorph success. Drones aren’t as dynamic or exciting as their sister-castes and some drone strains or evolution directly impact the hive’s ability to maintain weeds, walls, and structures. Its also a way for people who just got liquefied as an over-confident runner or an ambushed boiler to contribute to the infrastructure that was just supporting and protecting them in-between respawns.

Lesser Defenders/Spitters/Ravs do sound like fun, and it’d probably be a great idea for a Carrier strain or things that appear around Hive Leaders, but currently I could only see Lesser Non-Drones taking away from Lesser Drones who exist to take pressure off the Drones who exist to take pressure off the hive . . . which would just bring us back to the pre-LD state of having a lot of people playing fast and loose with their lives while marines cleave through weeds and structures that are either not being replenished or were too thin in the first place.


Different caps to each lesser would help with what you said?

But I see your point. Might be better to have only drones.

sure, why not lesser burrowers, lurkers, runners, etc., so that larva become irrelevant?

no thanks, I am not even sure how the hell lessers got in the game in the first place. They’re UAV ghosts that can respawn every 3 minutes?


Erm…I did say Lesser T1s in the OP.

I think lessers got in because few people want to drone/build. But since they died…might as well be cannon fodder.

but since they died… might as well accept the L and not abuse ghost UAV or cheap spam mechanics imo.

@Pablo_Excavator is in the same mindset I have. infinite death “rewards” only degrades the alleged MRP aspect of the server. the only thing differentiating CM and TGMC will be that TGMC guns arent nerf darts.

FREE lesser players used to have bad plasma regen, it got fixed because of silicon-lifeform secretions but the damage, ability to devour, tackle spam, etc., was left as original iirc. 3pts of raw slash dmg difference with a lesser drone and a larva costing one is already hilariously overtuned

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How about a T3 Drone that is the sole reason there are lesser drones?

Something like this:

(Old Praetorian Sprite)
T3 Drone Caste: Princess (From Hivelords and Carriers)
600 HP 500 Plasma 25 Armor 30 Slash Damage

Tail Swipe
Strong Pheros
T2 Acid
Build Resin
Build Special structures
Plant Weed Node
Scream: 3x3 Forced Resist on enemies around the Princess with 5x5 Temp Paralysis (Like the old Carrier) Long Cooldown.
Summon the Horde: Toggle Buff, Lesser Drones may spawn from Core/Pylon/Princess, heavy plasma cost while active. Long Cooldown after deactivation.
Passive Prepared to the Throne: The Princess recovers from a Queen death faster than the other xenos. She may evolve to a Queen 1 minute earlier than the other drones. She also evolves closer to Queen maturity.

Correct take. We do not need more.

I don’t like the idea of other lessers existing in the game especially how controversial lesser drones are already. It’d be interesting to have the lesser drones reworked or expanded upon rather than being juggled between gutted and annoying.

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