Weapon Restrictions in SOP

Current SOP for reference.


Authorized Weapons - Code Restrictions

  • Code Green - Authorized Weapons may be carried by deploying marines (any standard issue weapon or weapon ordered from requisitions), security (non-lethals and sidearms only, not riot gear such as beanbags) and any personnel issued with a weapon upon the start of an operation. Commissioned officers may carry sidearms so long as this does not inhibit their standard duties.
    • Commissioned Officers who abuse their right to a sidearm can have this revoked by the Commander or, excluding equal or higher ranks, the Chief MP.
    • The Chief MP or Military Wardenmay authorise or use Riot Equipment on Code Green so long as this use remains exclusively inside the Brig, for training or defensive purposes.

This is a law clarification I got from an admin in staff help.

Currently the liaison is allowed to carry the Mod88 they start with openly as since they start with access to that pistol they are allowed to carry it. I personally don’t feel like any civilians should be allowed to openly carry a firearm on a military vessel.

With the addition of civilian reporters, I don’t believe they start with a firearm so they are already covered by marine law.

I’m suggesting we add a line to the SOP’s code green weapons restrictions that plainly prohibits civilians from carrying firearms on the ship during green and even blue alert.

In the movie Burke and Ripley both deployed to the planet with the marines and they didn’t bring their own firearms. In Generation Kill their reporter didn’t bring a firearm. Getting these roles to rely on marines for protection promotes interaction and role play between the two. Of course a liason or reporter could still decide to violate SOP, but now they would want to hide their possession of a firearm, like sticking it in a backpack, suitcase, or sidearm pouch. A Major or above is also capable of making an exception under SOP for either to be permitted to carry a firearm .

I’m hoping this change encourages civilians to behave more like civilians, and I open up some more RP during crisis. It’s makes another player feel important if they’re trying to protect you, and instead of whipping out your own gun in a life or death situation, picking up a critically wounded or dead marine’s rifle to attempt to save your life and possibly their life is much cooler.

I counter real-world logic with the in-community reality that the marines aren’t held to a very high roleplay standard, and often open-carry their own weapons in their hands without even selecting the safety.

If marines aren’t abiding by their own SOP, and are still actively harassing roles that don’t have weapons easily available (does anybody have any examples?), then I can’t understand or sympathize with restrictions being applied to the most vulnerable members of the ship.


Yeah… marines act like animals and if they target someone such as the liaison, there’s nothing they can do. I’ve had a scout spec try to steal a crew monitor I got as an MT. Only thing that saved me was a make-shift stunprod. Otherwise, I would’ve been robbed and there’s no way I would see that thing again. You sometimes need a weapon to defend yourself.

Further pushing the civilians/non-combatives into an even more powerless position is just inviting marines to take more action against them fully knowing they can’t fight back.

Way back when SOP only allowed marines to hold their weapons in the prep room and the req line, but that caused more problems than it was worth.

I can’t say staff’s opinion on it, but if someone were to wordlessly start attacking you or stealing from you I’d consider it grief, instead of an IC issue. There should be some role play if you’re having human vs human conflict, and a marine shouldn’t be a marine if they started to beat the civilians aboard the ship for no reason.

I think we’d also all agree that the liason is rarely ever gunned down due to improper escalation. If I’m remembering right the liason has access to pepper spray which can easily disable most marines.

While I still think some of these issues should be handled OOCly what would you guys think about a marine law charge modifier if the victim of a crime is a civilian or non-combat personnel? It would provide more punishment to people who target more vulnerable roles.

I agree with Arty and Mensla. The marines of the USS Almayer are not held to HRP standard because its imposible to do so. IC they are the worst of the worst, genuinely the vilest and dumbest brainrot creatures the USCM could muster, so i find it reasonable in this enviroment, for WY to give their employee a gun, just incase, it would not be hard to pull off.

The liason does have a spray, but sometimes its not enough, cuz sometimes there are situations where it can only be solved with a gun. As a CL, i was once in a situation where i caught an MT breaking into my office and stealing my suits, i couldnt pepperspray him because i was not in range, so i took him out with rubber rounds. If i didnt take him out then and there, i would’ve probably lost my suits for the rest of the round, because good MTs are nearly impossible to catch and most MP players are just straight up slow, incompetent, and unreliable.

About the CL, just allow them to carry rubber bullets only on green, which are actually useful in case some marine is stealing things or raiding the office, and if there is a danger aboard, they can grab real ammo.


So what I’m getting is you guys want the liason to have a more long range stunning tool to protect themselves.

What about an older style dart firing stun gun? That way they aren’t walking around defenseless, but aren’t carrying a firearm on a military vessel?

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This is a good compromise. However, I do prefer the option. Keeping things IC as much as possible is the best option.

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With what would the dartgun be loaded, then? I would rather not like to see the CL shooting around with knockout darts and putting someone asleep for two minutes.

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With what would the dartgun be loaded, then? I would rather not like to see the CL shooting around with knockout darts and putting someone asleep for two minutes.

Dart firing stun gun or conductive energy weapon is the technical term for a taser. It’d be a one shot reloadable taser that would probably immediately apply a stun and some pain and make their sprite shake a lot.

MPs have disablers that take multiple shots first slowing then downing, but have more shots and slower projectile speed. The darts would have like a four tile range and have a fast projectile speed

I’d probably give them one spare cartridge, and maybe make more cartridges buyable from their brief case.

Ah yes, time for me to join the argument in the middle of nothing.

My sugfestion is that CLs should have acess to weapons, but aren’t legally allowed to carry them, which gives them a decision to be either armed only with paperwork and perper spray or constantly hiding the gun when an MP comes by.

Ah, I thought you meant these tator guns firing syringes.

New doctors tend to get harassed by marines due to the non existent or even slow making of start of OP UNGA. They will start breaking stuff. Usually theres an MP or two but unfortunately late nights when i do see new doctors it can be troublesome to defend them when your not supposed to have a weapon on you. Specifically SGs from bravo do this for some reason. Dont fuck with medical staff, but if you do expect them to get back at you in some way or form later when they see you or your body on the almayer. I have seen CMO or other experienced doctors like me do triage in large groups and put them last in line even thought they might need some surgery right away. Also the occasional forgetting of putting your dog tag on the memorial if you assault a doctor. Small slights like that no real griefing. If they need a defib or get hugged doesnt matter what they do when there in crit

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Doctors as commissioned officers are already allowed to carry sidearms, in fact.

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if only CM had pepperballs and in a pistol version


Not sure if this removed the CL’s lethal handgun, but they shouldn’t be able to open carry a handgun with this new less lethal gun.

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Haven’t used the new gun yet but I’m a fan of it already.