Tsunamico - Commanding Officer Application

Commanding Officer Application - Tsunamico

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord ID?

What is your timezone in UTC?
UTC -3

Player Name You Use Most?
Mark ‘Legless’ Connor

Ban Appeals:
Moderator Application, DENIED - Denied Tsunamico - Moderator Application

Moderator Application, ACCEPTED - Accepted Tsunamico - Moderator Application

CO WL Application, WITHDRAWN - Withdrawn tsunamico - Commanding Officer Application

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?

If so, why?

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?
I’ve played for many rounds as XO and SL, even if the hours don’t appear like I have that much; Along with other instances where I have commanded as aCO. I’m very much confident with using the apparatus of command, Issuing orders, and making good use of my rights as a Commander.

Hours in XO:
46 hours

Hours in SL:
12.5 hours

Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?
Having been employed on USCM ships for years now, and finally sticking to the last ship he was embarked in for long quite long as the Captain, he felt absolutely confident in having this position, and thought it was time for him to finally have his hands on his own ship after chatting with Captains and Majors on a meeting and receiving appraisal. And so, he started giving his all, not only in operations, but on absolutely everything, most literally grinding as much as he could to show his skills.

How did your character attain the position of CO?
Through merit and good reputation with HC and officers of his rank too, along with good timing with the keel laying of the Atlantic on a South American shipyard’s greatest venture with a contract directly with the USCM. A good person in general -Even if he lacks the patience for the small things-, charismatic and with the determination and resourcefulness necessary to be a Commanding Officer in the Herculis branch, he was able to use a lot of his knowledge and interest to approach those around the administration of the construction of the Atlantic. And so, he set his little plan in motion, first, getting promoted to CO of a small ship that was without a CO for the following months, and then later assigned to the Atlantic while it was still in it’s space trials. Though, because of his bad relation with the Company, the Atlantic ended up getting delayed for some months, just enough time for him to be sent on some really tough tours of duty before he finally settled back on the Atlantic.

Provide a short story of your CO.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?
It feels appropriate to make use of pardons only in cases where the release of the prisoner is needed for the operation to succeed, and they are trustworthy people, in the sense of that person not causing further issues or going against the operation directly or indirectly. In contrast, there are cases where making use of it is absolutely unneeded and unwarranted even if right, and letting the timer run it’s full course, even if for something small, normally is the right choice.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.
In the rare occasions that I would use of a pardon, they’s have these reasons:

A.)In case of the low count of urgently needed personnel.

B.)In isolated cases of possible miscommunication, for example, between a department head and an MT getting vendors unanchored to drag groundside, getting brigged because of that. In this case if it is something too minor a pardon could be set out to get the MT right back to the roundstart rush.

And below, an example of where I would NOT use pardons:

-A friend of mine is playing MP, and was jailed for some lawful reason. They ask me really nicely to pardon them of their crime so that they can return to their duty, and that they have learned their lesson.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?
COs must carry out Battlefield Executions to maintain order in case of breakdown of the same. When there is danger directly to you or your peers, B.E.ing the marine that is causing it is warranted. Keeping the respect between you and the enlisted personnel is also needed, and those that harass you can not only receive the threat of a B.E., but on continued harassment, can receive a lawful B.E. . This applies to officers too, even if much rarer.

C.O.s mustn’t abuse this however. Every act of B.E. carries with itself a heavy weight and threats also. Order cannot be maintained with the authority of B.E.s if they lose their meaning through excess.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.
Situations where I would make use of the B.E.:

A) An active shooter enters the CIC, claiming to be CLF and shooting everyone inside.

B) A serial murderer freed himself from brig.

Situations where I would NOT make use of the B.E.:

A) Executing someone due to be executed while in custody and on green alert.

B) Out of spite in cases of DASO


Have you read the Code of Conduct?

Have you read the application process page?

Do you understand that any player - even donors or staff members - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our Server Rules or Roleplay Guidelines?

Do you understand you cannot advertise or promote this application on any platform, including Discord?*

Do you also understand that you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?*

Do you understand that you represent the CO whitelist and that while playing CO as any character, you must adhere to the CO Code of Conduct, Server Rules, and Roleplay Standards?*


As a follow-up to a Round we had cause I am curious, that round the Liason requested for you to not use the Orbital Bombardment cannon. For going against this, you were arrested (basically kidnapped) by Weyland-Yutani. I as CO allowed this cause 1. Corpo, and 2. I am not fighting several PMCs barely armed and with no backup. How would you have handled that situation if you were a CO instead of an XO? Refuse arrest? Go down fighting?

Your BE answer is a lil generic. Any Unique BEs to your character you’d list examples of? (its good to get them out now where they can be told if they’re valid or not rather than were you to have the WL and figure out it wasnt valid at that time as a word of advice. Same advice I can also give for Pardons.)

A good SL actually tends to be more important - to me at least - than XO as more often than not SL shows depth of understand involving groundside mechanics of positioning, commanding, consistency, self-regulation, and object permanence. Good SLs who stay alive and close out OPs ends up effervescent in my mind while XOs tends to bleed together outside of unique RP situations (like when i let W-Y kidnap you and you broke out and killed them all :)). Super recommend getting those hours up and making them shine.


Heya there! Thank you for coming here to give me some feedback!

Let’s cover this by parts so that it looks fancy

  • The delicate situation

Of course, going head to head with the company is an issue, and a major one. But the company also risked itself by just sending away a boarding party for a situation that could be more easily waved off because of the need to give more advantage to the Marines, as I had justified with the Liaison, which only cared for structures to be undamaged.
Can’t blame them fully too, sadly, for the liaison also lied about me to the company. Not so profitable for a liaison, but truly amazing roleplay!

That said, the Liaison did these crimes:

Sedition - CAPITAL - Execution Or Permanent confinement + Demotion
Prevarication - MAJOR - 20 Minutes
technically DASO - MINOR - 10 Minutes
Illegal Confinement - MAJOR - 20 Minutes

It’s already a closed case for the Liaison to be executed for their crimes, even if parts of this wouldn’t be fully known if a thing or another changed because of my position or whatnot.

Depending on what I had with me, my character would certainly rather go down fighting than be taken. Gunshots are easily a good thing to call backup over, but that is not too guaranteed.

By the powers invested in a CO, I would have the capacity to B.E. the Goons and the Liaison. Going willingly can end up being a crime of mine as Desertion too.
I’m not talking exactly about what I’d do to get out of this pickle for that’s too much description, and I see that you just want to see my intent.

So, I’d refuse to go, try to argue myself out of this, arguing how much more trouble for them it is to proceed with this. And then, if nothing can be done, the B.E. is authorized by the very example B.E.s on the C.O.-C.O.C. and by the many crimes of the liaison and the Aiding and Abetting of the goons.

This explanation ended up much longer than expected.

  • SLs vs XOs.

Tricky to respond to this at a first sight, but I have a formed opinion on this!
A TL;DR of this is that both are invaluable for the OP, but let me give a better run down of this! SLs, of COURSE, get a lot of shine because of their many heroics on the battlefield, and how they act as the best connection between groundside and shipside, so you need to listen to them all the time and also talk to them directly about orders. This does cause them to stand out a LOT, while XOs many times get a background role.

Now, for XOs! Having the most CIC staff you can is always good, for it means you can leave someone in charge while you do something else, or even need to take a quick break and handle things shipside. Their role, as being one of the second in command of the ship makes them stand out in roleplay a lot. This is how the CO and XO interact, different from CIC to SL. These moments make the game feel much better and make the game easier to manage while improving the informational awareness of the Marine side by having an extra senior head in there to think about how to act. So, where it lacks heroics, it has chivalry and drama.

So yeah, can’t blame you for remembering SLs more, as the game and its RP baseline can end up getting out one of those XOs which stand quietly, emotionless, and motionless on the map or in the bubble.

  • Extra B.E. example.

Unique B.E.s is something quite rare and that just needs good judgment from the one performing it, but imagining it? Pretty complicated.

Though, in this very response, I’m sure that I already came up with a good situation. The aiding and abetting punishment is the “Same punishment as the crime committed”, that is, by the one they’re aiding and abetting. This makes that if the CL is liable to get B.E.ed, the goons also are liable to be punished.
This might get overshadowed by the clause of protecting your own life in that situation, though in another situation where their crime is not trying to arrest anybody illegally, but instead, something that goes more quietly that still receives the punishment of death makes them all targets of the B.E., and if the need arises where they need to be terminated immediately, a B.E. must be used.

  • Closing note

Of course, I am working on getting my hours up whenever I can on the day to be sure that I am sharp and up to date on what is going on in this server.
And lastly, I want to say how interesting that round was, truly something that broke the normal cast of one! I liked your RPing, I liked you abandoning me to the Wey-Yu even if I felt angry in the round, I truly loved the whole of the intrigue! For it flashed out my character and his disliking for the company and its means.
Thank you once again for messaging and giving feedback on my app, and I’ll catch you in CIC if luck goes our way!
(Or against us, I dunno how you see it, heh!)


As best as I can tell, between this and your last app, you have played exactly one single round of SL in the last six months. Thats absolutely unacceptable to me, and only 6 hours of XO in that time is also an instant fail in my book. I know what a time commitment staff can be, and how hard it makes it to play command roles, but these numbers are nowhere even remotely close to adequate for a CO.

Go grind out some more time, and come back in a few months once you’ve got more experience and name recognition, but for now its gonna be a -1


Heya there!

Your worries on my capacity because of my lower playtimes is absolutely understandable, but I am truly now gearing back into playing the game and had no issues playing the two roles.
I’m confident in my abilities, even if they might not compare to some of those that are REALLY avid players of Command and Squad Leaders, and I still have some people, even after such a long time of not playing, recognizing my name in command, or just a violent coincidence with the same jokes from before.

Your -1 is justified, and I understand it. At the same time I assure you that if I get through this app, I’ll be my best to represent the Whitelist and bring out the best in the game. And if I sadly fail, I will keep on playing the game and I shall try once more.

Ah, and I hope the rest of the app was fine too, even if you think the time disqualifies it for you, do please donate me some feedback on the rest of it too!

Have a good one!

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Thanks for getting back so quick, and I’ll absolutely keep an eye out to see if I should change. What are your main playtimes so I can see how you do?

P.S. Will knock out something on the rest once I’m properly awake, first day of break had me sleeping


Heya again! Of course, I’ll get these times for you! Today I was quite tired and took me a bit to get the tiredness away. Though if I want something, I at least gotta work on it, aye? One should strive to respond quickly in these cases.
Along with that, I’m happy I deserve a second look!

Executive Officer - 49.8 hours
Staff Officer - 40.2 hours
Squad Rifleman - 28.4 hours
OT - 20.3 hours
MP - 15.7 hours
CT - 15.2 hours
Squad Leader - 14 hours
Corpsman - 13.4 hours
Liaison - 10.4 hours

-Left roles below this relevant. I’ll figure out how to send a picture though in another post.

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That was quick to find out. This forum is much better to send images! Here it is!



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Thanks again, and sorry for the lack of clarity, I meant what time of day do you normally play lol. Posting hours is always a good call though!


Ah! It is quite okay. I play during the afternoon my time, no really specific time. Sadly on the first half of my spare time there is normally no COs for me to partake in commanding and playing, and my spare time at later hours is frequently stopped, so it’s hard for me to time some playing.

I’m from UTC-3, hailing from away down south in the golden shores of Brazil. For comparison’s sake, it’s around 18:21 right now!

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Ahh, that explains why I ain’t seen you too much then (detestable PST here), still I’ll try to find a time where I can be around to see you in the near future, and I’ll have to trust the judgement of people more active than me in those hours beyond that.



I witnessed a round with Tsunamico as an XO, I’m assuming they late joined from the footage I have recorded but some concerns I have is them poorly leading FOB’s defense. I as well as others know that you cant win every time but the lack of callouts to weak points in key areas is vital to know, especially since I played as Synthetic and was asked to deploy to help Bravo with unaware deploying marines to know as well. To justify they may have been killed briefly by an onboard xenomorph.

The real concern is the lack of leadership when it came to Hijack, there were only 2 xenomorphs remaining at the end but the Marines lost. The commands they gave were confusing from “charge the enemy” to “retreat because lifeboats are leaving.” There were no announcements given specifying location of the crash area, no specific area to rally to fight the xenomorphs. Hell at one point the XO even asked “where are the bugs?”

The only reason I bother making a reply to this app is when the round ended, in OOC chat they simply stated “Bad round for XOing”. I can be corrected if you were roundstart XO but there’s literally no one to blame but yourself for “a bad XO round”. You joined knowing fully well this can be a simple or tedious round and how the round ends is based off what you could control and what you couldn’t. From what I saw you could have fully controlled the hijack section of the round but you were simply not a good leader when that time came. From poorly rallying Marines to evacuation happening. Hell right when crash happened, you stated “Marines we are staying” to “back to lifeboats!!” then if people stayed, which you did as well, “Charge because its our last stand!” There was too much back and forth which myself and most likely others ended up running around like headless chickens to figure out “where is the main battle, where are people fighting?”

-1 You need to have concrete orders and stop second guessing every action you do.



First time I’ve seen you in ages with me playing as XO, and you caught me on a round that I did not perform to the best I could give, sadly!
We were being bullied by a shipside xeno, I performed below average, and I had difficulty checking the number of Xenomorphs that actually managed to enter the ship.

And while I could say the marines were less organized than I’d like, making too much of a mess and not going too well with orders, along with the event that we had with a CLF body bursting shipside (event cuz it came out of ASRS suddenly), I won’t be shifting all the blame off of me.

Could have gone better. But oh well, that happens. I do tend to call out weak points whenever I see them, as you’d have seen in another round where CIC was better staffed and I had more time to go through each and every chatter in the radios to check everything, and go searching for more marines to see and cover try to cover weak points.

And yeah, when I fail to play well as XO, I had a bad round as XO, but when I play well enough, even if we lose in the end, I can say that I played well, just that I was outsmarted/outplayed.

And as a cherry on the top of that round along with my lower-than-normal commanding, I had issues gauging if it was enough of a threat to try just to evac without a fight, stay and fight, or hunt down the enemy.

  • TL;DR: Yep I could have gone better that round, and that along with other things in game made compounded for a Xeno win.

Still, it was one round that you saw from me playing and you had that conclusion… I’m sure I’ve shown good skill in other rounds. Everyone has a bad round, and it happens with some frequency, I’m just unlucky that this happened in the period that I’m being examined for this app.

One way or another, I’m still confident that I do well in CIC as XO. Even if not God tier yet.

Have a good afternoon!

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Sup, I’ve seen you in game and you’re not bad. I’m gonna do something I hate.

Ask a hypothetical question.

There’s no wrong answer, I just wanna see what you would do

You wake up, rounds just started, and some rifleman you’ve never seen is talking shit on alpha comms about your command. He’s trying to shit talk every wake-up announcement you make and just calls you a shitter. Balls yours, what do you do?



Sorry that I prompted something that you disliked, but since you did, let me give you an answer from my knowledge!

There is barely any need for a RFN to do that to their commanding officer most of the time, and I do have a feeling I wouldn’t cause that reaction on anybody.

Let’s talk about this first in game:

It’s a bit hard to RP something out when there is nothign causing it other than a player not being nice just to harass me. But as my character, I could end up playing with some sass and telling them to stop, and if it continues any longer, the MPs would be contacted, and I’d be charging the RFN with DASO.

Right but, there’s issues outside of the game too:

We have two rules that would be breached by acts of such kind, which would be Rules 2 and 3. (Intent can cause them to be breaching rule 4 too, but it’s quite a bit of a stretch if they only do that.)

Rule 2 is of roleplay, which they certainly wouldn’t have a reason to do that every damn time he woke up.

And for Rule 3, we have the famous “Don’t be a dick.” that’s written on the server rules. Harassment of this kind frequently falls under rule 3 for punishment.

IN CONCLUSION: I’d need to take actions in game to stop someone from dragging down morale, and Ahelp for aid by staff at this point.

I hope this satisfies your curiosity! Have a great evening!

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Hi there! I’m afraid that the Council has unfortunately not seen you play XO recently and they can’t really gauge your abilities if you’re not playing, to begin with. Do you think you’ll be able to play in the coming days? I’m afraid your application is in danger of being denied otherwise.

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Heya! Thanks for coming in!

I’ve played some time in the recent days, I just think I’m a bit ouf of sync!

That, along with some mid terms which I just had today, which does pull my attention away a bit…
(don’t tell anyone I tried to play XO yesterday too anyways, heh)

Now I’m free until the 29th! If any of you wish to play with me, please, do DM me and we’ll arrange a time to play! It’s always a pleasure to play XO with a good CO!

Have a great evening!

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Alright I played a few rounds with you, you got command down and are a solid player. Playtime is an issue cause rep is a big part of the game and most of the dudes haven’t seen you (I get it real life comes first and CM should be the lowest priority). You’re stepping up the playtime so more people will see you play. Good answers to the question, but I’d recommend you use that really neat CO role to influence the round and get people to like you. You have one of the most influential WL at your access if you get it. Different play styles but most IC issues can be solved without ahelps. Again you can chose how you want to handle it, and question answer was solid.


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I think you are solid and +1 the App. However, I would keep any punishment IC.Only resort to OOC and staff if it really crosses a line such as racism or something similar. People will respect you more for keeping it IC as much as humanly possible.

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Hey, thank you, both of you!

I will need to clarify why I even said something of searching OOC resolution.

Firstly, truly, I am staff and the rules are hardwired and get even more hardwired each day that passes

BUT what that truly means is not only that I know what’s okay and what’s not okay, but also where these rules should be applied or not for the sake of flow, need, gravity, et cetera et cetera.

It’ll of course depend on a lot of circumstances, I’ve just generalized it to the worst case scenario for that one, do not fret!

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