The Navy as a possible solution to over-tasking, lack of a head of auxiliary and more RP opportunities

The basic idea is that, the USCM force would be divided between the two branches (The Marines and The Navy), being the marines the actual combat force that would be doing the deployment operations and ground assaults, while The Navy would play as the backbone and the auxiliary part of the usual HvX deathmatch. That idea have came to mind after the continuous progress of Moonshanks on making possible the opportunity of controlling the Almayer (Altitude and others) and it would work like so:
There would be the Bridge, which would be controlled and operated by a Navy Commander, which would be the head of all auxiliary personnel (Aka The Navy Personnel) and his jurisdiction would be the ship and its native crew.
The CIC would remain exactly the same and would work only and sonely as their tittle suggests: As a Combat Information Center, being the workplace of the marine command staff and the main room where the operation would be coordinated, as usual.
The Marine Command staff wouldn’t have any jurisdiction along the Navy Personnel, but they would have full command on the entire marine combat personnel onboard the ship. The Navy Command Staff (Aka the Navy Commander) wouldn’t have any jurisdiction along the Marine Personnel, but they would have the full command of the entire shipside personnel onboard the ship.
But as per basic rule, both of the branches would support eachother depending on the current operation (If its a groundside operation, the Navy Commander and the ship’s crew would be required to support the marine force to complete their task, while if it was an onboard combat situation, the Navy Commander would take the lead, and not “lead” in the meaning that the Navy Commander and the Marine Commander will be above eachother, but each will be in “charge” depending on the situation.)
Example, if its a marine deployment mission, the Marine CO would be able to ask the Navy CO for some of the shipside crew to be deployed, and the Navy CO would be required to try on complying with the request, but still being able to refuse if there’ a lack of the personnel required or that same personnel is needed onboard.
As per logic, while the Marines have the combat force, the Sailors would have the Military Police at their disposal, and their duty of “protecting the ship’s from damage” would make much more sense if considered that, they are not working for the marines and basically existing to be a rock on their own path, but a ship’s security measurement that acted before and now needs to deal with those rowdy marines that destroy everything in their path.
The commanding duties would be greatly balanced, as now the heads of department would not answer to a person who needs to be focused 98% of the time on the current battle situation, but to a designated command head that would effectively be able to order and overwatch them, resulting in a boost of RP and solving the constant “appeal” problems or the “corporate” problems or the “construction problems” that the combat personnel is too occupied to care about.
I could keep writing all time along about the idea in general, but that’s the basic part of it. I would be happy to hear new ideas, if you think its a bad or good idea at all and everything else, but please, consider this as a prototype idea that can be changed according to what will be needed, would not be easy to adapt everything to the given proposal, but I do believe that would boost RP, give a varnish of logic and realism to the whole thing, would be task-balancing to command personnel and would fill both the gap of the so needed “Navigations Officer” and the “Head of Auxiliary Personnel”. Thank you for your reading.


Any sort of navy re-introduction is incredibly unlikely. Lore-wise USCM personnel don’t rely on any navy personnel in smaller vessels like this if I remember correctly.

Saying that, an auxiliary officer of some sort that is in charge of req/engi/auxiliary personnel is likely coming down the pipe.

Something I made to explain it (I’m not an artist) is attached. Names are not final. Just spitballing mostly.


…I do understand that the “lore-wise” aspect can be worked on, and I wish you luck on finding a rank between Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant and Captain. The Navy aspect would serve as a organization scheme to the auxiliary area, and would actually give a chance of a head of auxiliary to exist, and EVEN so, you are literally adding one more task for the CO to handle, which is to give orders to the auxiliary officer so he can give orders to everyone else, and along with the navigation shenanigans, you are going to simply over-work the actual command structure, which is already a natural headache to start with.

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If you actually look at the chart, presumably the Aux officer is 1LT, commanding PO/IO(2LT), eng/req chiefs(GySGT), therefore a new rank is not needed, and the navy aspect definitely is not, also there is zero reason to depart from the lore, and you put “lore-aspect” in quotes like you disagree with that.

That would lessen the command load as instead of the CO having to directly give orders to req/eng/IOs/POs they can delegate what they need done to the Aux officer who doesn’t have to directly worry about the operation and can focus on getting what is requested by command done.

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What about corpsmen? they don’t serve the marines they serve the navy but are loaned to the marines so would this navy commander also have the entire ground side forces medics?

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I don’t ever see this happening but I feel like it is more realistic that the ship side should be navy let look at modern day ships each navy ship have a squadron onboard that is commanded by the Navy the easiest way to look at it is the navy is and big dad of the marines the marines relay on the navy to secure the sea in modern day so the marines can do there thing. I will be making an image of how I think would be the best why to induced it back in but I don’t think it would ever happen

…The corpsmen are combat personnel, and they have zero relation with the medical personnel onboard the ship. What you are implying doesn’t make sense.

…If you actually look at the chart, you will notice that its implying that the CE and RO will become part of the enlisted and as so, a LOT of changes will need to be made (Lore and rule wise) to fit them that way, including a complete unnecessary overwatching of the PO/IO, which the only contact they have with a “overwatcher” is 100% directed to the CO. Of COURSE a new rank is needed, because to fit a new officer would be necessary a complete reconstruction of the entire rank chain.
The “lore-aspect” can be adapted and its not static as you imply, and of course, I do have the right to disagree on things that I don’t see fit, correct?
An officer to spread the orders around wouldn’t lessen the command load only by himself, that “auxiliary officer” doesn’t have any power apart from micromanagement, and any request from those he is overwatching would need to be directly brought up to the CO ears, which in fact would STILL need to deal with the same commanding shenanigans as before, the SOs are not similar because they are supposed to work in an independent manner, but if you are going to put a character which doesn’t have any power between the original worker and their boss, without actually giving that “auxiliary officer” nothing more than the “overwatching” business, then we ain’t getting anywhere.
Just a list of examples: The CE would still need to contact the CO for ship changes, the RO would still need to contact the CO for supply drops, the CMP would still need to contact the CO for appeals, the PO would still need to contact the CO for launching/evacuation times and every other unusual times for events and others, smaller personnel would still need to ask their heads of department or CO for deployment, and etc etc etc.

Simplistic solutions usually are poorly thought and usually carry with them a lot of headaches, and only adding a “Ship SO” is not going to cut it.

The main idea is that who directly works on groundside operations would automatically be part of the Marine corps, such as the PO and the IO, while anyone part of the ship’s infraestructure and which indirectly works in the operation would be part of the Navy. Two COs would actually share their power between all the personnel available, and would have enough authority to make decisions by themselves, maintaining a constant relation of friendship but also being able to act independently according to their own choosing.

“corpsman is an enlisted medical specialist of the United States Navy, who may also serve in a U.S. Marine Corps unit.” they are navy just because they are combat personnel doesn’t mean they are a marine. They are also called Navy corpsmen even in the marines and not Marine corpsmen

The name “corpsmen” is new and in the past they were all simply called “squad medics”. they never worked as navymen and will never will. You are just taking the name too seriously.

Im talking about the game (obviously), and not real life.

why do you think they renamed it from squad medic to corpsmen?

Everyone onboard is part of the marines at the moment, no one (apart from provost) is from the navy.

what about combat correspondent?

The player would be able to choose, just like they choose right now.

Well if you want to add the navy ranks in you would have to add LTC or lieutenant commander and commander and you would have to change the XOs rank to be commander and the COs rank to be captain up plus let alone the fact that you have to change the cos ranks to be admiral and stuff like that

No, Its not only “change ranks”, there would exist two COs, one of the marines and one of the navy. Both would have their respective ranks

That is starting to get confusing if you want to do it that way I would not even add the co rank for the navy part as what would be the point we almost never get a co sweat are the chances to get two. The Likelihood that we get more then two is vary low and the only way to see it get fixed would be to lower there standard for the co app which would never happen