Play as a corrupt MP

Title caught your attention? Good cause this is, somewhat, an idea I’ve been thinking about doing which wouldn’t require some silly event to be had or staff handpicking 1000+ hour players to do it.

Brief summary from the doc I made about a week ago, you would play the role MP and in non-griefing ways, you would extort from Marines. Taking their money from the conveniently placed ATM in brig, forcing Marines to obtain items from groundside. Basically giving roleplay objectives with the “or else you’ll be arrested”.

This is the rough draft I made, haven’t touched it since: Corrupt MP thing - Google Docs

Besides the goals I made in the document, this will only work if…

-I play as CMP and if you’re willing to participate, give me a LOOC message or something
-Staff members see this thread so they know unofficial changes are happening so they can join in or give feedback to this thread
-We aren’t meant to cause major grief, only providing a different playstyle to the current, boring, mini mod MP gameplay we’re all used to.

I won’t bother playing this out until I have someone from management chime in, give their feedback and hopefully give this a chance.

I’m open to feedback and questions as well. The more solidified this idea becomes, I think it can be a positive and different change if this is played right and fair.


Seems like a fantastic way to start a revolution and lynch every single MP.
I like it!


Uhm I thought that’s how the role is supposed to be played. Or that’s how I play it at least well.
(60+ hours as an MP and I still don’t know how to do my job.)


This general idea was brought up a while back like a few times and shot down each time. In their current capacity, MPs have to follow SOP and ML, and server rules, etc. Unless you can show staff a different version of how MPs and the things around them will need to change in good detailed way they wont entertain this if the past is any sign.


I like the idea. More chances for RP are always welcome.


It depends on what the “general idea” had backing it up. If it were to serve as a grief role then it’s obvious it won’t pass through. My version is “Ok bud, either you pay me $50 or you get brig time”

With this whole new money system I’ve yet to figure out, Marines seem to start out poor so obviously prices can be negotiated.

Hell, the MPs could throw the victim into the Liaison’s office and go “Alright, you work for the Liaison and pay me back after they get what they want. Fuck around and you’ll end up in the cell.”


I went over the doc you made, TLDR: your idea for this is more or less the same iirc as past times. Like I said before this really needs to be take to staff first and ironed out with them, for reasons I stated in my first post, best of luck.


“Yeah but MPs are the living incarnation of marine law and they would never be corrupt”


I find this a horrible idea. Not only it would escalate the conflict between marine-mp, but would make a joke of OOC mp protection. They are protected by it cause they really can’t break marine law per OOC reasons. Amount of bwoinks it would lead to would be horrendous.


I would love if courrupt MP’s were a thing, but let’s be honest here. We already have issues with MP’s derailing marines for the lightest offences.

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I believe a version of this was tested where MPs could break minor laws, not sure what was the outcome of that though.

That aside, I’d love to see this implemented as it adds some depth to MPs…

However, this would probably be a massive disaster since now we have to factor in the fact that MPs can be corrupt when someone ahelps against the MP, which is… oh god…


Well we could always start small via just taking Marine’s money. Either get paid off or take their money when the victim is in brig. I may have tested to see if it works and it does. :slight_smile:


That depth that you are taking about, would be depth of ASRS.


I love this idea but this is going to get some people inevitably salty lol


watch as one mp locks down all the checkpoints between hanger and brief and forces marines to pay a thousand to get through only for an mt to blow up the gates and have delta squad lynch mps

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That’s quite the nerco, however the way I see this idea, is that MP’s can only do this if and ONLY IF the marine has committed the crime. Sentencing marines to brig time when they did nothing wrong is bad for the marine and hopefully makes you feel bad as a MP player

So I was thinking of a way that would allow a MP to be able to commit crimes, while also not ruining players rounds. ANDD I have three ideas

The syndicate
Objective: Allow and fund the Black market. Making sure that the BM economy is fueled Forcing the RO to side with the Syndicate MP’s in order to not get snitched. The syndicate would get requests for crates that would need to be purchased or would need to put items into the elevator. MP’s would do everything in their power to protect the RO from marshals and other MP’s like the CMP and Warden

The mob
Objective: Steal shit. Just a list of shit they have to steal and must hold onto till the end of the round
they can be faxed side objectives such as make the Co sign fake documents or get the CO’s fingerprints

Paid protection
Objective: your paid off by such and such to protect a person on shipside staff from arrest. Yes this means that the player can do goofy shit, however it means that the MP while corrupt will just have to protect this person from arrest, I.E Rp bullshit made up laws to protect the person now, they can choose if they want to protect or dont want to protect the person from arrest as it holds not benefit to players in general is strictly an RP thing. Major crimes like murder obvs would not be protected but small things like stealing shit or insulting an office the MP would protect the player from arrest.

Honestly? While I do support the idea of player freedom and roleplay. We must remember that MPs are protected by having easy access to frankly overpowered gear in HVH, and even if they can’t even be bothered to learn what their equipment does, they get an absurd level of plot armor.

Before this idea could even be humored we’d have to change how MP’s are supposed to be on the server. Like as a set piece, there isn’t a world where this could work with how they are now.

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So, you are basically asking to add antag MPs? The black market thing sounds interesting, but I think the “do everything in their power to protect the RO” shouldn’t be added, it would cause shootouts where the “normal MPs” would loose because req has only three entrys when the window shutters are down and can order a shitton of gear. About the stealing, just add “normal” antags if you think antags would be good, but MPs have in fact all-access with a few exceptions and nobody cares about things that get stolen. About the body-guard thing, I do not think the devs want MPs guarding some greytider while the greytider shocks CIC doors (“Screw command”), and like some people before already said, MP gear is usually forbidden to use in HvH rounds for a good reason, and especially on lowpop, there could be not enough MPs to actually fight someone with a belt full of instastun gear.

I think one MP should be chosen as a corrupt one occasionally (in high pops) and they could do stuff as mentioned above. The entire department is a bit much