Steelpoint - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - Steelpoint

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Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?

Alan Bentway, Synthetic Nicholas

Yautja Info:

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What clan are you joining?

Lith’ka - Custom Minor Clan

If minor: Give your clan lore.

A minor clan in the grand scheme of Yautja civilization. The Lith’ka clan can trace its lineage to prior to the great calamity that struck the homeworld. This clan placed a particular strong emphasis on the worship of the god S’ahul, with this practice surviving to the modern era amongst the clan. N’ithya also became another deity of strong worship amongst the clan following the calamity, primarily due to the clan having barely survived the calamity and having successfully bounced back and repopulated their numbers.

Lith’ka places a heavier emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge from all sources than most other clans. In the belief that all knowledge and the road to discovering it is the way to honor S’ahul. Per this the clan Lith’ka has a higher rate of worker caste Yautja being adopted into a warrior family than in most clans, as well as the clan being far more willing to invent worker caste Yautja to attend hunting expeditions to observe and maintain the gear in attendance. It is also not uncommon for warriors to be more educated in a wider array of knowledge fields than is expected of a warrior, including knowledge of non-Yautja species.

Per this, Lith’ka warriors sometimes face discrimination and are stereotyped into needing technology as a crutch for poor martial skill. To dissuade this perceived stereotype, the clan places a far greater effort to encourage their warriors to practice martial skills and melee combat, and to be more willing to show off melee skills on hunts, in a greater effort to dissuade such a stereotype.

The pride and joy of the Lith’ka clan is their mothership, the Narhl’Lar, roughly translated into human English as “Freedom and Vengeance”. The mothership is typical of most Yautja motherships, but it was amongst one of the first of its kind to be constructed during the initial exploration efforts of the Yautja, it has been maintained to a high standard ever since and remains the nomadic home of the clan.

Yautja Character Story:

“He Who Hesitates Is Lost”

I do not know how good my opinion is, but all the times I saw you in-game as Nicholas, you were a pretty good, chill player. Not being a WL holder, I can only say you’d do well as a Yautja too.

I liked the story shows a lot of effort put into it, along with being a returning predator player I’m sure you can be trusted with the tools. I’ll be interested into how you bring your clans lore into player interactions.


Steelpoint, the corpsman guy guide, it’s good to see you are applying.

I saw this some days ago but I forgot to leave my opinion.

To start, I got interested in your clan lore, normally I don’t pay attention to it in applications but this time I kinda liked it, it was original in my eyes, your story is really good I liked it, the only things I dislike is the moment where a camera could traslate the whole yautja conversation, although we got synths and now that I think about it they learn the language slowly.

overall your app is good, I know you’re a long term player and I seen you a lot.

I can vouch for this.


I have complete confidence Steelpoint would only be a boon to the pred whitelist.

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The Council has voted and determined that your application is to be accepted. You should expect Discord/in-game permissions to be added soon, and welcome to the whitelist!