TheeBiggest - Commanding Officer Application

TheeBiggest - Commanding Officer Application

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord ID?
The Biggest#4046

What is your timezone in UTC?

Player Name You Use Most?
Jane ‘JJ’ Jacobson

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:
Accepted TheeBiggest - Synthetic Application - Synthetic App, accepted

Denied TheeBiggest - Commanding Officer Application - CO apps, both denied

Accepted TheeBiggest - Moderator Application - Moderator app, accepted

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?

If so, why?

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?
I am quite confident to say I am very proficient when it comes to commanding CIC or my own squad. Within CIC, assuming I have staff officers helping out, I like to inform them to focus on their squads and not clog “comms” with useless information as its important to focus on your work area and give updates whether it be rescuing downed marines or doing supply drops. When it comes to the big boy seat, firstly the operation’s main asset to ensure success is communication, figuring out where Telecomm towers are, the best landing site to take from point A (the LZ) to point B (telecomms). Afterwards comes to adapting to whatever situation is happening that round and ensuring the plans you made achieve their goals. When it comes to being the Squad’s Leader, I like to utilize my squads differently then “this is FT1, this is FT2, no real difference lets go unga rush”. Fireteams 1-3 each have their specific roles and specific classes within. FT1, all riflemen, they should be charging the enemy with me. FT2, the back support of FT1, consisting of the Smartgunner, Specialist and now labelled STLs. Lastly FT3, medics and comtechs, should not at all be rushing with FT1, comtechs should make our fallback cadelines and medics should be what their job description is.

Hours in XO:
97.3 hours

Hours in SL:

Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?
Following the events after my character’s story. Jacobson would be placed as second in command of bigger USCM vessel compared to the USS Fathom she served on for two years. Everything Jacobson worked for wasn’t given on a silver platter, she had to earn it through trial and error. Eventually the now ranked Major was given the opportunity to take control of the USS Almayer on June 26th, 2177, almost exactly 10 years since the events of the USSCS Quality. Major Jacobson’s experience with shipside command and the leadership she showed to her fellow man made her one of the better candidates than the others High Command recommended. Jacobson accepted this offer and planned on using this status to teach the future generations of officers that were under her command that trained discipline and focus are key elements a leader should have.

How did your character attain the position of CO?
Humble beginnings start with Jane being offered a better university to study at on Earth compared to one of Mars’ top ranked colleges she was studying at. The condition was she would have to enlist in the USCM. This opportunity and experience she had with the marines inspired the young lady to pursue a career within the military, going into officer schooling and training at her University. Once completed, the UA government provided opportunities to Jacobson’s graduating year that they could start off as a 2nd Lieutenant but their service would require them to be in a USCM vessel for 8 years. Most turned down the offer, not wanting to be stuck in space but when opportunity presented itself, Jacobson took the offer. Her growing experience on the frontier, witnessing and creating battle plans, successful and failed missions, serving under various commanding officers allowed her to earn field promotions, eventually obtaining the rank of Major with the offer of commanding the USS Almayer soon after, an opportunity she would not turn down.

Provide a short story of your CO.
This story describes the events of the USSCS Quality and the growth of Jane Jacobson’s character.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?
One example I believe is appropriate to pardoning a prisoner is when the operation is in dire need of groundside assistance. Along the lines of support, medical, engineering, JTAC, I would look at that first then look at the marine’s specialization. If their expertise is within those areas, I would make a pardon for the benefit of the operation, not because of self interest. As long as their crime isn’t a capital law break, I should not see any problem going forwards.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.
E.g. When the operation groundside is lacking engineering support, 8 out of 11 combat technicians are dead, learning a Maintenance Technician is in brig. I would learn their crimes but the only Laws that I would find unforgiveable to pardon is Subterfuge, Manslaughter, and Cruelty towards animals. As long as those laws, in my opinion, aren’t breached, I would pardon this MT so they can deploy and ensure FOB’s defenses do not break.

E.g. I would not pardon a Prisoner if they broke doors or glass windows round start, the operation barely began and they were found guilty. They can request an appeal but not get a pardon for their behavior, chosen role or rank doesn’t matter, even if they’re a specialist.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?
I believe it’s appropriate to use Battlefield Executions on certain individuals who go out of their way to distract and mess with your person when groundside, delaying any possible orders your character is trying to make, being a threat to the operation overall. Another obvious example is when a crazed shooter is gunning down fellow marines, they need to be stopped and with no MPs in sight, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.
E.g. I would use my authority to Battlefield Execute if I were to witness proper escalation, proper escalation being the term staff use when two people fight each other. I’m within FOB, I see a marine harassing the deployed doctor about wanting surgery, going as far as shoving them to the ground, doctor pulls out their scalpel to stab their chest causing a fracture, marine pulls out their rifle and simply guns them down. I would execute that marine despite following in game rulings because in no real life scenario you would gun down the man who is going to help you but has to prioritize other patients first and they would have breached a capital military law.

E.g. I would not battlefield execute someone if they were to cause mischief shipside, going around cutting APCs so lights would shut off and such. As long as there’s Military Police actively chasing down the suspect, there’s no reason for me to go out of my way, possibly endangering the mission, just to shoot some guy for shutting off the lights. It becomes a major issue if they shut off the APC in CIC, if I were to catch them before the MPs then, it would call for a Battlefield execution because they’re disrupting a vital asset to the round’s operations.


+1 From me

Highly competent player that has both Synth and Pred WL.

They’ve shown that they both have the skills for proper RP and command.

Easy +1 from me. Good player and Roleplayer. Has the Synth and Pred. Get the Triple Crown.

+1 for me

Handled the operation pretty good, though they essentially blind fired an OB during a round and (Supposedly) killing several marines as they didn’t know where it would have landed. but all in all handled themselves with communication and the like.

Rickard was the one who called this in and he can confirm he called an overwatch telephone, talked to someone who wasn’t me, (a Staff Officer who was new to the role). Bro did not say a word to me about firing an OB and told Rickard it was HE, my screen shakes and I’m just going “what the fuck” to myself.

Didn’t impact the operation and Marines won, told the SO off to never do that again and get my acknowledgement for next time.

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Knows how to roleplay, trustworthy and competent. Fun to be around and knows their way around especially the role and the community that surrounds it.

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Can confirm, the SO told me it was HE and it turned out to be cluster :frowning:

fattest +1

Good at everything, always fun to RP with and outside of game is a chill person

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This app has been one I’ve been watching with interest for a while. You’re a solid player mechanic and RP wise, but I think your ego gets the best of you sometimes.

You’ve had issues with becoming frustrated with marines (it happens to all of us) but you get vocal or very upset about it, what if you had BEs when you were more upset. What are you doing to fix that?

Your reaction to criticism has been poor, no I’m not talking about that one time on WO where I called you a retard, I’m talking about all around from other people besides myself.

Is CO just be another infinity stone to you. Would you actually play it rather than just be a self-insert when it suits you.

Yeah, this is pretty harsh criticism, but I want you to enjoy CO and with how you act right now, I don’t think you would.

This isn’t a pre -1 paragraph just to see how you respond and then just -1. If your actions and answers prove my doubts wrong, then I’d be happy to drop a +1.

What are you doing to fix the above?

PS I’m not a councilor so you can ignore my questions without a problem. No pressure to respond to them.

Blockquote “You’ve had issues with becoming frustrated with marines (it happens to all of us) but you get vocal or very upset about it, what if you had BEs when you were more upset. What are you doing to fix that?”

I’m not really sure what scenarios you’re pointing out when I get “frustrated with marines”. If its just me ranting in dchat “oh these dummies aren’t pushing hellchoke A,” then yeah its pretty upsetting cause I cannot be right there, to act as a leader, and guide the marines to our objective. But if I end up permanently dead, then its whatever, my “fix” is what I have been doing and treat this as a game, I’ve always treated each round as something I can forget about later which is why I don’t really have a clue what you’re pointing out here.

Blockquote “Your reaction to criticism has been poor, no I’m not talking about that one time on WO where I called you a retard, I’m talking about all around from other people besides myself.”

Again I have no idea what you’re referring to, 6 months ago when all that drama went down with my previous CO app? If its just blatant hate then I’m not gonna care much about what that person says. If there’s actual criticism about my character then I’m gonna reflect on it. But as I type this I can’t think of anything recently that relates to this question.

Blockquote “Yeah, this is pretty harsh criticism, but I want you to enjoy CO and with how you act right now, I don’t think you would.”

How I act outside the game or how I roleplay as my character in the game? If I didn’t enjoy playing commanding roles I wouldn’t have +200 hours in leadership roles. I enjoy the leadership role and I’m hoping the end results of this application will allow me to experience more of what CM13 has to offer.

Blockquote “What are you doing to fix the above?”

I don’t know what there is to “fix” but my answer is just I’m gonna keep being myself. If you want to point out anything my DMs are open. I don’t know what issues you have seen because either they haven’t presented themselves or I just haven’t noticed. I don’t know if these are the answers you were hoping for but I genuinely do not know how to answer them because I’m not fully aware.

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I typed what I needed too and will be watching you. Up to you how to interpretate what I posted.

Before I say anything, I want to clarify that I am neither a whitelist holder nor a prominent community member.

However, following a round with them as our XO, I think I have a few things I would like to point out to those willing to listen:

It was a strong Marine round. Even if we did endure a loss, I could tell the loss was less of a ‘command didn’t do this, req didn’t do that’, and more so just the Xenos pulling ahead of our ground forces. As a deployed marine, I feel that Biggest made a real effort to keep marine forces cohesive and well informed.

I noticed a very delightful habit of each announcement including information regarding all fronts, rather than the main fight. (We had an offshoot sect of the hive pushing on our FOB flank, which is where I was located) Having those frequent updates about the FOB, the main Front, and the auxiliary conflicts allowed myself and those other marines to better manage where we placed ourselves.

While there was a loss, it was a hard earned one by the xenos, and I feel that as our XO Biggest performed very well.

Once again, I understand that this comment will be taken with a large grain of salt, but for what it’s worth, I think that the competency is there and I could see them performing well as a CO!

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Easy +1 after a Kut round as XO. Very comfortable in command or on the ground, always fun to be around and has no problem holding WLs already.

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Yeah, don’t got nothing to add we haven’t already talked about in DMs. Keep your nose clean and you will do just fine. +1 last time, +1 this time.

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Easy +1. They know the game. They know how to roleplay. They know how to lead and they already hold other whitelists.

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+1 Helped me a few times, knows the game better than me. A good person to chat with.

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Nearly forgot to do this.

I’m still worried CO is just another WL for you and not gonna matter much, but that’s not a reason to keep someone out

You’ve debunked all my other worries and I’ve seen you be more competent than most current COs.


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TheBiggest has come a very long way and they have garnered a good reputation for themselves despite sometimes playing abrasive characters :upside_down_face:

I think they are prepared to become a CO, and have shown the competence to do so. Welcome to the Almayer!


Community +1 here. Jane does occasionally play abrasive characters but has a solid reputation despite this(which I think should be noted as a positive thing showing their roleplaying skill). From the rounds I’ve been in where Jane was the XO, they’ve handled it more than competently for the role of CO. Can’t recall any ML situations I’ve seen with Jane but not hearing negative things in that realm is a positive.

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+1 now I WILL play as CLF to continue our mortal hostilities


(Do not post the pic of you interrupting my RP it is invalid)

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