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Hi everyone. Encino here. It’s been a tradition for years to get their nickname given to them on the forums.
Now, I understand that some of you just give yourself nicknames or get them from friends, and that’s fine, this is just an optional tradition.
I got my nickname from a boomer player 6 years ago in 2017-ish. And with that I’ve had my personal behavior change and adopted the nickname “Encino Man” into my personal life, morphing my aesthetic taste into liking caveman and primal aesthetics, and I feel this is something you can’t get through nicknaming yourself. You miss out on something, I think.
And so, I’m bringing it here. It’s optional, you don’t have to take it, but remember that not every nickname is cool or flashy or cute. In fact, most of them are banter in some form or another.
Here’s the template:

Character Name:
Favored Role/Position:
Favored Weapon:
Character Description:
Unique Character Abilities:

Fill it out and someone will give you a nickname. Have fun.


Character Name: Hibiki Morikawa
Favored Role/Position: Squad Marine
Favored Weapon: M41a/M56D.
Character Description: Hibiki is a short Japanese girl with an annoying voice typical of rich girls
Unique Character Abilities: N/A


Character Name: Emil Stafford
Favored Role/Position: Squad Corpsman
Favored Weapon: M37 Pump Shotgun
Character Description: A Germanic man from Luna, relatively average. His family was once wealthy following their move to Luna, but as generations passed, so did the wealth. He was raised in near poverty.
Unique Character Abilities: N/A


Hibiki Morikawa

Hibiki ‘Toyota’ Morikawa (rolls across the tongue)

Emil Stafford

Emil ‘Rico’ Stafford (Rich in spanish)

Other’s are free to input if they think they got something better.


*Character Name:*Misa Mars
*Favored Role/Position:*Executive Officer
*Favored Weapon:*M44 Revolver
*Character Description:*A Russian woman with slightly messy hair tied up in a bun and tired eyes the go straight through you. Her motivation, when asked always pertains to her mother. Upon small talk, she has no tolerance for hate against her mother.
*Unique Character Abilities:*Robust Preservation of herself alone.

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*Character Name: Alexei Trofimov
*Favored Role/Position: Executive Officer
*Favored Weapon: M2C (The BEAST)
*Character Description: Standing at 6 ft 2, with a loud voice and a russian accent on the tongue. With a messy hair on top and fade.
*Unique Character Abilities:


Ahh this was always one of my fav threads, good to see it making a comeback.

Misa Mars

Not sure on this one, not anything too easy. I like the idea of a triple M though, maybe Misa ‘Matryoshka’ Mars? Kinda clunky though. I’ll think on it and come back if I got anything better.

Alexei Trofimov

Alexei ‘Ramius’ Trofimov (Captain from Red October)

(Connery is 6’ 2" irl so I’m literally just imagining you as him from now on)


Character Name: Murphy Major
Favored Role/Position: MT/CE
Favored Weapon: MK221 Tactical Shotgun/M44 Revolver (on green alert)
Character Description: 5’7ft, white hair, and a vicious looking scar across her face. Murphy has an air of bravado around her, bolstered by her knowledge and experience as an engineer. Often going off the books and engaging in mild tomfoolery, she has drawn the ire of many MPs.
Unique Character Abilities:
-Escape Plan
-Shock Doors
-Summon Deltards
-Summon MTs
-Conjure Contraband
-OT Nade
-Greater OT Nade

Character Name: Tanya Reed
Favored Role: Squad Rifleman
Favored Weapon: Pulse Rifle MK1 with master key or Pulse Rifle MK2 and M37A2 Shotgun
Character Description: Stocky red haired woman at around 5’6". Her hair is kept up in a messy bun -strangely, the bridge of her nose unnaturally deviates to the left.
Unique Character Abilities: Insulting her fellow marines, sucking up to her squad leader or team leader(usually)

Kinda feeling the alliteration once more, so lets try:

Murphy ‘Mishap’ Major

Could be referencing the scar, could be a nade fumble, could be an excuse for a hacked door!

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Jane Jacobson
Synthetic :smiley:
Never bothered making an ingame description buuut… Dyed red hair, average height for females, tends to be an asshole when met with idiocy but overall a fun person to be with when you’re on her good side.
The ability to display sarcasm yet people take it seriously.

Maybe just “Maints” or something, as you are :fire: GODS GREATEST MT :fire:

Big Technician obviously.

WOAH, so like :ghost: BTs :ghost: from the hit walking simulator “Death Stranding”

Character name: Polly Pembroke

Favourite Role: Dropship Pilot / Staff Officer (generally low-ranking officer roles)

Favored Weapon: M41A Mk1, M37 (always with fixed bayonet), quadruple incendiary minirocket salvos

Character Description: A laid-back yet competent pilot, this short blonde hails from before the Academy was defunded the second time (from slideshows down to UNO cards), and survives on the Goldilocks quantity of Dutch hot cocoa, which she intends to protest the raising price of.

Unique Abilities:

  • Bayonet Charge
  • Powerloader Charge
  • Deep Pockets
  • Piloting (doesn’t CAS on ferry, and doesn’t evac on flyby :skull:)

You are henceforth the crook. Tanya ‘Crook’ Reed.

Squirt or Fresa/strawberry, your call. (Fresa translates to strawberry).
Squirt because you sound like a squirt.

*flips you off

Those are silly nicknames and I find them enjoyable. Not sure if I’ll use squirt though since 2 things come to mind. One being a midget/ short person or the other being. . . I’ve been exposed to the internet too long, doesn’t help my character is female. :sweat_smile:

Could go with ‘Fireball’ considering they run CAS.(Or maybe they just crashed a lot during flight sims)

‘Butter’ would also work, considering they’re usually low-ranking officer roles, O-1s are usually nicknamed ‘butter bars’ due to their rank insignia resembling one.

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I will become the crook <3

that’s the kicker, she never trained on a flight simulator due to budget cuts in the Academy, anyway i’m going with something butter related

edit: yeah ok im going with straight up butter, it’s the rank thing, as well as a lead into butterfingers when i inevitably cas the fob :dread:

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