SortieEnMer - Commanding Officer Application

Commanding Officer Application - SortieEnMer

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


What is your timezone in UTC?


Player Name You Use Most?

Dwight Morrison

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:


Have you been banned in the last 3 months?


If so, why?


Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?

My knowledge of the various command positions is fairly well rounded, in my opinion.

Importantly, I am aware of how important it is to be coherent, responsive, and composed as the Executive Officer (and how fast typing and good grammar ties into that). I also understand the criticality of frequent tactical map updates, coordinating inter-departmental requests, as well as being constantly aware of the situation both groundside and shipside.

Additionally, not only do I understand how each major officer position plays mechanically, I also understand their hierarchy, boundaries by Standard Operating Procedure, and generally where they should be, and when. I can read scenarios relating to shortages on the initial manifest, or operation deficits after casualties, and distribute alternative workflows to the more flexible command positions accordingly.

Finally, I am of the firm belief that command is meant to balance both the combat and roleplay elements of the game. It is important to interact with the Marines to provide memorable, interesting, and even unorthodox settings for roleplay, without blatant or malicious attempts to gain infamy under the guise of variety.

Hours in XO:


Hours in SL:


Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?

Dwight Morrison was raised in a conservative, rural part of Wisconsin in the United Americas, growing up on a farm. Most of his family was also of a military background at some point. Morrison decided to obtain his commission after his degree as he wanted to adhere to his family’s tradition of serving, while also not throwing away the opportunities of the degree he had earned.

How did your character attain the position of CO?

Dwight Morrison was previously eyed for the position of CO due to his perceived dutifulness, loyalty, and ‘patriotism’. Prior to this, he was a rising star in the corps due to his precision and ruthlessness against terrorist cells operating in combat against the UA. His hawkishness due to his background, combined with his cooperation towards the company, made him many powerful friends in the past. The focal point of the decision, however, had come during his accrued experience in a survival against all odds when faced a new and unknown threat aboard a vessel he was acting in command of.

Provide a short story of your CO.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?

Pardons must fall into the conditions that would warrant pardoning. The criminal in question must have actually committed the crime(s) in question, with appropriate sentencing conditions. Additionally, pardons are a privileged tool afforded to a CO, and should not be used liberally. Use of a pardon must consider the behavior and mentality of the person in question, as well as the consequences of releasing them (for both the CO and the rest of the Marines). One erroneous mentality many may hold is that pardons should be indiscriminately used upon ‘important’ Marines. Reinforcing problematic behavior by not addressing it due to their perceived criticality is dangerous. While one might initially be more inclined to pardon an important role like a Smartgunner or Specialist, first one must consider if that pardon would come back to bite them. Offenders who are compliant and composed, with charges not rooted in behaviors that could be a continual detriment, would be key candidates for pardoning. Finally, repeat offenders of Marine Law, or those who are highly likely to re-offend, should not be considered for a pardon, regardless of their scenario.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.

Scenario #1: A specialist and another Marine get into a verbal argument over someone cutting in the requisitions line. The marine starts to shove the specialist, so the specialist proceeds to unholster their side-arm and unload into the marine. Once the MPs apprehend him, he cusses, resists, and immediately demands a pardon over comms. This person should NOT be pardoned. Their behavior is detrimental to the operation, no matter the role.

Scenario #2: The Chief Medical Officer says in Medical comms that a doctor may deploy. He then proceeds to inform the doctor he selects in person, forgetting to announce it over medical comms. Another doctor, already kitted up and ready to deploy, deploys. CMO then finds out after some time and orders the doctor arrested for illegal deployment while they are working. The doctor yields to arresting MPs and is incarcerated. The doctor’s request for appeal is later denied by the CMP while I am deployed. Said deployed doctor showed good intent and behavior despite their crimes. I would pardon them.

Scenario #3: A ComTech decides to throw smoke grenades around the briefing hall during brief, barricading the briefing bubble, and screams netspeak and memes in chat. LRP behavior is extremely detrimental to the health and enjoyment of a round, so without extreme extraneous circumstances, I would not consider pardoning someone like this, as their general attitude, despite the ‘non-severity’ of their crimes, is very poor.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?

Battlefield executions are another entrusted tool in a CO’s toolbox, and should be used with the same weight and discretion as all the others. As a tool, these executions are effective for maintaining cohesion and order in an instant, where a CO would be unable to bring a situation under control otherwise. This means in scenarios where the target is not detained by MPs or in the presence of officers capable of arresting them. BEs are also intended to be personal and direct, and they cannot be done by proxy, include collateral damage, be performed from the sky, et cetera. Appropriate scenarios to use a battlefield execution tend to be where your command, or the operation and it’s components, are being directly hindered, threatened, countered, or undermined. Griefers, seditionists, assassins, and fleeing capital criminals are all prime targets for the use of the BE.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.

Scenario #1: A marine has taken it upon himself at round start to hinder command at every point. Between interrupting briefing with shenanigans, telling people to ignore command, and causing fights in the brief hall. After being directly warned during the briefing, he decides to run at me and throw folded chairs at me. I would battlefield execute him. Him living is a detriment to the cohesion of my command and the operation, to the point where he directly assaults me.

Scenario #2: I walk in the medical bay after a failed operation, with MPs present aiding in triaging. A doctor decides to insult me, calling me incompetent and saying I got men killed. His disrespect, while illegal, does not pose an immediate threat to me or the Marines, in regards to physical danger or danger of undermining. MPs should take care of him swiftly.

Scenario #3: A marine has decided to aggressively open fire upon other marines in a hallway where I happen to be passing by. I would immediately battlefield execute him without hesitation, as he poses a direct threat to me and the Marines.

Scenario #4: The Pilot Officer running the Alamo on stand-by for evac decides to leave too early due to getting frightened, leaving marines and equipment behind. In this situation, I would NOT battlefield execute them. Given no other variables, the pilot’s neglect of duty could be punished reasonably within the bounds of a standard arrest without threatening the rest of operation.

Scenario #5: A green Staff Officer manages to jumble frontline supply coordinates with OB coordinates when JTAC comms get hectic. They proceed to fire upon the Marine frontline. If it is observable that the move was not intentional and they are genuinely inexperienced (through the ways they’ve been behaving throughout the round up to this point), as well as not fleeing after the mistake, I would NOT battlefield execute them. He will be able to be prosecuted normally by the MPs without further endangering the operation.


I’ve witnessed his ability myself firsthand as both CO and as a PFC. I advise to please make a plan more complicated than Human Wave Doctrine (Murderball), but at the end of the day, that isn’t actually a necessary bar to clear for the WL. You do the job well for someone with scant so many hours.

I also advise while this App is up:

  • Please make a plan more complicated than Human Wave Doctrine (Murderball), but at the end of the day, that isn’t actually a necessary bar to clear for the WL.
  • You have very poor MP hours. Again, not a necessity, but it is a necessity to understand how ML works as you - as the CO - will be the head of it. You are even given the power to modify it as necessary. You don’t need to know every niche situation that even some people on the WL don’t know. Just the outline and you can go from there. Get the MP hours/knowledge up and it’s an mildly easy +1 from. (Do a tactic that isn’t HWD, and it’s even easier.)
  • Continue to play the angle of the character you’ve made, and lead at the same time. Don’t go on autopilot. Still actively be a character in the setting.

See you again another day if any of the above advise is taken, Captain Morrison:

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Can you post playtimes :slight_smile:

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I came out of forum retirement just to give this man a +1. He’s actively been seeking to improve his commanding ability, and has time and time again proved to be an excellent XO that marines and CIC staff alike enjoy playing with.

Zero issues with the answers, and honestly MP hours aren’t really that big of a deal as long as you KNOW how ML works, which I have reasons to believe you do.

All in all, excellent candidate for the whitelist.


I have had this guy ALOT lately and hes been nothing but a proactive command player that is willing to learn and take criticism. I’m not going to glaze this app and I dont really need to say anything else.




No pfc time? Or why edit your hours?


I have about 25 hours in PFC (can verify once I am able to spool up my VM again), being my 2nd most played marine job. Those screenshots are of the hours in jobs directly relevant to this application. Posting an unedited screenshot of all my playtimes seems out of scope of the discussion and I’d like to reserve that to only show councilors and admins in private (which the latter most likely can already see).

However, if you have questions about my knowledge on roles that may pertain to my over-all field knowledge, I would be happy to answer those.

Ok lol


Anytime I’ve seen Dwight Morrison they’ve always acted properly and without any deviation from their established character. They are attentive when it comes to playing CIC/XO and I have seen them lead the marines multiple times to victory. They appear to be grinding/playing nothing but XO as they’ve beaten me quite a few times when I have attempted to roll it and it appears to be their highest played role by far.

It’s slightly odd that they have such few playing hours on the server in general as seen by their cropped post and unwillingness to post a full screen shot showing total human hours which I’ve never seen someone do before, probably under 200 hours total with the majority of them being XO which I find amusing.

It’s true only XO and SL hours are required to be public but players seeing you have at least some hours in requisitions/engineering/dropship/police/intel will be more at ease that you understand these integral support departments and be able to deal with any issues or vacancy that occurs within them. However it would be kind of weird for me to say “play more QM/IO/CMO/DP/ASO/CMP” when you’re trying to be seen as an XO while your application is up.

Based on all my interactions with your character and how I’ve seen you handle CIC as an XO I give you a +1 in support but I can understand why this application has been kind of quiet. My biggest recommendations would be to just play as much XO as possible during the 3-5 weeks this whitelist will take and ask councilors/COs directly for their opinion of you and any advice they can give after playing with them. Also I’d ask in last round chat after every round how you did or what you could do better at, if not to learn something and improve at least to just get your name out there more. Best of luck.

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Hey, I understand you’d like to keep private playtimes not directly relevant to this CO app.

Do you think you’d be comfortable posting your hours in the command positions of SO and the department heads; ASO, CMP, CMO, CE and QM. They all manage Marines, which is the primary function of COs. FTL would be good too, it’s a role intertwined with fire support and ground leadership which obviously are essential skills to master as CO material. Council will see all those either way but it helps for us to understand who with what history we vouch for.

Is there a time of the day during which one would have more chances to catch you playing?



I have yet to log hours on ASO, CMO, CE (though I have played all of those role’s subordinates/per-requisites)

I work a normal 9-5. I usually play after 6 on weekdays and any time on the weekends.

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I have played with him when he was XO, and SL. Both times he was an extremely good RPer, as well as actually being good at what the job entails. Rounds with Dwight Morrison as the XO have always been memorable, and fun. He is always willing to accept criticism from others, and improve on himself, in what few areas he has shown any need to improve upon. I will happily give his CO application my +1, and I made a forum account just for this reason. P.S. Hold more Chapel Briefings they are awesome.

sup superstar

A few COs are feeling uneasy about this app, and to put it bluntly. Some of us think you’re an alt for a past CO. Which CO exactly? I’m not sure as there’s a few that have been removed for petty issues at this point.

Not all of us are locked in stone about it but it’s just weird Ugnip55 gives a +1 to an a relatively unknown player seeing how he’s nearly moved on from the CO sence on CM, and CM it’s self. Maybe you just knew him back then before hours got wiped and this hunch is wrong, maybe not.

It’s a small minority that probably won’t affect the out come of this app, and there’s not a lot you can do to disprove this except keep being great

For my own side, can I get your hours posted, without any edits to here? A straight picture with Gazo with the game in the background should do it. Or you could just edit it idk. You don’t have to do this as I’m not a councillor.

This is not a -1 in anyway as they have proven to be a stellar leader time and time again. It’s also not a +1 due to my reasons above


I’ll be replying concerning the hours thing only once more,

  1. Joe Dafoe is not my metabuddy giving me a vote on request, nor has he ‘moved on’ from CO, considering he played as my superior multiple times, and even awarded me a medal in-game praising me.

  2. I have over 400 hours on this game right now, before the hour reset (whenever this happened). 33%+ of those are logged in actively observing or playing xeno. I played extensively under the name Tennessee Moltisanti a year or two ago and have medals under that name too (though I never interacted with the community), when I came back a few months ago I noticed my hours were wiped. 400 hours before the wipe alone, in my eyes, is a LOT, a lot for any game, though I feel like this community has a warped sense of the weight of hours put in due to how much time people can spend on it.

  3. I have been sticky banned 2 or 3 times now, and had it lifted every time. If I was an actual bad apple, I’m sure the admins would not have lifted those?

  4. The crux of this issue is that I am fundamentally opposed to blatantly throwing my hours down on my application because it’s a lazy and trite method for COs to analyze a player. You could rather ask me questions (which I have received 0 on this application so far), observe me play, et cetera.

I read through every CO application on the new forum before applying here, and there are many cases where people have tens, hundreds of hours in a role and they still do not have a clue.

However, having them compared against me with hours as a standard or bar of metric is unfair, and I am almost certain this has been the case, considering I have had multiple people comment on my lack of hours in X role, despite meeting the requirements the council enshrined. Once again, I must re-iterate that I do not see hours correlating to any sort of general competency past maybe the few hours mark. 40 hours XO and 15 hours SL is what the whitelist asks for. I am unable to compete against kids or people who can crank out 12+ hour shifts in this game.

If you think I may be lacking in competency in a specific role that for whatever reason you find important, ask me about it.

If you think I’m an alt of a vindictive former white-list holder and that’s why I won’t show my hours, I’m not changing your mind at this point and if you’re willing to disregard any positive opinion of how I play (or just flat out refuse to engage in the substance of my application) for that preconceived notion, there’s no way I’m convincing you otherwise and I’m not going to bother.


Literally all anyone asked if you was for your hours, which you refuse to do. It’s pretty ridiculous that you refuse so vehemently to do something so basic and generic. If you can’t do this, what else will you just refuse for no real reason? Not the kind of behavior I want on the WL, -1.


There is nothing basic or generic about it in my opinion. Nowhere is it codified that it is something that has to or should be done. Considering it a standard is a fabrication, and I told you why I dis-agree with it respectfully, at length. Despite this, ignoring the many points I have outlined and minimizing them to ‘no real reason’, you seem to take some visceral offense to the idea considering how rude/dismissive you have been on this application so far. I’ll leave any more discussion about this at my previous post.

Im asking for your hours

If you wanna call me lazy that’s fine but I doubt you noticed I’ve been watching you on an alt SO and as ghost when you play. I wasn’t joking when I said you were a good command player, but this reaction is not what I expected from you

Yeah we all have bans, but frankly I can’t see that and I can’t magically know your hours or bans. I did the decent thing of telling you this doubt among COs so you could challenge it.

I asked for your hours so I can get more assurance you’re not an alt, not a melt down of being asked to do a five second thing. I’m not judging your character over hour play times, frankly I never look at them but this is a special case. I’m not a councilor so you don’t have to do this, but it would help put my mind at ease over you being an alt. Sorry if this wasn’t clear before

Will you post them?


I believe it would be best for this thread, and to avoid off-topic discussions, if further demands for SortieEnMer to post their hours be halted unless a councillor requests they post them. SortieEnMer has stated they do not wish to post their non-command/mp hours, any feedback to their application should take that fact into consideration.

Please post your playtimes