Sospe03 - Timed Ban Appeal

Sospe03 - Timed Ban Appeal

What’s your BYOND key?


Character Name?

Frater Ludovicus

Type of Ban?

Timed Ban

What is your Bancode?


Admin who banned you?


Total Ban Duration

7 days

Remaining Duration

Almost 7 days (6.8 says Byond)

What other servers do you play on?

Used to play in Paradise and HispaniaStation. However, now I solely play CM.

Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?

Permabanned from Paradise. (Clarification: The ban it’s not actually a bid deal. I was a maintence drone and there was a metagroup of three secs acting like shitters against one botanist and the station in general without any RP justification. I shocked the door to avoid them entering hydrophonics, the botanist was just chilling there and seeing that really pissed me off. The admin who banned me also admited they were being shitty. However, I still got banned because I shocked the door on purpose while knowing that drones are not allowed to interact with the crew. I could really have appealed that ban and end in just a warn, although seeing that pusillanimous behaviour made me change to a server with more virility.)

Do you play using a Virtual Machine?


is your copy of Windows legitimate?


Reason for Ban:

Verbatim: “Made several remarks about jews to include “Don’t follow the expample of jews…” and “Are you with the jews?” combined with a German man… yikes. Feel free to explain yourself on the forums”

Links to previous appeals:


Your appeal:

As the modern days, this words are out of context. The ban was made several days after and I pressume the admin was reviewing the logs and found them contextless, so I can really understand why he thought I was referencing the Nazi Germany. But the context is other:

I was imprisioned for [don’t remember] and while waiting in the courtyard I had the best idea ever: changing my look in the mirror’s bathroom. My new style was quite similar to Christ (it was actually a random selection). At the time I exited the warden was heading to the bathroom. We stared at each other and told him: “Who am I?”. Then by divine intervention I got holy light coming out of my sprite. Another MP came and saw me before the light was removed. The second advent of Christ!? At this time of year, at this time of day, at this part of the universe, localized entirely within the USS Almayer!? I said yes.

Warden released me early and joined in my way to meet the CO/XO. We both were diagnosed as insane and taken to perma by the CMP. However, the other MP was doubtfull since he had seen the light. This is where the words take place. I told him to refuse being Pontius Pilate, to not follow the example of jews. Also told the CMP if he was with the jews and called him the antichrist. Nobody in the room was thinking in the Nazi Germany, but the Bible and Christ’s execution. An admin was viewing us also (I believe) and got no warn. That’s the context.

Additionally, the name, althought it’s homonymous to the german name Ludovicus (where Louis and Lewis come), it’s a compound latin word. Frater (brother, friend) + Ludo (having fun, playing) + vicus (street, quarter). Literally “A bro having fun in the (Almayer’s) street”. That’s how I like to play, just chilling and sometimes having hilarious situations like this. Heavy Role Play it’s not for me, since english it’s not my native language and you guys from time to time use really weird words (like “agape” or “ajar”).

Hi Sospe,

First let me give the full ban note:

“Banned for 10080 | Rule 3: Community Expectations | Made several remarks about Jews to include, “Dont follow the example of jews…” and “Are you with the jews?” combined with a German name… yikes. Feel free to explain yourself on the forums”

You’re absolutely right, I found these lines while searching the logs for inappropriate words/ dialogue that goes against our community standards. I didn’t place the ban against you on the premise that you were assuming the persona of a Nazi or even making references to Nazi Germany. The ban was placed because of the inappropriateness of the sentences. Discussing the biblical condemnation of a group of people is inappropriate for our community standards because of the way it promotes racism (or in this case antisemitism) and because of how it might make people of that community feel to hear you say those things.

With all of that said, your ban was the only ban of my log-diving day which I followed with “feel free to explain yourself on the forums” because I had a sense there was more to the story than I was able to ascertain from the logs at that time. I would not be opposed to your ban being lifted and letting this serve as a warning towards our Rule 3: Community Expectations.

Very simple. Dont say this kind of stuff, it has no place in this community.

Serve your time, come back.