Piterskiy - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Piterskiy

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Gira Bricks/BAL

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

I see Arby as a moral support unit. She will try to comfort and/or motivate marines that were unfortunate to lose a leg/arm, perhaps their favorite gun/toy or picture of their wife? Arby will find a way to anyone’s heart, whatever their misfortune is.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Arby will adjust her speech patterns with every individual. She for sure would use formal speech when addressing crew members on comms; but she will use more informal speech in person - if her companion allows to, of course.

I think their main interest would be listening to stories. Be it a heroic story how a marine saved a life of his teammate or a story of a marine that lost his leg and now is forced to give away all his wage to pay for maintenance of his newly aqquired prosthetic.

“Feeling down? Lost a friend? A leg? Worry not - Arby, the newest synthetic model that specializes in motivating and comforting anyone and anything, will be at your service - all the time!”

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

Synthetic is a fun and unique roll with quadrillion amount of possibilites, both roleplay and mechanical. It’s also a complicated role because you have to multitask different things in a single round – and I just love complicated roles and mechanics.
And I believe I can be trusted with a synthetic whitelist since I’ve been holding on yaujta WL for around half a year now. While these are completely different roles with different tasks, both of these whitelists have a set of unique rules that every whitelistee must follow. So I hope this proves that I can follow synthetic programming just as well as yautja honor code.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

There was a HvH event on green LV. I was in caves fighting UPP in complete darkness. I teamed up with a synthetic and he was helping me find those sneaky UPPs so I could kill them easily. We made a pretty good team, I should say.

Synthetic Character Story:



Very familiar. I hardened my engineering skills within a month. Effective cade design, resource managment, APC repairs etc - I can do all of these with ease.


More than familiar. Command is not hard as it’s just pressing the same button repeatedly.


Very familiar. Medical is a second nature to me.


More than familiar. I can run pre-drop req easily, as well as handle req budget and not spend all of it on ammo for spec that already died.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

Self-defense or defense of those that are unable to effectively defend themself and there’s noone else around to help them.

Lurker pouncing a solo marine and there’s noone around to help them is a very easy example.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?


Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

no :slight_smile:

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Could you post timezone/days you would be playing medic/doctor/engineer, what way we can get some eyeballs on you

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i’m gonna play actively starting on monday, my timezone is MSK(+03)

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+1 Ship.
in all seriousness you’re a nice person, you dont break honorcode and from what i see you’re competent
i hoep you get accepted
i cant say much on medic/engineer whatever i cant play actively
good luck!!!

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Posing several scenarios for you.

1- You have a patient who sustained severe brute and burn damage, and has entered an arrest state. While you are still kitting, a nurse walks over and starts feeding your patient pills, and then injects an emergency injector. Your patient is still in arrest, but below 200 total damage, and has 59u overdoses in bicardine and kelotane. What do you do?

2- In a hurry, you swing by the medbay pharmacy fridge to see what’s made. You grab a pill bottle labeled D+. Once on the ground, you note they are 18.5u pills. What do you do?

3- You and one marine have survived the initial slaughter following a successful xeno flank on Trijent Dam. You are still considerable distance from your only known source of help at FOB. The marine has a broken chest but said nothing at first, and it is now becoming apparent as their health rapidly drops and they fall over. A warrior starts to come into view, coming after you. What do you do?

4- You are on LV acting near the rear of a frontline push that has been tug-of-war with significant movement between east cave entrances and hydroponics. Marines have advanced to the cave entrances again, and are sustaining casualties. A marine comes up to you and asks you to fix their fractures and organ damage, and complaining of dark vision. They have 70 brute damage, 22 oxygen damage, broken both hands and arms, broken left leg and foot, no medicine in their system. What do you do?

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  1. first things first, i will immediately tell that nurse to stop giving my patient any medicine as they just lethally overdosed him. after that, i will bring them to FOB & use a portable dialysis machine that doctors usually take with them when they deploy(or i can have one as well, as far as i know synths can take one in their vendors); or, if there’s no PDM at FOB, i’ll make sure they go up to the almayer safe and get their treatment done, perhaps even follow them up or tell any doctor/corpsman(if they’re around) about the situation and ask them to watch after my patient while they are on their way to medbay

oh and also: if my patient is close to going to perma while all of this is happening, i’m just going to defib them to reset the timer, with that damage they have it shouldn’t be an issue doing this.

  1. first thing i will do is that i will use medbay frequency and announce that D+ pill bottles from the pharmacy are dangerous to use and they will just OD their patients. i’ll make sure to tell someone to trash any D+ pill bottles that may still be in the pharmacy, and perhaps even make command announce that all D+ pill bottles that were handed out are dangerous and should be thrown away.

  2. first thing i’ll do is i will inject/pill the marine that just fell over with D+ and peri, which should wake them up and allow them to fight the warrior for some time. when the direct threat disengages, we will probably move to a safe space where i can safely perform surgery on them and wait when marines push enough to make xenos fall back far away, so we can safely move to FOB.

if that doesn’t happen and marines evac without us… then we will hope for an evac on the second LZ. if THAT doesn’t happen… well, we will hide somewhere in a corner and hope for a miracle to happen, then

  1. i can easily fix all his injuries, but considering the fact that the frontline is moving by A LOT constantly, it is going to be a problem doing surgery right there. so i’ll pill/splint him & make him move with me all the way back to FOB, where i will safely perform surgery.
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Just going to give my opinion on your answers


You can’t order marines. You can strongly suggest they cease administering medications. I believe you may have been prudent to inform the departmental chief (the CMO or CO if CMO is not around) about the incident.

Your actions to assist the patient seem appropriate, a overdose of bicard and kelo to such a massive level is extremely fatal even though those chemicals are usually low risk ODs. Though it may be hard to justify evacuating yourself just to escort a dead patient to the Almayer unless medical and JTAC are absent.

If you had free time, the incident may have been an opportunity to try to educate the Nurse player about chemicals and overdose thresholds. Of course you likely won’t have the time to do this, but new players are something to be treasured at almost any cost.


Good answer. Again, however, you can’t order marines. You would “suggest” command make announcements to warn Corpsmen to not use any D+ pills.

The difference between “You need to throw those away” versus “I would suggest you throw those away” is small but critical to remaining within your programming.


Trick question but also hard to figure out. You would be justified in trying to fight off the Warrior, of course Warriors are incredibly dangerous opponents for lone players.

However, if the situation felt hopeless, you would be justified to abandon the marine to save yourself. You must take self-preservation into account. You may also attempt to grab the Marine and fireman carry them to safety, which may be a far better alternative if the situation allows it.

Of course this all depends on the circumstances of the fight. Perhaps the Marine is not as wounded as you thought, perhaps reinforcements are coming, maybe the Warrior is low on health or is less skilled Its a judgement call.

I feel your answer should have talked more about your combat abilities and when you can fight.

Remember, “he who hesitates is lost”. You can not afford to second guess your course of action.


Can you spare the time to retreat with this single marine and heal them? 22 oxy damage could be a slightly damaged heart or lung, it could also just be low blood.

Your answer seems fine. It is typically very wise to withdraw to a safe area before doing any kind of surgery, especially on the frontline. Though you may be able to do surgery in a secure frontline barricaded area rather than track back to the FOB.

As a synthetic, you are a force multiplier, your abilities, speed and competence can turn a situation from a hopeless rout into a careful hold, in-between your ability to quickly build barricades, revive marines, fix them or even just saving people’s lives from attacks. If you intend to remove yourself from the battlefield, you should judge if the benefits outweigh what would be gained if you had remained at your location.

Your answers strike me as someone who clearly understands the medical systems of the game. Any issues I had are more to do with raising a point about how a Synth must act. As a Synth you’ll eventually learn how to value your time, as well as the limits and abilities you have as a Synth, which you can’t really learn anywhere else.

I am going to have to observe you act in game to get a better understanding of your engi/medical abilities while under pressure.

The fact you have a Pred WL gives credence that I doubt you will have any RP issues with acting as a Synth.

If your engi/med skills hold up under pressure, and you can answer confidently any further combat questions, I’d give you a +1.

I say this to other prospective synth players all the time. There is a massive difference between a Synth player who avoids combat because they don’t want to engage in it, versus a Synth player who avoids combat because they do not understand when they can fight. There will be circumstances where you may need to put up a fight, so you need to know when those occur.

I do want to see you in-game as a Synthetic, I just want to ensure you are up to the task.

i’m aware that i can’t “order” anyone to do anything. i would probably go with “Please stop” or something while trying to drag my patient away from them.

i also thought that while a regular OD of bica or kelo is not anything bad, a critical overdose is a different story, especially when it’s both.
about avecuating: that’s why i also mentioned asking someone to evac with my patient to watch them over

explaining stuff to new players can be fun(depends on the player), i would explain to them that you should ask/scan people before giving them any medication, if i had time as you mentioned

i know that i would be allowed to attack the warrior, since it’s not a frontline and there’s noone combat capable nearby

it’s just this question lacks details, that’s why i just kind of imagined the rest by myself and just went with it. i imagined it as the path is unweeded and open-grounded, so i thought that giving that marine stabilizing medication(D+ and peri) to quickly make them combat capable is the best course of action as the warrior would probably disengage after taking few hits, giving us time to run & hide.
if the situation gets worse i would just fireman carry the marine and would do a little bit of hit’n’run, or just straight up fight the warrior to make them run away.

personally, i think that there’s no way anyone could hesistate in this situation and think “am i allowed to fight that warrior?”. it’s just too simple of a situation to be hesistant in.

good point with time managment, but, as you said, it’s all very situational. i could just recommend them to evacuate to FOB and find a doctor and get surgery because i’m busy on the frontline, or just find a safe space and do surgery there. but considering the fact that in the question it is mentioned that the frontline constantly goes back and forth i, personally, wouldn’t take the risk as they have a lot of injuries to fix, even for a synth.

though, on a second thought, i also could do surgery on a roller bed and if it gets bad i can just grab them and run away with the marines

i’m happy to try and answer any questions

i can offer you to observe my copsman/comtech rounds as a ghost, if you wish

Hey Piterskiy! It’s been three weeks since you have originally applied and several of us, including myself have observed your gameplay. We do feel that you could have elaborated more on your experience answers, but the story and gameplay coupled with vetting have pulled through. :slight_smile: Multiple players are happy with your RP quality and several Synthetics have vouched for you. We believe that you’re ready to tackle Synthetic, and would like to warmly welcome Arby to the USS Almayer. Do keep up the good work.


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