Strains for xenos who don't have them

Give sentinel a strain that lets it build nests and weak walls/doors, but removing the regular neuro spit, so it can make front line nests, maybe give this strain a little armor too

Give warrior a raider strain focused on breaching defenses/damaging structures, and also while you’re at it make a strain that’s more of a stand up toe to toe fighter like a weaker praetorian, not the memey boxer but a soldier strain with good CC and high slash damage/armor pen, and make it stand upright bipedal to visually seperate it

give hivelord a strain that lets it weed protected turfs, maybe add some sort of downside to make it not ridiculous, and let it do something with water tiles maybe? call it terrainlord

is that all of the bugs without strains?

terrainlord is hilarious

Hivelord has a strain my guy. Its resin whisperer.

You get larger view range and are only abel to build structures a drone could. So normal resin structers and no acid pilar or reflective. You can also no longer place resin nodes on unweeded terrain.
But you can build anywhere that you can see and is weeded. Even resin nodes. A good resin whisperer working together with a normal hivelord is incredibly dangerous.
I seen whipserers win multipel chokes easily just because they can remotely build.
I highly encourage you to try it out.

But i do agree sentinel could use a strain. I personally would LOVE one where you are more insetivies to buddy up with another xeno. But thats just the support main talking out of me. Or just a strain that has more neuro toxin. Imagine a sentinal being abel to spit a singel target with the same neuro toxin boiler has. Just get one marine high as fuck. Hilarious.

I mean the queen does not have one

I had an idea about a Queen strain which brings back the “Queen Charge” ability.