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Discord Ban Appeal - svalkomtaree

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Sval Komtaree

Total Ban Duration

Permanent? I am assuming, it doesn’t state a duration in the DM.

Reason for Ban

“Casual bigotry isn’t a joke. You have a history of bigotry, and it’s clearly not going to change.”


(I don’t know how to paste pictures into here properly so I’ll just have to send in links sorry)

I don’t actually know what exactly I was banned for but a friend who is in the maincord said it might be related to a post I made a few days ago in #shitposting and it was the following video:

The ban note also states I have a history of bigotry which I find bizarre because that’s simply untrue. I have been temporarily banned under similar things before on 2 occasions but I would like to argue they are genuine misunderstandings and I feel like I can provide a reasonable explanation for both occasions. I also think the phrasing is unjustly harsh. This is not a pattern of behaviour I have repeated frequently as the phrasing might suggest, the previous 2 infractions were well over a year ago and I think I can provide an adequate explanation for both here in this appeal.

Occasion 1:

Silencer was going back through the game’s chatlogs, I think because there was lots of issues with people using slurs at the time? I’m not entirely certain as to why but never the less I was flagged for the following chatlog in-game:

For context at the time I was trying to play Grandad, my character, as a slightly out-of-touch old man. Y’know like your actual grandparent who might say something a bit controversial just because of the time they were raised in but after I was pulled by Silencer for this and punished I adjusted my behaviour accordingly because it’s not acceptable in the server and I’m fine with abiding by that ruling but I think my position on this matter is at least somewhat understandable and indicative of the fact that I just had a bad idea for my character and I meant no real offence. A private just asked me why don’t I wear a helmet and I gave a bad response trying to play my character and executed the gimmick poorly.

Occasion 2:

A discussion was going on in the maincord about the use of the word “gipsy” and if the word is offensive to use, I did not start the conversation, I did not make any negative or disparaging remarks about any people related to any groups of people either. I merely weighed in on the conversation and said that I, and half of my family, are Romani gipsies and “Travellers” Both groups are referred to as gipsies here in my country and I added to the conversation my family history and that I am not offended by the word, nor is my family and neither is anyone else I know belonging to either groups.

I did not say anything negative, I just gave my personal feelings on words that I have a history with. I understand that some people don’t like it but all I said was that I don’t find it offensive so I don’t understand why I was banned for this one but I decided not to dispute it at the time since it was only temporary. I’m fairly certain that even though I am not in the server you can still keyword search my posts for the word and find everything I said on the matter as proof.

In summary, I am not remotely bigoted in the slightest, my first infraction was just a misguided attempt at RPing a boomer and my second I feel is an unfairly issued ban. Both of them are from over a year ago and I have had no bans or incidents related to bigotry in that time since.

I understand through this ban that me posting that youtube video was wrong but it was not an attempt to promote anti-LGBTQ ideology, I just thought the video was ridiculous and not to be taken seriously so I posted it in what I thought was an appropriate channel #shitposting. I apologise for any offence caused and I won’t repeat the offence. If it is of any concern I’m happy to share details about my personal life to try to prove to the contrary that I am not bigoted nor was I trying to push any bigotry but I’m only willing to do that in private, not in a public forum.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you again in the maincord.


Howdy, this is the exact message I received telling me I was banned as well

It would’ve been helpful to know why exactly I was banned in the message but it’s pretty clear anyway.

Again, thank you for reading.


As per the ban message, casual bigotry isn’t a joke, and it isn’t welcome on our Discord.

Resolved - Denied

Added appeal:denied and removed appeal:waiting