Tallfission - Commanding Officer Application

Tallfission - Commanding Officer Application

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


What is your timezone in UTC?


Player Name You Use Most?

Keaton Howard

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:

Mentor Application - Tallfission - Mentor application, approved just recently

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?


If so, why?

One EORG ban (Though I think these aren’t counted?)

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?

Pretty familiar! I’ve got 75+ hours in Staff Officer, Executive Officer, Squad Leader and Chief Engineer with 30+ hours in every other head of a department (save for CMP, which I have 20~ hours in). I feel like I’m a little bit reluctant/timid when using OBs, but I know their general ranges and when it’s appropriate to use them.

Hours in XO:

134.8 Hours

Hours in SL:

144.7 Hours

Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?

Keaton had held a decent rank for more than a while, now, and he was happy with it. He had managed to climb his way from being a mere 2LT acting as the Chief Engineer aboard a small freighter, to an organizational and logistics position at the rank of Captain. He was content with this position. However, all was not well in the Neroid sector - it was undergoing a humanitarian crisis, basic resources such as water were in short supply and the economy wasn’t doing so hot, either. To make matters worse, one of the greatest logisticians that they had ever seen had been removed from her position abruptly, leaving the sector’s supply in disarray that was quickly beginning to cascade into something even worse. They had to do something, and it had to be done fast - there was just one problem. Every other officer qualified for the position saw how big of a problem this was to tackle, and they wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. Nobody would volunteer, and when people were told, they would simply pull favors, dance around the problem, or pull some other nonsense to get out. Eventually, command decided that enough was enough, and one day, they noticed a meager Captain aboard a cargo freighter - someone who was far overqualified for his position. Howard. He was approached by a colleague - an officer who he had worked with before on some difficult problems, and was told of a brand new position that was opening - he would be doing much the same as he was doing now, however, the man would receive a number of things. A promotion, and along with it, all the comforts, privileges, and assets that came with becoming a field officer in the USCM. He would receive his very own ship, with a crew of logistics specialists just like him to assist with his duties - or to dump his duties on entirely. It was a golden opportunity, a promotion basically being handed to him, and all he had to do was say the word.

They weren’t lying to him… merely retaining some information.

How did your character attain the position of CO?

Given his situation, there was a lot less work to do here than others would have to, considering command /wanted/ him in this position. Of course, mountains of paperwork were to be filled and meetings would happen, he would be scrutinized for every little thing, and his past would be dug up to find anything that might bring his position into question. However, he was able to make it through the trials with ease. He had a great track record, he had orchestrated some successful humanitarian operations, saving hundreds across the Neroid sector and boosting the image of the USCM in the eyes of the colonies greatly. He’d even participated in a few combat operations, though none left him in combat. The combination of these factors led to him finally receiving those fancy rank boards, and the assignment: ‘Help us un-fuck the nightmare that is Neroid.’

And so it was.

Provide a short story of your CO.

Most of the dialogue is towards the end!
Also a little corny.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?

In my opinion, it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner when both,
The prisoner is a critical asset to the operation, such as being the sole Intelligence officer, a Specialist, a Smartgunner, etc
The prisoner hasn’t committed a violent crime.
Depending on circumstance such as an EXTREME lack of personnel, it’s also viable to pardon a violent prisoner provided they immediately deploy and do their job.
Pardons from me are going to be given very sparsely and to people I trust not to be assholes after their release.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.

I would pardon a smartgunner who broke through the CIC glass to ask for a command headset, then resisted arrest non-violently while trying to escape to the Alamo, provided they’re apologetic about the whole experience.

I would pardon a specialist who stabbed an MP for looking at him funny, provided they’re apologetic about it, and the operation is going incredibly bad, to the point where there’s a 90% chance they’re not making it back either way.

I would not pardon one of two SOs if they were arrested for calling the CMP a dick. It’s not an awful lot of time and I can function without them.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?

The only time where I think it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield execution would be if the someone is an active threat to the operation, or is running a very real and large risk of becoming an active threat to the operation. For example, anybody actively attempting to undermine my authority and/or incite a mutiny.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.

Someone runs into briefing with an M2C and starts mowing down Bravo. Based, but also, need them. Provided the bloodthirsty marines haven’t already gunned them down, I’ll BE them.

An SO doesn’t like the way I run the operation and actively starts to heavily undermine my command by giving out false orders, stopping other staff officers from doing their job, and is slandering me over squad comms. If there’s nobody to arrest them, and I am unable to arrest them myself with my limited MP authority, and if after multiple warnings and /telling/ them I’m going to BE them if they keep this up they refuse to stop, then I will BE them.

Someone kills Jones, destroying the morale of the marines and cursing the ship. I’ll BE them.


+1 ive only had pleasant interactions with you
your updates as XO are good
you know how to rp
story could’ve used a bit more love but meh
hope to get BEd by you soon!!!


Keaton is a great XO and just a really cool dude to RP with. +1 private Rat gives this his blessing.

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Amazing guy, surv main here and I can say with confidence this guy knows how to RP and is generally a good guy and keeps a level head when playing. +1

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Amazing growth as a person, or is a very good actor.

Either way it’s a +1.

Good RP. Good Commanding. Can’t wait to find your Forecon CO corpse. *salute

The player has heavily improved over the years. They are good at roleplay and are a very chill person to interact with. I believe they’ll make a spectacular addition to the whitelist.



great roleplayer, knows how to keep a level head and get things done while still playing a character, something sorely lacking in CM today. +1

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Keaton is a great dude and outstanding member of the community. Amazing player. I can easily +1 this Ap.

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Easy +1. Keaton is a gentleman and last bastion of RP in CM. I’d like to see him in action as a CO.

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Keaton is the only doc i enjoy getting surg from amazing RP and is always chill to talk to, the command aspect is good always gives good callouts and has decent plans. +1

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Keaton is one of the best, always going above and beyond to roleplay, and Keaton is just a joy to be around. +1


I can’t add anything else. Dudes speed running getting accepted


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Congratulations in your application,

Having been part of the CIC teams you have been an XO in, and encountering Keaton Howard in many instances, I believe you should be given the chance to make this whitelist proud again. I’ve had encounters with your previous characters in CIC as well as in squad roles. One of the most memorable was also when we had to work together as survivors in Chance’s Claim.

In these moments I have been able to see integrity shown to take the right decision and to gamble my round’s enjoyment by counting on you as a team mate. Only for it to be followed by amazing RP skills when the fight is done.

Wish you good luck and a quick acceptance. +1


In the last year at least, but potentially further than that, this app has been the one I’ve been the most psyched for. Tallfission is a RPer par excellence, knows how to tell and conduct a story, and knows his way around commanding. I have nothing to offer other than my glowing endorsement; I look forward to seeing Major Howard in the CO’s chair.



Superb player which has clearly excelled in command and combat. They have well rounded experience and good character building. I have no qualms about welcoming them in as they would be a great addition as a Commanding Officer in the USS Almayer.



I’ve bumbled into them into the past - both as a Marine and as a Predator - and they’ve always been able to play their character in a very interesting manner. They’re a very good (and beliveable) roleplayer that knows their stuff: a perfect choice for the CO Whitelist.

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Absolutely goated, and has truly put in the effort when it comes to both creating a well defined character, playing that in game, and improving his standing in the community. Dude absolutely deserves this, and don’t have any problem throwing down a +1

Thank all of you for the +1s, this is, very surprising

I wasn’t expecting so much support, heh. Y’all are great. I hope that I can get onboard soon and throw in my contribution to the community and whitelist :slight_smile:


Absolute +1 for me, one of the good SLs in recent times. Unfortunate I haven’t had much time with you in CIC as my XO.

Aside from that, you are a pretty good leader in ground assaults and you communicate fairly well. Just don’t slip up and break a rule or bend the rulings on SOP/Battle Field Executions too much. Its a quick way to get a report on you.

The 3rd Company of the 1st Battalion of the 6th Brigade, the Spying Eye, watches you closely. Beware where you step and speak, We are always watching.


Normally i’d have some questions but I think you’ve proven yourself to be competent! (for now muahaha)

I’ll chime back here if anything else pops up for me to address.

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