Request a Nickname

One of the best threads has risen from the ashes to inspire a new generation of marines. @Cassie451 the boys are back in town.

Name- James Bushman
Roll- squad marine (yet to be roll spec)
Weapon- pulse rifle
Description- Remarkably unremarkable. They have a Kentucky accent.
Abilities- N/A i guess

If this is not enough to work with i can give a more detailed description.

We’re not even back Joes, we never fucking left!

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We are the Ultimate Badasses. Aliens - Ultimate Badass - YouTube


Def would advise getting some more background here, usually a nickname is either making fun of something about you or referencing something you’ve done.

That being said, I dub thee James ‘Rye’ Bushman

Firstly, it sounds bland but there is something there, which is you right now. Secondly Kentucky Rye, and finally, Bushman just sounds agrarian.

If its something has done then i once drank at least 7 bottles of hot sauce one round. I also got licked by a ob and lived somehow.

I got it. James ‘Fried’ Bushman

i kinda like fried. It can work.

Charachter Name: Sergeyevich Morozov
Favored Role/Position: Security Survivor
Favored Weapon: m37 Pump Shotgun/m4a3
Character Description: Has a very nice beard, speaks very slightly slurred with a slight Russian accent.
Unique Charachter Abilities: Has an oxycodone overdose 4 times the normal limit since he’d use it recreationally in his homecity of “Omsk”

Got an idea “bear” sounds kinda generic but he’s got a beard, he’s russian, he uses a big shotgun.

Character Name: Candace Clark
Favored Role/Position: XO/PO
Favored Weapon: A shotgun doesn’t matter what kind
Character Description: A Polish woman with a messy hair has a dangerous condition called wrong place wrong time, sometimes forcing USCM command to engage the self destruct on Almayer due to a certain brain worm taking a trip to CIC
Unique Character Abilities:
-Call the escape can
-Self destruct the ship
-Nuke the FOB

Candace ‘Buck’ Clark

Because the buck stops with you, and if someone doesn’t get that memo, they’ll get a buckshot to the face.

Edit: She took the name, and then I saw her die! :weary:

i feel like doing this even tho i had like 6 nicknames thru my cm gaming career

Character Name: Rios Kishop
Favored Role/Position: SL(Groundside) / MT, RO or CL (Shipside)
Favored Weapon: M2132 Machete
Character Description: 5,5ft, South American 27 y/o male with pale skin, restless eyes, long black metalhead hair and 3 diagonal scars across his face, prefers to use tanktops or lightweight stuff in general, can be seen sometimes with a beanie and sunglasses.
-Always seeking trouble in the name of the MONOLITH
-Knows how to create trouble in the name of the MONOLITH
-If he runs out of ammo can go batshit insane and charge you with a melee in the name of the MONOLITH
-Will spread the word of the MONOLITH

Rios ‘Icon’ Kishop.

His look is iconic, he worships icons, the machete is iconic, and being a SL is iconic.

You are Rios ‘Icon’ Kishop.

i can’t deny i like it, i really do !

Character Name: Jerry Gerry
Favored Role/Position: Hospital Corpsman (Charlie)
Favored Weapon: M37A2 Shotgun
Character Description: Jerry is an unfortunately named, sinewy short man with a 5 o’clock shadow with a transplanted right ear. Problem is, it doesn’t match his skin color. Best described as looking ‘funny’. Visible eyebags.
Unique Character Abilities: Claims to be able to taste the color red.


Jerry ‘Boxer’ Gerry.

He has the physique to match, with traditional ear identifier like one might pick out on a boxer, and the way boxers end up with misshapen/funny looks. He tastes red, which is like blood from boxing.

You are Jerry ‘Boxer’ Gerry.

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