post funny strats here (any role)

umm uhh umm CAS delayed FMs

ok what next

Bring a pulse rifle m2 with mag har. Ammo and protein bars on my helmet. No MRE. Flare gun and two flare pouches. That used to be my main loadout.

I imagen my lack of attachments and nads or medgear is pain full to look at.

Duel drop on Sorka. Bets strat off all time.

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MK1 with ugl loaded with HEDPs, 5 in reserve, mag harness. Grenade rig, M79, as many maxcaps as the OT will give you

Use flamethrower as sl.

Rocketman, buy 3 WP rockets, carry box for extra storage, take radiopack+rangefinder* to nag ReqOfficer, VP78 in pistolholder on belt, MD pocketmagnet, medkitbox pocket/flare pocket (is CAS spicy? yes - green flares in pocket), 6 slots of homemade unga in different hotsauce bottles and 7th thermus with Joker brand liquid meth in my helmet along with an E-stimstick.

Plan: Find boilers/crushers, shootem with the WP rocket, charge in after them fireing VP78 on burst (if no spare BCs) pray no Rav comes to end my unga

Metal foam nades. No comment.

iron-foam OT nades. Normals are more useless than a PvT with greenflame or AE2 with only boxes of holo

Give Delta FOB duty.

Instructions unclear. Bravo shot themselves and Delta speedran the hive out of spite.

Give PVTs OT Nades. Bonus points if Alpha Squad.

Give PvTs FAKE “MAXCAP” OT grenades and laugh when they mald

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That is the move! Brilliant sir!

Or just give them real maxcap nades, glue them to their hands so they don’t loose it when they don’t want to (They won’t be able to loose it when they do want to either). If you are feeling like doing something evil, use a stapler instead of glue.

run around naked with a rollerbed recovering marines because most xenos are too slow to react to you in time


smiles in stock defender ready with headbutt, into tailwhip, attack rollerbed

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carry an unga pouch as medic so you:

  • can treat people without actually treating them (just poke with unga)
  • torture the poor doctor who’s been at the chemline for 3 hours by consuming every drop of unga they make and draining them for more

please someone else start doing this strat, i cant bully the doctors alone

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Heavy armor
Combi Stick

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just get a spare handheld backpack full of metal flasks :trollface:

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Make a spear and CHARGE