Video camera on the Press armor or helmet

Link it to the t.v’s around the ship and add a start stop button to start and stop streaming as well as a microphone for the audio sound being able to choose between only the Combat correspondent and everyone nearby. when he dies with it on it cuts to static but keeps audio


Be a cool starship troopers vibe.

I recall seeing TV or “media” terminals on the WY station.

Colony radios “broadcast” whats around them, i think your idea would be neat to have a few of those terminals on the ship in break areas. So folks groundside can “watch” the news and whatnot going on. Be cool immersion to walk past a terminal and “hear” the recordings.

I think this is a cool solid idea.


Great idea, now I can stare at the press instead of the life monitor!


A solid +1. This would be awesome. I don’t know how feasible it is to sendo the audio too though.


Love it. If there was a way to make it have a delay it would be even better IMO, that way CIC wouldnt use it as overwatch+

Also, perhaps instead of adding it to the ‘tv’ you could instead have one big screen in briefing that everyone could watch together, which would also prevent CIC staff from watching it.


Take the video recorder and somehow link it to the Tv.s around i guess im no Dev by any means

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you know… we have Overwatch and all the marine’s helmet cams… 1 more cam isn’t going to do much

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