Post your unique or normal marine loadout!!

I just wanna see your loadout… I’m bored using M41A and the shotgun…

tbh having a ‘good’ loadout wouldn’t really do much for me, I have a bad ping and couldn’t even shoot in time


Pump Shotgun:
Extended Barrel
Full Stock
Mag Harn
Angled Grip

Run only Flechette.

Scope of Choice (2x, 4x, or B8)
Extended Barrel


HPR with compensator (cause the sprite looks nice), vgrip and magharn. Turn it on burst and in combination with the magharn, mow down any bald runner trying to cap you.

R6 Sight
Barrel Charger/Extended Barrel/Bayonet

Red Dot Sight
Extended Barrel
Agrip/ Underbarrel flashlight
Solid Stock

This is my go to loadout for most of my rounds.

Helmet (your pick of items)
Medium Armor (MRE, 2 M41A AP magazines from point-buy)
Webbing (Three M41A MK2 Mags), Webbing Vest (Five HEDPs Req :frowning: ), Drop Pouch (Two Flare Boxs)
Ammo Belt W/ 5 M41A MK2 mags

General Pistol Holster in suit storage W/ Choice of pistol (I like the Mod 88 because of burst PBs)
M41A MK2 in back slot W/ HEDP loaded UGL (from point buy) and rail flashlight

First Aid Pouch (Bandage, Ointment, Tricord EZ Injector, Splints)
(Utility pouch) I usually go for a flare pouch here, but a MD on a sling pouch is cool.

Light Armor

Suit slot - Machete Scabbard
Belt slot - Machete Scabbard
Backpack Slot - Machete Scabbard
Right Hand - Machete Scabbard
Left Hand - Machete Scabbard
Left Pouch - Machete Pouch
Right Pouch - Machete Pouch

Getting devoured results in an interesting time for the xeno.


The best medic belt loadout:

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Dual mod88
Suit slot: pistol belt
Belt slot: either MD switched to short range, or 2nd pistol belt
Webbing vest: simple meds
2 large pistol pouches
Machete or mod mag box on back
Light armor obviously

Not really up to date but this is somewhat close to my Corpsman loadout, though I use a m4ra now, I should update it

EDIT: Here’s my up-to-date Corpsman loadout, my pref is the M4RA with the B8 Scope for IFF. Forces me to stand behind marines and provide rear-line fire support, laser sight means if I have to drag someone I can fire the M4RA one handed and still have a good chance to hit a target.

Sometimes when im drunk ill grab an XM88 with BC,LaserSight,RedDot with MD and pretend im playing Cabelas Big Game Hunter

Shotgun - Mag harn, gyro, bayonet
M4RA - Smart scope, extended barrel

Helmet - Buckshot/slugs
Webbing - Buckshot/slugs, trauma kits, splints
Light armor - M4RA mags

Shotgun shell rig - Majority buckshot, some slugs
EZ injector pouch
Magazine pouch - AP M4RA mags
Medihud so I know whether or not that marine is fresh or Perma.

Light armor because relying on armor is bad and I love being a speed demon. I’m thinking of dropping it completely and just mixing up my magazine pouch with some regular mags.

I one hand the shotgun for close range and speed and use the bayonet to clear weeds.

I use the M4RA when I decide I’d rather let Private Stanley get jumped by a warrior or when I want some range but I’m too lazy to unload and reload my pump.

Hip: Shotgun (red dot, AG, m9, buckshot only fuck all the other shells, only 10 shells in the gun)
Back: m41 (burst fire, reflex sight, eb, UB/Laser)
Back 2 (if I go SL/comtech): Flamer (only incenerator fuel)
Belt: Ammo rig, fill with m41 ext magazines or regular

Helmet: 2 oxycodone, barbed wire (so I dont look/feel bald)
Light armor: 2 HEDP (keep for suicide/suicide woyer killing, I hate beans)
6 slot webbing: 2E-injector, fast suicide (oxycodone doesnt kill you fast enough), 2 m15, 1 HEDP (m15 for killing shit, HEDP for suicide)

First aid kit pouch (gauze, trica, trica, splint)
Machete pouch/general pouch (most of the time its machete pouch for chestbursting t1s, sometimes I bring general pouch if its a funny map so I can loot contraband gun/grenades)

Suit Slot: M41A MK1 w/mag harn, UBS, bayonet
Waist: Motion Detector
Back: IMP Ammo Rack - put MRE boxes, Buck Boxes, 10x24 Boxes in it

Helmet: this slot is for sissies
Eye: SensorMate
Ear: Headset with JTAC key, Engi key optional
Armor: to taste - I like EOD, I put my MRE and pack of cigs in it
Uniform: Brown/Black Webbing for bica/kelo/tram injectors, splints, bandages
Pockets: Mag and Shotgun Pouch

I bring a technician backpack with 1x M89 Flare box, 2x M94 Flare box, 2x IFAK boxes, and an extinguisher for comms defense.

Get on my level:


Is… Is that deploy to get capped Hange herself???


m41 with magharn, pump action with flashlight. less is more. (also cant stand tacticool stuff). sometimes i take a bayonet sheathe if im feeling funny.

Light armour
No helmet
Flare Pouch
Flare Pouch
Flare gun holster w/signal flares
Flare gun holster w/normal flares
Flares in my armour
A bag full of flare resupply boxes
RTO backpack

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The best load out.

You need to wear a helmet with a flashlight attached to it for maximum value