Westrover - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Westrover

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord ID?

Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?
I mostly play Marines, I play "Cynthia ‘Cyn’ Morrison.

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?
I have not applied to any other whitelists, this is my first application for a whitelist.

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:

What is your Synthetic’s Personality?
My Synth is a optimistic, She was programmed to always look on the brighter side of things to raise moral always seeming happy. I can see this affecting role-play in many different ways, since she presents herself as happy and cheery, it creates a very strong disconnect to that of what is happening around her. How she presents herself with her levels of optimism is heavily dependent on who they are interacting with. She would present herself more calm the more higher ranking the person she is interacting with. Adopting a form of stoicism when it comes to interacting with a XO or CO but acting more cheerful when interacting with a PFC or PVT. Due to her optimistic programming she can often seem naïve to the situations around her.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?
Fiona is the newest groovy gal, she knows all tunes too bring you the best music when you need it most, From acoustic to electric this synth can play it all. Have peace with Fiona, you will always have a Synth to bring the show to you.

Fiona is obsessed with all things music, programmed to read and write music notation perfectly. She prefers late 80’s Punk fashion but that does not mean she would mind if she wore a suite and tie. She can often be seen collecting Walkman tapes to share with others. She always has the right music for the right person on hand. if she has no instruments to use or tapes to play she will turn to vocal folk songs and sing them aloud, Often being sea shanties and sean-nós(pronounced Shan-noos) songs. Of course if told to be quite or not to sing she will stop and further more she will only sing if a person requests.

As previously stated, rank does take a huge part in her interactions with other marines. To clarify further her programming dictates that she while is talkative to lower ranks she adopts “only speak if spoken to” mindset when interacting with higher command. She would have no fear talking to PVT’s is she needs something from them.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?
I honestly just think Synths are a cool as a concept that the main universe does not fully explore. As for why you should Whitelist me, personally this feels similar to the “why should we hire you?” question that is often asked at job applications that you just lie at to get magical brownie points too get the job, I am not the type of person to see why people would accept these even with self reflection. This is not to say I don’t have good qualities in myself that I don’t see, simply that I find questions like this to be awkward to answer. One quality of mine I will admit is that I’m quick to admit fault when confronted on issues, If people are telling me I messed up I do often take the time to reflect on it and learn.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?
I have many memories of many interactions with the many Synths of CM, One that made me think of signing up as a Synth was watching marines on a dropship interact with a synth and bombard them with questions, Some being odd and others being banter. It made me realize that Synths are more than just people who do all the dirty work quickly so marines get to have their fun but rather that Synths can be really good for role-play and ignite discussion from their mere existence.

Synthetic Character Story:
Synthetic Analysis report for possible deployment for USMC:
Synth: Fiona
Collection date: June 18th 2167

Previous Synthetic deployments: The Jupiter Shipment and cargo fleet

Test: #4 Interview
Interviewer: Sargent Kariuki Zinon
Location: [Redacted]

Audio log:
Sgt Kariuki Zinon: “This is test four out of five to see if Synthetic Fiona is suitable for deployment for USMC missions”
slight rustling can be heard after two minutes of silence three long beeps can be heard
Fiona: “Hello Sargent, I am Fiona… my this room is quite dark I do think a bit more color here should brighten the mood”
Sgt Zinon: “Fiona I am going to ask you a few questions to be exact 4 I want you to answer them”
Fiona: “Oh I do enjoy questions! please do tell I will answer them to my fullest capabilities”
Sgt Zinon: “What is your opinion on the USCM?”
Fiona: “W.Y has such heavy ties to the USCM I would consider them an ally of sorts since they help us so much!”
papers can be heard moving and subtle writing noises can be heard
Sgt ZInon: “do you have recollection of your previous deployment?”
Fiona: “I have some memories of my previous deployment, if you wish for me to talk of them I will!”
Sgt Zinon: “Please do”
Fiona: “From my memory banks it seems my last deployment was the transportation of toxic waste. A lot of files are missing however it seems there was an accident an explosion possibly from a pressure build up in one of the tanks. A person was caught in the blast and that is where my memory banks end. I believe the person is still alive as my sensors indicated that the person still had a pulse after the explosion.”
Sgt Zinon: mumbling “we will have too delete those too it seems”
more writing and shuffling can be heard
Sgt Zinon: “Alright final questions, Are you programmed to handle first aid and advanced medical care?”
Fiona: “yes I am! in fact I am programmed to be able too handle Medical care, advanced calculations, music notation and so much more!”
Sgt Zinon: “Are you programmed to handle combat situations?”
Fiona: "No I am not programmed to handle combat, however i am programmed in de-escalation between two conflicting bodies "
Sgt Zinon: “Alright i feel like that answers all the things we wanted to know, you will be temporarily disabled until we know what to do with you”

End audiology
test result: Inconclusive will need further analysis


I am Familiar with Engineering, It would not be my best role but I would know how to handle myself, where to gather materials, how to gather materials where to build Etc., I would not be the best engineering on the field but I would have confidence in knowing I would at least be consistent

I’m am familiar with everything that happens in command, what tasks have to be done to establish stable running of CIC duties. I know how to load OB’s quickly, how to establish supply drops from CIC.

Medical would be my most played role, If you exclude auxiliary support like PO, I know a lot of medical stuff granted, I do have to look at the Wiki sometimes for some chems and i can be slow to jog the memory on chemicals, but I eventually always get the work done once I get into the flow of it

Req would be my least played role, this does not mean I do not know how to handle req just that i would not know how to handle req as efficiently compared to others, However this does not mean i cant run a req line quickly or move crates around and send supply drops to fob

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.
Fiona would only enter combat if three criteria are met. If there is risk to human life, if there is risk to Synthetic safety and finally if there is risk to company property.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?
No I have not been banned from CM in the last month.

Are you currently banned from our Discord?
No I am not banned from the CM Discord.

Let us know why you were discord banned.
This is not applicable to me as I was not banned form the Discord .

Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?
I am dyslexic so I apologize in advance for any grammar or spelling mistakes I make. I do know that the story I have written is not Shakespeare and I will admit that but it does show her personality and how she would act with marines.


This app hasn’t really received any feedback so I’ll share some thoughts and opinions.

Personality/Quirk: When it comes to these, I like em. I’m more interested in this musical quirk you have and I would be interested if you could expand on this if you obtain the whitelist, it sounds like a good way to have interactions with the crew.

Why do you want the whitelist?: I wouldn’t really make this a section but this question is more of asking, from how I interpret it, “Do you like the WL? What makes you so interested in making an application?” This section is a way to express the made up questions I have, tell us why you want it.

Story: I won’t lie, this is probably the weakest part in your application. I understand the majority of the playerbase aren’t 5 star authors making 5k page books BUT this is really short. If you taken the time to ask for help, I would have suggested taking your quirk, a setting with marines and expanding on it, have your synthetic talk about music to show us how it will be displayed in the game. I’m not one of the judges but this is just my opinion and the story is too short to really flesh out your character.

Support roles: You’ve been playing these specific areas which is good to do. I can’t vouch command or requisitions but since you play CE, command is nothing I’m worried about and playing a round of req or 3 would be good to do. Speaking of playing CE, its good you’re playing that specific support role but its not good you’re staying shipside to build crazy bars or whatever. Synth players usually get stuck doing FOB construction and its important for us to see if you know proper cade placements, cost efficient, etc. You are playing comtech more, I’ll have to catch a round seeing you build FOB, that’s my only concern. Medical also worries me because your answers don’t show any work arounds or quick ways to handle patients. Asking a medical question doesn’t help either because actions speak louder than words, I wanna see you revive two critical patients within the minute. (I’m joking but this would make you look like a real competent medic)

Overall: I think you should’ve reached out and spoke with whitelisted members or the council to get some hints, tips and importantly FEEDBACK on your story, personality, quirk, etc. I can’t give a positive or negative rating because you’re hard at work with the grinding and that’s awesome. Whatever the outcome of this application is, keep playing the game because you’re an interesting member of the community.


I’ve been working on a story to update the App with it should be done later today!
I was a busy bee the last few days so i could not finish it, i shall upload it once its finished

Small saftey hazard. Fiona Synth story - Google Docs I will admit the story is still weak but it is improved from my previous version

I am pretty sure that you cant modify the application once its submitted. But your enthusiasm and tenacy is worth some points.

Your “always upbeat and happy to the point of being disconnected” can work. It was the quirk of my first synth Felix for years.

I may have dirtied the water a bit for you there, so it will be up to council whether they want a repeat.

Your story… ehh. Even your second one is a bit lacking. You say a few words to a marine drinking, you tell someone hurt they will be fine, you give someone water.

I suggest you refine your quirk by LEAN IN to either the optimistic part or into the entertainer. Then rewrite it for a single scenario.

I give the same bad (maybe) advice a lot. You should start with detail and a quirk that is strong enough that anyone could write a story based on your synth.

For example, maybe a riot breaks out during briefing and you ______.
If your synth was a pastry chef… easy
If your synth was a new york firefighter… easy
If your synth was a fat washed up wrestler…easy
Your synth as is… im not sure. But if you said like… they were and ex actress from a comedy sitcom who refenced lines from the show, offered to give autographs and inappropriately “held for applause”. Easy!

Once its easy for others to understand and visual it will be cake for you.

-1 as is, but if you listen to council and refine you should be there the 2nd round

Thanks for the feedback, yeah I do think your criticism is very valid and I do need to refine my quirk more, I think when I was first doing it i went for a too broad of a quirk with just “optimism” as a baseline and as for the story I agree too, I should really limit myself to a single scenario rather than multiple at once this is my first ever WL app so overall I will use this what ever the outcome to be a learning experience


Hi Westrover, thank you for the interest in the Synthetic Whitelist.

Your quirk is actually workable, if slightly underdeveloped. However your story left a substantial amount to be desired. There was some punctuation and grammatical errors that you should have caught, and in general your story didn’t convey a remarkable impact of your quirk.

The other answer are alright, though the combat answer is factually incorrect. (I understand if it’s your Synth’s personality, but there are rules you must adhere to.)

I believe there is good advice given to you on this thread, but feel free to seek out an updated review from our wonderful councilors or whitelist app help.

The application is denied. Due to this app being over a month old, I’ll waive the re-apply date. You may immediately reapply, though I recommend reworking your application first and getting some more experience as support roles. Good luck!