Ro3ger - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Ro3ger

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

WEH, May’Chaos’ Blyant

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

Only failed ones on old forum

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Caretaker, somone to look up to
July is a caretaker, one that works with those who cannot care for themselves, they work tirelessly to make sure everything is perfect for their patients, they are able to act independently taking care of actions that need to be done for the good of their patient, when put into confrontations they will switch more of a firm attitude until the situation is resolved.
In instances of sadness or pain she is a healer or someone there that you can talk to, when it all feels like your life is spiraling down the drain she is the shoulder to rest on.
Standard Jobs of July units: Caretaker, Teacher, Psychiatrist, Nurse,

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Being a caretaker July would be kind and caring to all ranks but for higher ranks they are generally older when it comes to age she would make sure to attend to their needs as in older ages tasks such as getting food and water may be harder since they have to walk from destination to destination or checking medical records for the few who actually use it and bringing them types of medicine that may be prescribed.
For lower ranks such as a PFC she would let them run around freely offering help when they may injure themselves but due to the lower ranks being younger ages they can easily get around the ship and do physical exercise
Example scenario: “How is your hips today Major I had seen on medical records that they have sever arthritis” “I have your medicine Mr.(last name) as specified from your medical record” “Hold still for a moment please (first name of private), and please remember just because you are young doesn’t mean this won’t hurt in the future”

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

I have intense knowledge of almost all mechanics of CM and would be able to use these to help with the rounds, doing actions that no humans would be able to do due to limitations.
I am able to stay in HRP at all times being able to create situations memorable to other players and RP’s that would not usually come from a normal round
I am maintained a good note history with only few minor instances of non RP related problems, and have been server staff since the start of 2023

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

Working joes, was doing a event where they were essentially going around scaring people and being able to have them work as entity doing what ARES told them to do made a great show

Synthetic Character Story:



I am able to fully create a fob that with proper manpower can fully repell a xenomorph siege even when outmanned. I know how to construct all items that are able to be constructed without Admin powers. I understand the advantages between diffrent metal baracade can affect a siege and defences


I understand all overwatch consoles how to do all actions on a console(No drop OB) How to properly load the OB, set AA, ML, SOP,


I know all surgeries by head and can do them without any exterior source, I have a private document with all common chemical recipies and can easily navigate the wiki incase I am asked for a obscure chem. I am able to quickly get a marine from high amounts of damage while nearing perma


I understand all abreviations, getting items from the vendors fast, know how to use ASRS easily and how to create a strong first drop crate along with subsequent crates

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

New PVT who barely understands how to fire their weapon just until the xenomorph runs away
Doing surgery on a (random class) who is currently fully open and taking them off the stretcher would probably result in them dying
Instances where I need to fight as I am alone or whoever I am with is unable to protect us as a whole.
Five T3’s while im only with 2 marines

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?


Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

Lets see if I can get it done on the fifth try, I have spent a long time on this one lol

Hi! Mind linking the previous applications as well? Thanks!

Won’t lie I thought the links were wiped and i decided to look. Denied Ro3ger - Synthetic Application Denied ro3ger - Synthetic Application

I feel like this app is a pretty big step back from your old ones. The story included. I feel like you could have given more detailed answers on things like the combat questions. I’m also not a huge fan of the quirk but you had gotten the Jakk approval for it so I reckon it’s fine.

Going to wait for vouches since that was your biggest issue historically.

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I can vouch for their knowledge of the game mechanics. And interactions I’ve had with their character IC’ly have always been positive. One of the medics I prefer to be treated by on the front that is for sure!

You’ve kind of been a ghost, not a lot of people in the WL have seen you at all. If possible could you indicate common days/time (zone) when you can be found on the server in a relevant role?

I’ve played with Ro3ger quite a bit both before, and after he joined staff, their player is quite fun to be around and they’re definetly not LRP from my experiences. Other than that, the only other ‘issue’ I have is that I havent actually seen you, like at all the past months.

Im leaning towards a +1 right now, but I cant say for sure since well, like stated above I havent seen you at all the past months, and maybe there’s something I missed but thats that.

Work has been killing me with hours in the past month so I have really only been playing for about a hour each night on nights when I have the energy to play CM, im GMT-8 usually playing after 11pm-12am at night

While I understand the tax and burden of work, it’s an inopportune time to put in a whitelist application that requires you to be watched and observed.

Short of major observation time and a way to assess your competence quickly not just from what people have said in the past but by being observed by myself or another member of the synthetic council, I’m going to have to give a tentative -1.

Your answers are okay although it would have been nice to see specific examples for things such as Requisitions and what you would put into your average crate, for instance.

Your story reads fine, although your combat answers are rather lacking as it stands and lacks context - all of them can be put into different situations and it isn’t a binary. That PVT could be on the frontline, for instance, or in the backline, and both of those fall into entirely different categories.

This isn’t a hardline -1 and it is possible to still recover, although owing to your schedule I imagine it’d be difficult. In the event you can’t I wouldn’t dwell on it too much and I would try to find a timeslot when you have a week or two free so that people can go out of their way to watch you - or, ask a councillor/synthetic player to observe you while you play.

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I think in all honesty they should be given it, life gets in the way but Synth WL would be a great way to rejuvenate that love for CM. If not play a few of the jobs like it to show you still got it but I know you do most roles when needed, and are a medic that puts armor and gun on me which makes you a star in my book.

Hey Ro3ger, thanks for your interest in the Synthetic Whitelist!

We thought that your quirk was decent - you could likely make it even more in-depth but it is within acceptable standards.

You forgot to make a logline for your Synthetic.

Your reasons for playing Synthetic are good, and you have a good record when it comes to RP.

Your story here was great. You didn’t shy away from conflict and overall this was a very fine read. Good job.

The combat scenarios you listed are considered weak, you should try to flesh out the scenarios more.

As a side note, sometimes your punctuation/grammar can be inconsistent. If you are able to work on this, it would be a good thing.

But most importantly, the lack of observation in relevant support roles was what hurt your application the most. In addition, the lack of vouches most likely came from this factor. We highly recommend you gain time and experience shown in relevant roles before making an application and not during. This will not only help with your vouches but also your reputation and observations in the right roles.

Unfortunately this application is denied but you may reapply on 12/21/23 due to voting dilation. Please do get more experience seen in the support roles before doing so! Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Added synth:denied and removed synth:waiting