Request a Nickname

Honestly, I could see Smog being a really good nickname, especially if Craig’s tobacco stench was particularly bad.

I don’t think the moniker Gramps would have would be uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh appropriate eheheheh. Zhu bein Zhu is great though ngl. youre one of my favorite medics/docs

@PWNRA Thanks man! Glad to hear you think that about me, but I think it might be a lil’ undeserved. And don’t worry, your nickname is safe.

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Character Name: John Morrison
Favored Role/Position: Leadership ones, planning to climb to CO at least.
Favored Weapons: OB, M5 RPG, Melee, Cerimonial Sword, any sidearm.
Character Description: One old timer who doesnt know when to quit. The corps became his home. Civilian life wouldn’t fit anymore. White hair, still fit for 56, metalic right arm and couple scars across his face. Greyish blue eyes.
Unique Character Abilities:

  • Permanent 130ping
  • Accuracy as spotless as a Dalmatian
  • Backstory(I’ve written it, for myself)
  • Role-player(I think at least)
  • Reckless Abandon

I wanted to play too.

Character name: Dollovan Torres
Favored role: XO
Favored Weapon: M41A mk1 AP ammo
Character Description: A young man, strange acting sometimes but overall fresh and able to comprehend the situation at hand. Has some trouble with getting marines to listen to him
Unique Character (Dis?)Abilities: Often ends up loosing his ground force over marines not listening to orders. Almost like a curse. Or maybe his inexperience.

John ‘up-close’ Morrison
John ‘boomer’ Morrison
John ‘old man’ Morrison
John ‘quickdraw’ Morrison

Craig ‘Napalm’ Jesston
Craig ‘Flamer’ Jesston

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How about Jinx or Damned…or Voodoo? Like someone is doing voodoo to curse you.

Zhu ‘Doc’ Cijue
Zhu ‘Toxin’ Cijue
Zhu ‘OD’ Cijue


Short and simple meaning doctor in mandarin which also taps into the fact he never got proper documentation to practice medicine in the UA, and how his father previously operated a clinic in Guangzhou if I remember correctly.

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I’ll probably flop between the two or recycle smog for another character. Though it’s annoying to keep up with the nickname and be smoking a lot whilst balancing huds/sunglasses, masks, and etc.

Ezra Bass
SG/Comtech/Rifleman/Cargo tech/Maint tech
Classic Pulse Rifle, m60 if I can get it
A plucky brown man who can ply many different enlisted trades, is either practical and wants to survive or becomes a raging, bug killing maniac when he is bored and denied a good fight. Also incidentally gay.
Has the unique ability to blend into the background except for when there are no candidates for SL and always becomes aSL because he speaks on radio.

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You are correct! More specifically, in Hong Kong, (where exactly is something I’m still trying to figure out). Also, technically speaking, Cijue doesn’t have documentation to practice medicine in the UPP either, lol. He had to flee the country before he could finish his medical education.

I do love the nickname, but I dunno if he’d use it because there are only, like, 10 people in the Falling Falcons who can speak Chinese, lol.

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Doc would be great, but Alex already took the nickname. Don’t wanna steal his thunder,.

Toxin and OD might not be great for Cijue, seeing as they have rather sinister implications for someone who mains medical, lol.

Ezra ‘Drifter’ Bass
Ezra ‘Sidelined’ Bass
Ezra ‘Sea’ Bass (fish)
Ezra ‘Fogger’ Bass (fogging kills bugs)
Ezra ‘Pest-Control’ Bass

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John ‘Wired’ Morrison
John ‘Pharos’ Morrison (Pharos is a lighthouse cus leadership)
John ‘Knuckles’ Morrison
John ‘Paragon’ Morrison
John ‘Torn’ Morrison

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Dollovan ‘Blight/ed’ Torres
Dollovan ‘Unheard’ Torres
Dollovan ‘Herder’ Torres (something something like herding cats)
Dollovan ‘Fortune’ Torres
Dollovan ‘Lucky’ Torres

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Hey Thanks Mensla. I was just thinking about this today and found an awesome one just this afternoon, one wich makes sense with backstory and plays greatly with his name and about how he thinks about the other marines.
John ‘Memento’ Morrison

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Drifter sounds pretty cool ngl

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That’s a good nickname, and it’s alliteration as well

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