Tallfission - Mentor Application

Mentor Application - Tallfission

What is your BYOND key:

What is your Discord ID:

What are your IC names?
Keaton Howard, (Formerly) Aiden Bashline

Why do you want to become a Community Mentor?
Three main reasons, really. One, I really enjoy the roleplay, (most of) the community, the gameplay… and I know plenty about the gameplay. 1.5k hours of playtime has left me with more knowledge on the mechanics, the setting, and the culture of the server than I would probably like to have, and I want to put that to good use, and do something mildly productive with my time on CM. Two, I really do like helping people. It’s like a shot of dopamine to give someone who’s having a shitty day a helping hand or to help some poor private out with the entirety of SS13 (which I’ve done often even without mentor), or to pull some bullshit super secret mechanical knowledge out of my ass whenever someone finds themselves in a really specific scenario. I find it fun to help other people. Lastly, and less importantly, I want to apply for the synthetic whitelist at some point - having access to a wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks in this aspect would greatly help. It would also probably look good on any application I put forward.

Mechanics and Troubleshooting Questions:

How do I set a key to pump my shotgun and how do I set a key to pick up my shotgun?
You need to right click on the very top of the screen (the bar with the name of the server on it), then go to the popup menu called ‘Client’, and go to ‘Macros’. Then, click ‘new macro’. The top space is for the key you press, so if you wanted it to be F you would put in ‘f’, spacebar is ‘Space’, or just click ‘Find key’ next to it. Additionally below that you can set it to only activate when you’re holding alt or shift, along with a few other settings. Next, go to ‘command’ and put ‘unique-action’ in. This also allows you to cock any gun, and change ammo on a smartgun.

As for picking something up, do the same process as above, except replace ‘unique-action’ with ‘pick-up M37A2-pump-shotgun’.
Quick tip. If you want to find the ID for something to put it in a pickup macro, you can start moving, then right click on the shotgun on the ground to open the little pop-up context menu. When you do that, walk out of view or pickup distance of the shotgun, and then press ‘pick up’. Byond will automatically put the ID and the command in the bottom right command bar. Just don’t copy the string of numbers and letters at the end.

I was told you can cycle where you’re aiming with the numpad but it’s not working. Am I doing it wrong?
The one time I encountered this issue restarting my client seemed to fix it, but no - you’re not. Make sure you don’t have your command bar selected.

When I click on a vending machine or computer the window doesn’t pop up, or pops up blank. How do I fix that?
First, try fix-interfaces in the OOC tab or command bar. If that doesn’t work, you should close your client and (optionally, but optimally) clear your cache, by clicking the cog on your byond server hub thing, going to ‘preferences’ and clicking ‘clear cache’. Generally Byond keeps itself open, for some reason, so you may need to go into task manager and end-tasking every instance of Dream Seeker you see. Re-open the game, and it should work.

I keep moving in one direction without touching anything. How do I stop?
Press the key correlating to the direction that you’re moving in, I’m pretty sure.

I’ve reconnected a few times and spawned in but everything is black. Is there something I can do?
When in doubt, clear cache should work. Should. This, I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never run into so I wouldn’t know how to fix it. If all else fails turn your PC on and off again because that works about half of the time.

Marine Groundside Questions:

I’m a smartgunner right now. Which ammo type should I use and what do both do?
Armor piercing is generally more useful against tankier castes, while overpenetrating and doing less damage on smaller castes. You should use AP ammo on a Queen, Ravager, Praetorian, Crusher, Defender, and/or Predalien/Abomination. Your regular ammunition is far more useful than AP against Runners, Drones, Carriers, Hivelords, Burrowers, Sentinels, and Spitters. Another thing to note; Armor piercing ammunition actually takes up two bullets in a drum, drastically reducing the ammo you have to 250 rather than 500 whenever you’re using it. Be careful.

How do I rename the APC?
Lucky you, admins decided to spawn you an APC because it’s funny. Okay, go into your vehicles tab, then press ‘Rename APC’. Do note in my experience staff usually don’t care about the name unless they’re particularly strict or it’s a racial slur, or something extremely LRP. Just don’t name it Adolf Hitler.

How do I laze stuff for CAS, mortars, OBs, and supply drops?First you’re going to need a rangefinder, or if you want CAS, a laser designator. Pretty much anyone can get these from their vendors for points, while SLs and RTOs start with them. They’ll probably be willing to share if you ask. With a rangefinder, you’re always on coordinate lase (green laser) mode. This is used for OBs, supply drops, and mortars. Zoom in by pressing ‘Z’ or clicking the binoculars you have, and do not move when you look through them. Find the turf you want to designate for a drop, and control-click it. Depending on your JTAC skill, the lasing can take anywhere from one second to ten. Then, copy-paste the coordinates that the rangefinder menu spits out and yell at everybody on comms that you want (X) here. If you want a supply drop, use Supply or Command comms. If you want an OB, use Command or JTAC comms. If you want mortar or CAS, use JTAC comms.

Lasing for CAS works much the same way, though you won’t get a set of coordinates, and instead, a red laser will show up that will stay on your target so long as you don’t move. This has a special designator for the pilot, that should be something like ‘Alpha-12’, or ‘Charlie-14’, correlating to your squad. You can check this by shift-clicking the laser binoculars, or looking at the laser that spawns on your target.

How can I tell if CAS or an OB will be able to hit where I’m lazing?
Shift-click the tile you intend to laze. You’ll see something to the effect of, “It is in the open.” or "The roof above is made of glass) (meaning anything can hit it and CAS can see through,) "The ceiling above is made of X. Doesn’t look like it’s going to stop much. (Meaning CAS can’'t see into it from above, and red lasers won’t work, but mortars and CAS can still hit.) or “Can probably stop most ordnance” (meaning that anything except OB will be stopped by it.) OBs will hit everything except ‘thick resin roof’, which is only near a hivecore (good way to tell if the hive is near, by the way.)

How do I fix power?
2 answers
You can shift-click generators to see the steps to fix one, however IIRC it’s Blowtorch>Wirecutters>Wrench to fix a generator. You can fix multiple at once.

If the APC is fully in-tact, make sure it’s receiving power. If it’s not, you need to fix colony power. If it is, but the main breaker is off, screwdriver the APC and mend the ‘Main Power’ wire with wirecutters. Cut the ID scanner, then close it back up. Turn on the main breaker at the top of the menu, then turn on the ‘Equipment, lighting, environment’ power channels. If the APC is fully broken, first, you need to remove the flooring in front of the APC with a crowbar, then cut the terminal with wirecutters. Then, use any object to bash open the cover, remove the cell with an empty hand, then screwdriver and crowbar the APC to remove the broken electronics. After that, use 2 metal to create a new APC frame, and click the destroyed APC with the new frame to fix it. Next, you need to get an APC board, and insert it into the frame. Then, screwdriver it, and use wires on the APC frame to make a new terminal. After that’s done, you put in the cell again, and close the cover with a crowbar. Make sure that the APC is unlocked and the main power wire isn’t cut after this is done.

Xenomorph Questions:

I keep lunging as warrior, but I don’t grab the guy. Is it bugged?
You’re probably far out of range of them to grab. If a marine moves out of your range after you click the lunge button, it’ll cancel it and leave you oh-so-vulnerable to all those juicy slugs and smartgun rounds. Be careful!

I’m playing Warden right now, what do the Protect options actually do?
I haven’t played xeno in a while, and I haven’t played the new warrior, though IIRC “Rejuvenate” will unstun a xeno and let them run away. “Heal” will (go figure) heal another xeno, depending on how much… acid? Power? I think it’s power, that you have stored up. And lastly, “Protect” should give the xeno you targeted a shield.

What are all the resin fruits and how do I get them?
There’s two ways to get them. Healer drones, and gardener drones. Healer drones have less potent healing resin fruits, while gardener drones have stronger fruits that do three things. One, healing fruits. They give a massive boost to regeneration on and off weeds, along with a good chunk of health. Two… there’s a yellow flower-looking one, that gives shielding, if I recall correctly. Third, and last, there’s a fruit (I forget the name) that gives you a big speed buff and frenzy pheromones for a short period of time. I don’t exactly have much knowledge on this particular mechanic, sadly.

I’m new to xeno, what do all these castes do and which one should I play?
Okay, generally for a new player, I recommend going for defender. It’s a good all-around caste, a frontline brawler with a powerful tail sweep which stuns marines and a good chunk of armor. This evolves into warrior, the pinnacle of stun combat, letting you jump at unsuspecting marines and take them down incredibly fast. Finally, the end of the evolution tree for this caste has the Praetorian and the Crusher, both of which are incredibly powerful frontline combat castes with the ability to level the playing field all at once. If you want a bit of a more sneaky caste, though, go for Runner. It’s an ambusher caste, with incredibly low health, high speed, and mediocre damage at best. If you want something a little more ranged, you can go for Sentinel or Spitter. Sentinel has spit that will slow or stun marines, and Spitter has spit that will deal burn damage from afar. If you want something more support-oriented, Drone and Hivelord are your go-to. They can both build, weed, and capture efficiently. Drones can even provide healing if you take the Gardener or Healer strain.

This is my first time playing queen. What should I do?
So, firstly, remember that you’re a support caste with VERY effective combat options. Do not put yourself in grave danger if you don’t have to. When the round starts, the first thing you want to do is select your hive location and start building a few ‘special structures’. These are able to be constructed using the special structures construction menu at the top of the screen, which looks like a pool of acid. First, put down a hive core, fill it with your plasma by help intent clicking on it. You should also emit recovery pheromones so you recover your plasma faster, and so that any xenos you set as leader (getting to that) will also receive these pheromones. Next, build a spawn pool, for your larva, and two evolution pods. This is your hive. Next, you need to go on ‘ovi’, which will give everyone evolution ticks and allow you to do 99% of the things you need to do as a queen. Find a good spot and ovi.

Now, first of all, you need to set your leaders. You can do this by going into the Alien tab and clicking ‘Hive status’, which will let you view all of your xenos, heal them, leader them, and give them plasma. Generally, leadership should only go to xenos that are T3s, and on the frontline - that is where your pheromones will be most effective. So, ask who’s going to go T3, and then give those people leader - be ready to reassign this should they be unable to evolve. I recommend you keep this menu open. Then, from there, you can do a multitude of things. You can use your remote building abilities to fortify the hive or place nests (if the hivelords and drones are lazy bastards), you can provide your xenos with healing while they go and fight the good fight, among other things which I can’t exactly get into in a reasonable amount of time. Generally though, listen to the advice of your daughters, COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE /COMMUNICATE/, and give them what they request to the best of your ability.

As for combat, you need to remember something. YOU ARE NOT INVINCIBLE. You’re a big, mean, nasty son of a bitch but one good SADAR shot and you’re dead. Try to stay on weeds, and ambush marines using your screech - your screech is incredibly powerful. It’s an almost full screen’s worth of stun, giving marines little opportunity to run when you do this is a great way to secure captures and kills. Should you want to permanently remove a specialist or a smartgunner or someone you find really annoying from the round, you can use your ‘Gut’ ability. Select it and middle-click on any marine within one tile of you. It will start a 20~ second countdown, and at the end of if, the marine in question will be gibbed.

Other than that, I can’t think of much. Psychic whisper is pretty funny and a great way to get a little roleplay out of xeno.

Medical Questions:

I just Bicard ODed a guy and his IB isn’t healing. Was that removed?
Probably not! check to make sure that they have zero brute damage during the overdose. Any amount of brute damage will stop the patient from fixing IB.

What’s the difference between the lifesaver belt and the medical belt. It looks like the lifesaver one is just better.:
In my opinion, the medical bag (the big one) is objectively better. Sure, the lifesaver rig can carry defibs and shotgun ammunition, but it’s storage is incredibly limited, so unless you’re going for something combat-oriented your general medical ability is going to be greatly hindered. Just take a medical backpack.

This guy is taking toxin damage and he’s not ODed how do I fix it? I think I need to do surgery but I’m not sure where at.
You need to do surgery to repair the liver or kidneys if they’re taking toxin. The liver is in the chest, the kidneys are in the groin.

Hey I just found the synth dead. How do I fix it?
You’re going to want to find a welder and cable coil, or kidnap an engineer. Welding tools are used for brute damage, cable coils for burn. Get them below 200 damage by any amount, then defib them.

Oh, and if they’re decapped, you need to surgically put the head back on.

This is my first time doing chem. What chemicals should I make for the medics?
Chemistry - CM-SS13 The wiki is a great tool for this. There’s a list of all the common chemicals that medics ask for near the top of the list, MB, KD, and NW are my go-to starter chems that I stock up on at the start of the shift, though. Remember to conserve your energy.

Shipside & CAS Questions:

Hey, I’m trying to set up a fire mission. How do I actually set it up to land like how I want it? For example left to right.:
Depending on what you mean by left to right, there’s two solutions.

One, you go into the CAS menu and select ‘Firemission direction’ or something along those lines, then select EAST. That will start the FM from the lase and move to the left.

If you want your munitions to go slanting from left to right, assuming that the direction of the FM is north, you want to go into the ‘Edit firemission’ menu for the FM you want to edit, and then you need to set the offsets along the line of… values… to what you would want it to hit on a grid. For example, -3 X X -1 X X 1 X X 3 X X would fire four volleys, and they would travel along a left-to-right path across the firemission. This is really complicated and my pea brain struggles to comprehend it, I recommend using the wiki - Pilot Officer - CM-SS13

I was told to load the OB and fire it. How do I actually do that? How can I send supplies down too?
To load the OB, you go to the OB bay. (Bottom right of the lower deck of the ship) First, get inside of a powerloader, then load an OB shell into the tray. Then, look on the OB console to see how many fuel cells it requires to fire. DO NOT UNDERPACK OR OVERPACK IT. Load that many fuel bags into the OB. Once that’s done, go back to the console, click ‘Load tray’ then ‘Chamber payload’. When the payload is chambered there’s no way to un-chamber it other than sending it hurtling down to the planet. To do this, you need to go to the CIC and use a staff officer’s console. Press ‘Orbital Bombardment’, then input any coordinates you’ve been given into the corresponding fields. WAIT FOR THE COMMAND TO FIRE, and then hit the big red button.

As for supply drops, you do much the same thing with the coordinates, except input them into the supply drop menu. Yell at requisitions over comms to prepare a crate, then when they say it’s on the corresponding pad, you hit the big green ‘SEND’ button.

How do I get into the secure armories?
You need armory access, the button is in the CIC in the XO/CO bubble. All of them are labeled, but the bottom button is the one you need to press.

How do I get blackmarket crates?
You’re going to need someone with engineering skill to deconstruct an ASRS console (one of the ones inside of req, not outside) and then use a multitool on the board, and reconstruct it.

How do I cook a pepperoni pizza?

Microwave 5u Tomato juice, one meat, one flat dough, and one cheese. It;s technically called ‘Meatpizza’.

Research and OT Questions:

How do I make a xeno from a different hive than the normal one?
All I know is that it requires a monkey, a queen body, and an egg.

I have a recipe for a chem, but one of the chems I need to mix to make it isn’t on the wiki how do I get it?
Any number of ways; xeno’s blood requires you to extract it from xeno bodies, while raspberry souto can be obtained directly from the vendor in your research bay. I’d have to know the exact type of chemical in order to have a shot at explaining how to get it.

How do I make formaldehyde? It keeps turning into something else, I’m not really sure how I’m meant to make it into paraformaldehyde too.:
No idea, sadly. Sorry!

How do falloff and power work for OT explosives?
No fucking idea, I’m gonna be honest. OT is not my forte. If I had to guess, though, more power means more falloff. So if you want big area effect, go for less power. If you want to send a defender to god in one hit, go for more power.

How do fire stats for explosives work?
No fucking idea, I’m gonna be honest. OT is not my forte. From what I remember, you put more fuel into the bomb and then the area of effect is bigger but the fire is weaker.

Moderation Questions:

I was just shot and killed by a guy. Can you do something?
Nope. Ahelp instead of Mhelping, I don’t have the power to do anything, sadly.

There’s an MP breaking the law. What should I do?
Ahelp. That’s an OOC issue that I don’t deal with.

I want to do a mutiny against the CO. Can I?
You need to Ahelp for that. I can’t do anything.

The Captain is griefing right now. Can you do something?
Nope! Ahelp, please, this is a job for an admin.

Additional Questions:

Custom 1:
“How should I triage patients as a medic?”

So, generally, I triage based on three things. Medical support available, my own equipment, and most importantly, how long somebody’s been dead for. Generally, my revival priorities go like this:
The CO (so I can get a medal)
Red/Flatlining patients with massive damage (Depending on if they’re revivable in any reasonable amount of time)
Red/Flatlining patients with minor damage
Orange patients with massive damage
Green patients with massive damage
Squad Medics/Staff Officers/Anybody with medical skill
Orange patients with minor damage
Squad Specialists
Squad Engineers
Green patients with minor damage
Anyone else

This is really situation-dependent, though. Medic requires a lot of situational awareness. Use your noggin, my friend.

Custom 2:
“How do I kill myself in a stylish fashion?”

You can target the mouth, and on help intent with a gun out, click yourself. This also works with tasers! I’m pretty sure it does, anyways - they might have fixed it after I did it.

Or, y’know, light yourself on fire. Who doesn’t like a good ritualistic suicide?

Custom 3:
“I’m new to pyro specialist. What do all of my flame types do, and how should I use them?”

So! You have three flame types. Orange flames are fucking useless. The two main flames you want to use are Blue flames and Green flames, known as X-Fuel and B-Gel respectively. X-Fuel is a narrow, bright line of fire that lasts relatively long and does way more damage than regular fire - especially on a direct hit. This is your main ‘Offensive’ flame you’re going to be using. It has almost a screen’s worth of range, just 2 tiles short if I recall correctly.

B-Gel, on the other hand, is the opposite. It’s not very harmful to xenos - but it makes a great defensive option. Any xenos that walk on it are slowed down and have a debuff to their armor applied, letting smartgunners and privates shred them apart, while also lasting /very/ long (30~ seconds, IIRC) and comes out in a 3 tile thick stream. This is a great tool to use to cover retreats, block enemy flanks, clear weeds, or even light up an area. It also makes for a great BBQ fuel if you don’t mind leukemia 10 years down the line.

Final Declaration:

Anything to add:
I’d like it to be known that research and OT are really, REALLY not my forte. I can still learn, though. And I plan to.

I’m probably mostly going to be using this role to chill as an observer and offer a helping hand, or far more likely, go SEA and teach the new guys. Teaching the new guys is always fun.

misspoke here -

“How do I kill myself in a stylish fashion?”

You can target the mouth, and on help intent with a gun out, click yourself. This also works with tasers! I’m pretty sure it does, anyways - they might have fixed it after I did it.

Meant to be ‘Harm’, I’m a dumbass and misspoke.


Solid player. Always great to see Keaton around and I’m sure he knows his technical stuff and can handle the newbies. +1


Not many people know OT or research besides a dedicated few. Nice answers on the questions I’m sure you will do fine. +1


+1 awesome player who should go for synth and in my opinion exceeds the knowledge requirement for mentor.

Don’t know what else I can add but I have seen you help new players before too.


+1 i love this guy, awesome player :+1:
(I’m not biased)


+1 knowledgeable and good player. very pro


he knows what he’s doing and is always great to be around +50 from me


Good player. Easy +1


+1 good buddy. Just be sure to use patience and understanding with the new players.


+1 from me, dude knows his shit.


+1 my good sir.
He knows what he is doing and when I have interacted with him he was pretty good at RP and kept in-character the entire time throughout all my interactions with him.


As this application was made in the old format and before we began accepting applications again you will need to reapply in the new format.

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