Silens_Vigil - Moderator Application

Moderator Application - Silens_Vigil

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord username?


What characters do you play on CM-SS13?

Elisa ‘Apt’ Amsel, Alastair Klingmann, Sebastian Gray, Klaus Schultze

Are you 16 or older?




On average, how many hours are you available to moderate in an average week?

Perhaps 12-18 doing 3 or 4 hours per day


Do you have previous experience in game or community moderation?

Some minor bits in moderating a friends server and trying to keep order as a Gamemaster for online roleplay

Provide any links to any previous CM-SS13 whitelist, mentor or staff applications:


Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on CM-SS13?


Can you actively engage and communicate with the team through Discord?

Yes, I am friends with Backsea and other Moderators or soon to be Admins

Final Details:

Why would you like to join the CM-SS13 staff team?

I feel like I could do some good and get more into the loop help out in a game I enjoy make it more fun for those involved and allow RP to flourish but also making sure the TDM side gets attention as well

What makes you a great addition to Staff? (Experienced Tabletop DM, Aliens Lore Buff, Super Organized, etc.?)

I love Aliens lore and practicality and logic but also valuing fun as well trying make sure RP is fun and engaging and for people to use their brains sometimes. I have dm’d and thought up several stories to run along with as a GM before given enough info, time, and creativity anything can come to life.

In your opinion, what is the most important quality of a CM-SS13 staff member?

The ability to make the round fun for people involve and make sure griefers don’t rise or the round isn’t fun for the majority involved and also making events fun and making sure they go to plan as its a big expendature of everyones time not to criticize people over breaking code but its the difference between a good afternoon of gaming and a sad one where people dont come back cause their expeirence was ruined.

Anything else you want to add?

Nothing much… Other than I am a average chess player and strict person when it comes to rules and protocols

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Hello Silens_Vigil,

I took a peek at your profile since I’m relatively unfamiliar with you, and was surprised to see how many hours you have on the server. The amount of hours you have combined with an absence of serious notes is a really good sign, especially given that you play a lot of visible shipside roles (many with mandatory obedience). Let’s see where you are.

Question 1: Rule Comprehension
Is attaching a brick of C4 to an unwrenched vending machine and then pushing the vending machine allowed? What about wrenching down vending machines to use as a barricade? If one or either of these is not allowed, please explain why/ what rule is being broken.

Question 2: Rule Analysis
If you could re-write one rule, which one would it be, and how would you write it?

Question 3: Adminhelp
You receive an adminhelp that says, “Mr. Admin, a lurker just put me into soft crit and dragged me under the Alamo LZ so I got gibbed when it landed!”

How do you reply?

Question 4: Scenario
Please read the following conditions and then respond to the scenario as though you were the only available staff member. If you feel you are missing critical information necessary to pass judgement , you can insert the information as additional conditions in your answer and conclude based on your imposed conditions.


  • UPP forces (designated as hostile) are on the Almayer.
  • The UPP and the Marines have been working together to fend off hijacking xenomorphs.
  • The final xenomorph is killed and the round end-screens begin.
  • A UPP shouts “FOR THE UPP!” and starts firing on the marines.

These are some challenging questions which do not necessarily have a single right answer. They are meant to test different aspects of your rule and server culture knowledge. Perfect answers are not expected, and they won’t be expected for a very long time.

Hey Biolock thanks for checking in

I try my best not to break rules seeing as I Acidently have so many hours as MPs and CIC staff so thank you

Question 1: I would believe no sane man would go straight up with a C4 brick and start pushing a very heavy object towards an enemy so It would likely Violate rule 2 if the brick of C4 is not on very long timer if not armed at all. If it is delta alert and xenos are on their way to the ship and marines lack materials for barricades for example some metal and plassteel i would believe they would use everything to their disposal to block up areas like walling them up. However if the object or entity in question cannot be destroyed by xenos and thus blocks their path after being destroyed and is unmovable it would be an exploit violating Rule 5

Question 2: Its a bit hard to think of one rule that would need rewriting… To be honest you place me in a puzzling place… But some bits of the roleplay standard like that of an event I think military marriages are sometimes a good thing AMONG ENLISTED AND NCOs! Not Officers. It is against military protocol for an officer and enlisted to be married as it could lead to that enlisted being held to a higher standard and getting more privileges.

I would like to rewrite the Marriage rune in the sanity category of the Rule 2 Roleplay rules to be essentially “Marriages in the USCM Are permitted but are relegated to those of equal position like corporal to corporal and private to private NCOs are semi forbidden from having marriages with squadmates. Officers are strictly forbidden from having any relationship with any enlisted personnel.” And have a charge for fraternize or conduct unbecoming of an Officer of The Marine Corps (Officers are held to a higher standard and thus expected to HRP and not run around kissing people).

Question 3: If it was a survivor and this was before the alamo landed on an LZ it would be punished as xenos at that time are expected to capture and infect survivors not kill as they are looking to expand their hive for the coming threat of the marines. If it was a marine and it as inside FOB and the alamo was on flyby heading back down after a failed evacuation and they put them under it unless the queen had specifically stated that all of the ‘talls’ were to be killed they should have capped them but I have seen xenos toss marines into fire before and to my knowledge is not an exploits as ‘only animals fear fire’ so i would say it is perfectly logical for that xeno to put them under the alamo LZ to be gibbed HOWEVER xenos do not have free will and they should be running about using so much brain power they drag a person 4 tiles away from the alamo to put it under the alamo for them to be crushed they should kill them then and there and run away

So my reply would be like this “Hello thank you for reporting the other party concerned was dealt with and warned for their behavior I am sorry your out of the round I’d like to see people having fun but I cannot respawn you as that would kill the point of the game. I hope you will have fun in the future but sorry if this is your first experience to CM it is a hard game to learn.”

Question 4: The UPP if they have spawned in as Hostile UPP their goal is to take the almayer and take the bridge not make friends if I capabilities to do a IC Announcement like one that was done about a few days ago when UPP tried to be friendly when they were hostile it would something along the lines of “This SSV Patrol Cruiser Gagarin. You trespass in sovereign Union of Progressive Peoples Territory this is a offense will not be taken lightly… Naval Squad. Open fire. Take no prisoners and take the Bridge.” That or would radio the UPP Troopers directly through their headsets and tell to them to open fire.

However if the were friendly and were helping marines throughout the entire conflict of killing the shipside xenos and they turned on the shipside marines that would be EORG and I would A-sleep them and issue a ban appropriate to that offense. If there was still time left in the round I would RP the UPP having that Naval Trooper arrested and brought back to the ship for a military tribunal. The UPP and UA aren’t at war only a cold wa. SOME UPP Commanders dont want it to escalate into a full blown nuclear war same can be said for UA/USCM so they would not want to risk a conflict over a petty privyate shooting a marine.

Good lad on discord even though i don’t remember any interaction ig. +1 tho

I noticed you a few days ago becoming extremely angry in dchat over people not killing xenomorphs during hijack. You were saying such things as:



I do not trust you to keep a cool and level head when dealing with ahelps. I also do not trust you to not let your pride get in the way of your judgement. Moderators are expected to be calm and collected; you have shown me the exact opposite. I understand we have bad days but this is just out of control.




The interactions I’ve had with them have been positive. They make the right decisions in-game, and I would trust that would translate to moderation.

Hey there, Silens! Thank you for your application to staff team, it’s always nice to see new people volunteering to make the CM better and better!

So, I’ve been watching you for a long time, and I’m mostly pleased with your roleplay, how you play, and your answers to Biolock’s questions. However, I’d like to see you be much more active on Discord, because being a staff does not only means bonking players for rule violations, but also requires interacting with the community. I think it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more active on Discord and make some new friends! Considering my limited interaction with you, I know that you are a fun person to talk to, so let other people get to know you!

I can’t read Clairion’s mind but I think it would be worth giving you a chance!

best of luck :pray:


Looking at your answers to the questions posted by Biolock, and after looking at some of your behavior in-game, I believe you still have ways to go with learning the Rules and Marine Law. Some of your answers could use work and Question 2’s answer is just a… flat out no from me.

It is important you know Marine Law as a staff member as many cases you may deal with will involve it. Additionally, I would recommend that you apply for mentor to help you develop your knowledge when it comes to rules and leave a positive impression on the community.

For now I’d give a

Funny woman who saber dueled me in the other server



I looked through this application and the feedback regarding it and I think I’m ready to make a decision on it.
First I’ll go over your questions though:

Questions Feedback

While you identified correctly that moving C4 with an unwrenched vendor would be a rulebreak your reason for it being a rulebreak isnt quite correct.
It would be breaking Rule 5: Exploiting since C4 is supposed to be a static thing, not a mobile weapon. And using a vendor to move it around would be similar to planting it on a monkey and dragging the monkey around.

As for the second part of the question, using vendors as makeshift barricades/walls IS NOT against the rules at all. Thats because slashed vendors can either be slashed until they fall over and break. And ALL vendors can be leaned on by xenos to knock them to the floor so they can pass through them. (You can do this by clicking on the vendor while on disarm intent)

This is an opinion, so I dont think it’d need feedback really.

So this situation is a bit more complex in how and when it is and is not ok for marines to die underneath the DS.
If its something like a lurker fighting on the LZ, dragging people away from their friends during combat, and marines get dragged a couple of tiles and happen to land on the pad then its probably fine.
If a lurker is finding a way to drag a marine all the way from west nexus to the landing pad to gib them so they can’t be revived then its probably not ok and you most likely need to talk with them.

Now I do think that there is some fundamental misunderstanding in how you answered the question.
Survs aren’t protected from being permakilled or anything like that because “The hive would want them alive”. Unless the queen directly orders all xenos to stop slashing a surv so it can be captured (for example by disabling slashing) its fine if xenos to (perma)kill them. The same goes for marines.

Your answer here is only partially right.
I get wanting to force hostile UPP ERTs to be hostile, but if they want to make an impromptu alliance against the xenos thats all allowed within our RP rules. So you dont need to send a message to them telling them to go murder the marines anyways.
But you’re correct in assuming that if the UPP soldiers ally with the USCM they cant just start blasting them straight away. There needs to be some sort of indication that they are going to turn hostile before they actually do. If there isnt then yeah, you should start slapping folks, realisticly only the people who started it, with EORG bans. (Yelling “For the UPP” or something like “Now you die Kapitalist dogs!” and instantly shooting afterwards isnt enough)

So with that out of the way I can just conclude the questions, and knowledge of the rules, as not quite up there yet. But that shouldnt be too much of an issue since its something that can be handled during training.

Getting some community support is good, even if the staff opinion is mixed. Its not outstanding in support or disapproval but seeing people come out to bat for you is always a good thing.

When it comes to notes you are relatively clean on both the discord and ingame, with only minor notes that are from a while ago. So thats a good thing.

I did also look into your attitude ingame, and there I do have to say that I’m disappointed.
You do seem to have a mean streak, especially after you’ve just died.
And that doesnt seem to be an isolated thing. Its an attitude that you’ve been showing for months and that doesnt seem to have gone away at all.

Anyways I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially around Christmas time, but I will be rejecting this application.
This isnt a “No you cant ever be a mod” rejection, but I do need to see improvement.
It really is just the toxic attitude that is the dealbreaker with me. I get that CM can be a frustrating game but staying calm and collected is something that you need to embody as a staff member both in handling ahelps and while playing the game yourself. If you’re able to show significant improvements there that would be a big step towards getting the support of myself and the rest of the staff team for your application.
You’re free to re-apply after 30 days.
And of course happy holidays!

Added mod:denied and removed mod:waiting