The Uselessness of Autodocs

What is the point of them in their current state? The cryotubes do the same thing but faster ever since the autodoc was nerfed into the dirt, medic surgery, etc., was introduced.


The Autodocs might bear some usefulness if anyone could use it without training, but as it stands if you have the skills to use an autodoc, you can perform whatever task they can execute much faster than they can.


Yeah autodocs are in a bad place at the moment imo. I never see them used nowadays even with the massive damage from evac survivors because medics/docs/nurses can fix serious issues faster. I get the intent of making docs more important but removing most of the old functionality just negates the purpose. Body scanners, cryotanks, and sleepers shouldn’t supersede it in actual utility. Low-pop hours are lucky to have 2-3 docs. If a PVT could use it (presumably the machine is 2182 idiot-proofed) I wouldn’t bring this up. It’s fine they are (relatively) incredibly slow, but having usefulness removed should either have the asset removed or made freely accessible.


Its sad that it is truly useless. It cant even do facial reconstruction surgery and now all it does is take up space in the medbay. It need some love that is for sure because all i can say its use for is teaching new nurses that it exists then never touching it again.

I feel like if it worked the same as a normal doctor that anyone can use but was just so slow that getting an actual doc still is the better option and you can still die in the doc. It would be good for patients with minor organ damage and one broken bone compared to the unga whos body is absolutely wrecked since it would take so long.


Exactly where I want them.

I have been ignoring them, but recently I learned that they may not be too bad to refill blood in marines, you can just pop em in, and tell them they are free to leave once released. They also refill blood faster than IVs.


the death of the autodoc is the death of nurse mains…


last I checked eating is either on par or faster than IVs.

and @Morrow that’s not necessarily a satisfactory “solution”. why neuter them into obsolescence with no explanation save for one buried in github PR history?


It was part of his list of things to kill if I recall.


again, reasoning hasnt been presented. should nurses just be chem producers? should a slower than the second coming be trashed because “muh vision” when low pop hours send one of two docs groundside? what is the goal behind it? im just seeking some enlightenment here - “morrow wanted/likes it deader than a 20min marine corpse” isnt an answer, even when it comes from mentors, staff, sys-admins, etc.


Something along the lines of it being overly used by lazy doctors.

For your statement on the Nurses the things they can do is this:

  1. Prep incisions on surgeries.
  2. Prep Meds in the Chem Line
  3. Heal or Revive injured or dead players
  4. Sit around shipside doing… Something…

My opinion:

  • Autodocs could still do what they did before but they should take a long long time.
  • Autodocs are removed completely.
  • AutoAutoDoc: Fixes Brute and Burn damage. Replenish blood and splint any detected broken bones. All with only getting put inside, no tGUI. It reopens manually or when its finished.

It really is interesting how fast the sin wave of public opinion on certain things work.

sin wave

I much prefer the current state of things. Doctors have measurably become more competent in medbay. The only thing I’d be fine with is a buffed autodoc when there’s no doctors at lowpop but someone would have to code it.

Autodocs should be able to revive people, give blood, and maybe give peri to at least pause the damage of organs, especially at the ERT station. Anyone should be able to have the autodoc do these basic things. Just something, even if it’s the bare minimum, to keep someone alive.

I find it odd that “realism” or “lore accuracy” is often cited as a reason to change things, but if the autodocs were to be buffed to lore standards, then it’d be too powerful. The autodoc is literally a subpar stand-in for a real doctor, but if it needs a doctor in the first place, then why bother?

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@Morrow how about this as a idea, keep Autodocs the way they are the only difference is if say a marine limps into medbay with no doc/ medical staff in medbay you can hop into the autodoc yourself and if someone does not que up operations for you it will auto start doing what it can on the person inside after they have been in it for a minute( time subject to change i say) and its a bit slower this way too.

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Just make it a stasis deluxe option.

They should be how they used to be(able to do surgery for broken bones, damaged organs etc.) but they’d turn off when a doctor joins the round
This would prevent doctors from only using autodocs yet it would allow people to get surgery on lowpop when there’s no doctors.


Interesting, send us the spreadsheet.

What about where the community wants them? I have played plenty of low pop rounds where an AUTODOC would have kept a player in the game, where as without it, no doctors on the ship, and the marine sent up there for surgery, they slowly died and were unrecoverable.

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Except it’s not useless at all.

It’s a fantastic tool for triage, much like the cyro-tubes. Nobody uses them because it’s not a one-button fix-all.

Here’s the hard reality. Before it was changed, we used to have people straight up refuse Doctor treatment in favor of just being autodoc’d. We also had a bunch of people not even touching surgery because “Throwing them in the autodoc.” was the easy solution.

Frankly, we’re better off with how they are now.