Salo2016 - Permanent Ban Appeal

Salo2016 - Permanent Ban Appeal

What’s your BYOND key?


Character Name?

Salo Oleksandr

Type of Ban?

Permanent Ban

What is your Bancode?

Admin who banned you?


Total Ban Duration


Remaining Duration

Was 180, now permament

What other servers do you play on?

CM RU (yesterday)

Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?

No where

Do you play using a Virtual Machine?


is your copy of Windows legitimate?


Reason for Ban:

Multickeying, avod ban

Links to previous appeals:

Your appeal:

I won’t avoid ban again, how i did not in past summer. First time when i were banned on multiplayer game.
My fault and my own expirience. Expirience is not what we had. Its what we did in that situation.

I understand my fault and logic failure from actions i have did. Put something weird on public is wrong, just pm admin for that wich i didn’t did cause First ban. Than second where i joined from Beyondkey: salos2016. And have got banned again. Than past time with declined appeal i joined on alternative account with vpn and were spotted after round. I told with community manager wich is not at his position now. And he did cut 1 year ban into 180 days wich i waited without avoiding ban. I jojned in the first day of ban expire. And played 3-5 rounds untill in the morning - Roger did detect something and banned for 30 days for discussion for permaban or no. Result - permaban. I did not harass server somehow or damage gameplay. I Just did avoid ban, thats all. I like mechanic with roleplay mix and wanna get back to play on server. I may become more friendly if it will happen. But all i can do is just beilive and say sorry.

You just evaded your ban. If you had appealed it, it would be fine.

Stop evading and simply stop trying to log in. You may appeal on January 20 2024, if you havent evaded since I see no reason why it wouldn’t be accepted then.

Added appeal:denied and removed appeal:waiting