Princess, a T3 Drone. (Reposting)(Redesigned)

(Copying my post from Other Lessers? (And T3 Drone too it seems) . Since that post got no traction on the t3 drone I wanted to see your opinion on a stand-alone post)

Something like this:
(Old Praetorian Sprite Redesigned)
T3 Drone Caste: Princess (From Hivelords and Carriers)
600 HP 500 Plasma 25 Armor 30 Slash Damage

Tail Swipe
Strong Pheros
T2 Acid
Build Resin
Build Special structures
Plant Weed Node
Scream: 3x3 Forced Resist on enemies around the Princess with 5x5 Temp Paralysis (Like the old Carrier) Long Cooldown.
Probe the Minds: If there is a queen on Ovi the princess can use Probe the Minds. The tacmap that the queen on ovi gives now gives also marine location for two minutes. 5minutes cooldown. (Also known as Scout Killer)
Passive Prepared to the Throne: The Princess recovers from a Queen death faster than the other xenos. She may evolve to a Queen 1 minute earlier than the other drones. She also evolves closer to Queen maturity.

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so just TGMC’s xeno structure with different abilities?

two screeches would be too powerful if the queen to the field, i like the idea of them being an enhanced support caste if evolving from a drone, not a mini queen

It’s a bit weird to have a cast whose main purpose is to do nothing but just sit around with the summon ability activated. And if you die, you fuck over your hive, because lessers are no more.

Ah its fair to say: I’ve never played TGCM.
So any similarities are coincidence

The old shaman had a second screech and it wanst so powerfull. The enhanced support caste is a warden prae basically.

If any T3 dies it fucks over the hive. Lessers are a contentious issue. If you look at the linked post in the OP half the people there says lessers are just UAV Ghosts. So limiting the amount/location of Lesser spawning might help a bit.

How about Summon the Horde spawning only temporary lessers?

Then, unless you can code AI-xenos, you have an ability that relies on the amount of ghosts eager to play. And there might be none.

Changed the Lesser ability for tacmap info. Changed Princess sprite to not resemble queen so much.