Return Engine Maintenance

I truly believe that the engines in Engineering should have the old maintenance mechanics, even if they required EVEN LESS interaction than they needed in prior states- it gives MTs something to do other than soft grief. Even if MTs do not do it, Working Joes can do the power then go back to cryo if it’s absolutely mandatory.

Bring us back an engine room that has a purpose beyond events I beg of you.


It ain’t happening.

Basically an expansion of shipside roles that requires some basor level of competency in order to not detrimentally affect the groundside experience will not be added.

As an example: If Requisitions wasn’t already in the game, we would not add it for fear of endangering groundside gameplay.

that is the most fundamentally braindead thing I have read this week on the forums.

If that were the case then any addition or change to medical that has any aspect of affecting player skill, it would never happen. See the changes to IB so medics can do it- changes to planetside surgery and so on.

Yes the game is about the ground conflict, but to say all features revolve around that is asinine. The CL has no mechanical purpose, nor the reporter, arguably even MTs have very little purpose other than maybe doing FOB construction.

An OT blowing up their workshop is classic, happens every 3-4 rounds and does indirectly fuck over the marines by removing the things the OT can do, while deleting much of their chemicals - should we start putting the baby handrails there and make it impossible to blow up the workshop?

i dunno where you got such an absolutely out of touch take from, but there’s still things being added such as the ARES rework that affects shipside and groundside stuff with how you can interact with ARES - how WJs handle ARES and so on. It is literally part of that design that if processors fail or are broken, the function stops too, such as bioscans etc - should we just not allow things to go wrong there too, make the processors invulnerable?

i mean hell, why add anything shipside that expects someone to do a bare minimum of skill (channeling on an object and replacing fuel cells as an example). Remove doctors, just have autodocs? Like literally what???


I’m not saying it’s a good logic, my guy. I am saying what the current position has been said multiple times.

I love shipside, but its not getting anything.

This concept could help tie into shipside events as well - shipside power failures are surprising when shipside power maintenance doesn’t exist. Deploying Squad Engineers are expected to understand SMES, etc., yet when anything starts to involve shipside roles it’s “forbidden”. Why does a vessel with crews in cryo and running on autopilot for a year or more just “work” without needing maintenance? Power outages, and yes I am willing to suggest even OB outages with regards to ship maintenance at least gives the typical soft grief roles something to do.


Who originally said this? This is so bad :sob: :sob:


I think it’d be cool if engine maintenance would be used for non-critical things (unlike power). The light flickering thing that staff can trigger maybe or like airlocks work a little slower. Nothing to cripple the ship but giving something to do.


God forbid people need to be competent for marines to be able to achieve something. Maybe we should remove medics and just make marines passively heal to remove the possibility of a medic being incompetent


Bring back engine maintenance.


Worst take in the history of ever.


Power maintenance and atmosphere were done away with. They aren’t coming back because that would ‘bloat’ roles and take away from the ground conflict or otherwise impact the round.

And we just can’t have that.


Really? Just delete MTs then, why do we have engineers which are the equalivant of vanilla SS13’s assistants (Also known as greytiders, security-antagoizers, mini-tators and so on) which have no other job than getting brigged, breaking into brig, breaking into the CO’s office, breaking into the CL’s office, shocking brig doors and getting executed? I think, that would atleast make the current ‘bloat’ role into a semi-‘bloat’ role with some mechanical things to do.


I am all for giving MTs more stuff to do shipside. I’ve heard a lot about changes to the game to give ship side roles more thing to do, and more role play opportunities. This seems like a perfect chance to add more role play, and give ship side staff more interesting mechanics to deal with. If MTs don’t fix it, then the CE has something to do. If you have neither a CE or MTs then you can let MPs have the ability to work on these things. That would be great for MPs anyway, instead of soft griefing marines for fun, they have stuff to do that helps them!


i miss when ship engineers would deliberately grief the entire ship to kill the xenos when they boarded the sulaco, I think that was too far but allowing them to do a modicum of trolling when the ship is being scuttled would be fun. Let’s see how xeno scales fare against deadly ionizing radiation.


MY man gets it. Good on you Buddy.


I think thats actually awesome, and another role play avenue. Xenos get on the ship, instead of just shooting them some engineers get together and say hey we can do this to fight back instead. Now the only problem is if it turns into a boring meta.


+1 I miss the old days where you had to get power running for the ship to function. You need a compentent Req to function, competent Command, this gives the MTs something to do now instead of running in circles.

it would take a like 2 line code change, maintainers respond

found me the PR that removed maintaining reactor ship-side and i may do a PR if it’s not to hard to do…

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Necroposted. But whatever. MTs fall into two categories at the moment.

Fresh to the game.

Troll MP.

Sure they’ll deploy* when they get told to.
But they lack a bunch of other shipside tasks to do besides, fix some random windows, and load the OB. Or if they’re feeling extra helpful move crates for Req, and reload the CAS Dropship.
Before we start forcing command to find someone to fix the reactors after power goes out cause none of the MTs bothered. Maybe we should think about adding more things for them to do around the ship to make the role desirable to play.

Like look at nurse, another shipside role that is basically dead. But you don’t get Engi skills so why troll MP on it. These shipside roles need more than just one task to do like maybe 6 times in a round if we want them to be desirable.

As they are, they’re basically RP Fluff at best.

An Idea would be tying them off to Requestions, having a workshop they can produce Things™ in to give to Req so they could have more budget or more metal and plasteel. This would atleast give them more relevance to the round as a whole and give them something to do. Or just roll it into OTs and have them also produce regular ammo, would need to balance Req to just order them materials to produce the ammo that we want.