westrover - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - westrover

What is your BYOND key?


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Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Cynthia Morrison

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

Westrover - Synthetic Application - #13 Synth:denied
Westrover - Synthetic Application Synth:denied

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Grace is designed for Geological and Geographical surveys. Initially designed to help W-Y colonists and scientists, her priority was to handle crew on planets with harsh climates and stressful situations for long periods of time. The UA and USMC purchased a few models as they gave insight into Geological and Geographical data to better help Command staff prepare for operations and Marines to better understand the environments they will be deploying too., as well as being able to form bonds and strongly socialize with crew.

As Grace units are designed for long term operations, they appear friendly, curious and often give small words of advice, this advice can sometimes be redundant and obvious, but her main goal is to prevent accidents and further issues. Grace Unit’s main goal with their socialization is to elevate stress and make sure crew are able to do their job, as with the colonies she was designed to work with if someone was unable to work it could lead to deaths or worse.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Grace. Geology, Research, Analysis, Chemical Extraction units. Designed to better know where you are to know where you are heading.

Grace would treat marines and non-command staff as peers or Co-workers. She is not afraid to form bonds with staff, as strong bonds often lead to higher productivity, and was designed to work with colonists for long periods of time. Her main goal with Non-command staff is to make sure they are still able to do their jobs and be able to work proficiently. She would not be afraid to give small bits of advice to better help them or to consul, her main goal at the end of the day is to support the crew to keep them alive and happy.

Grace would treat Command staff as Site directors or bosses, she would treat them with great deals of respect, but there would be an underling tone of casualness. She would like non-command staff be not afraid to form bonds with her . Her main goal with non-command staff is to best inform them pre-deployment of the planet they are on if they are willing or able to listen. She would be an advisor figure, pointing out possible issues that may occur during the deployment from the Geography of the area, such as climate, speleology (the study of caves) and Geology.

There would be one outlier for both of these, however, that would be research staff. She would treat research staff as professors on top of their field. She would ask them questions about their research, trying to further her own understanding. Not only that, but she would ask questions about the chemicals they have, the hostile’s on the planet, and she would give her own analysis to research to better help them understand situations.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

I honestly love playing support roles in this game, it is the main gameplay loop I enjoy the most. Being able to do medical, engineering and req is very appealing to me. I am competent in most things I do. I enjoy Synthetics as a concept and been trying to find a way to work in my love of Geography and Geology into this game, and a Synth would fit perfectly into it.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

It is a pretty recent though sadly I forget the name of the synth, maybe if they see this story they can comment and just validate it. So it was on the test merge of NV bringing it back into rotation. It was my first time playing on the new map and it was interesting. I was playing Cynthia with the mule gimmick, which is bringing ammo and supplies to the front such as SG ammo Spec ammo, metal etc basically I’m the PFC that throws stuff at the front to supply it. Well, on this round, the front was on a standstill. So command had called an OB to open up the area. I and the synth who was with me both heard the OB callout and so moved back away from the front, we both didn’t realize, but we were walking directly INTO THE OB. So imagine the horror as we see “the sky erupts into flames” and we are both hit by the OB, luckily I don’t gib, but I do die. So the synth firearm carries me, and gets ambushed by like 5-6 xenos and has to fend them off. They kill a runner and drag my fat ass to the fob to get healed. It was funny as fuck for me, most likely stressful for the synth but overall really memorable interaction.

Synthetic Character Story:



highly, I know OT, how to build effective cades how to repair APC’s etc


Highly, I play SO and XO time to time, I know how to Load OB, Launch supply drops and understand ML


Highly, out of all roles in the game Medical I would have the most knowelge on


Highly, i know how to supply marines what they need when they need and how to balance a budget

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

A Synths Goal with combat is self-preservation and preservation of those who cannot defend themselves. They are to be prepared for the worst case scenarios, but not actively seek it.

How my synth would handle different hostile Human factions in the game is very case by case reliant, however she prefers diplomacy to violence and would seek that first if able however since hostile factions are not under ML, she would not be afraid to remove the threat using non-lethal first but if it’s too dangerous or the threat big enough would use lethal means.

My synth when handling Marines who are in heavy breach of ML, would use non-lethal means to protect the crew around them and then detain for MP’s to collect the marine, Unless the CO orders for the synth to arrest and be deputized then Grace would arrest as Synths cannot arrest a marine unless deputized.

Her priority is always keeping crew safe, So if there is a hugger or backliner trying to get at a marine who is not able to fight and is in crit, she would not be afraid to give a few hits in to secure that the Marine is safe. Same goes for her own self-preservation, she would flee but if unable would defend herself.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

No I have not been banned in the last month

Are you currently banned from our Discord?

No i am not

Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

Have a good day and drink water


I can +1 this application. Westover is a solid player and community member. Cyn has improved a lot since prior applications. I trust her skill in all the departments and ability to RP to an appropriate level. Do the Corps proud.

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A good job taking an unrefined quirk and honing it to the next level.

I would have probably talled about rocks way more in the story…but thats me .

Hope third time is the charm. +1

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Just as a small FYI, I am currently being fucked over by work

Due to a guy not showing up to work anymore.

Get this, I have 3 12-hour shifts and 3 days 10-hour shifts by the time I’m home all I want to do is sleep so if you noticed my playtime dropping suddenly, that is why

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I can confirm that this fella is a good guy, not sure if I’m allowed to plus one this, but if I can, I do

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Very solid peep. I can vouch for the groundside effectiveness especially as a medic even if our opinions differ on a specific topic (SHAKING!!), and at least until recently as they said they’ve also been playing regularly so I can vouch for the activity. I’d love to see more shipside game play though as that’s what I haven’t personally seen thus far except for researcher.

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Knows their stuff and is knowledgeable!! +1!!!

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Posing several scenarios for you.

1- You have a patient who sustained severe brute and burn damage, and has entered an arrest state. While you are still kitting, a nurse walks over and starts feeding your patient pills, and then injects an emergency injector. Your patient is still in arrest, but below 200 total damage, and has 59u overdoses in bicardine and kelotane. What do you do?

2- In a hurry, you swing by the medbay pharmacy fridge to see what’s made. You grab a pill bottle labeled D+. Once on the ground, you note they are 18.5u pills. What do you do?

3- You and one marine have survived the initial slaughter following a successful xeno flank on Trijent Dam. You are still considerable distance from your only known source of help at FOB. The marine has a broken chest but said nothing at first, and it is now becoming apparent as their health rapidly drops and they fall over. A warrior starts to come into view, coming after you. What do you do?

4- You are on LV acting near the rear of a frontline push that has been tug-of-war with significant movement between east cave entrances and hydroponics. Marines have advanced to the cave entrances again, and are sustaining casualties. A marine comes up to you and asks you to fix their fractures and organ damage, and complaining of dark vision. They have 70 brute damage, 22 oxygen damage, broken both hands and arms, broken left leg and foot, no medicine in their system. What do you do?

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I would give peri, dylo, Tricord. Rev explain that they are OD with 2 chems Bica and Kelo. These OD’s are not really that bad they are very managable. its pretty much 30u over OD limit thats really manageable, there would be organ damage but in my experience BIca and Kelo ods when combined ain’t that much of a issue. There is Chems like Fluorosurfactant that I would also give if I had it when treating OD’s it would mean I would have to redo chems before reving, but it completely removes the OD

I wouldn’t use the pills simple as, I can cope pretty decently without them, D+ just heals Oxygen damage quicker than normal Dex so losing it really is not much of a loss.

Firearm carry and run, My job is to protect the marine, not kill the warrior now if it lunges at me and tries to get the marine, It’s fair game I am making sure that PVT stays alive. I would hit the warrior and evad it the best I can, running back to safety.

this is by far the best question.

First things first, chems, always chem first I would give IA and Bica Now its 22 oxygen damage which hints at heart damage but if it upticks then I know it’s lungs then I would peril. I would splint all francs then bring them to a more safe area away from the front. I know that there are Medics, and they would be doing their job, So i would keep note of the front, but I would know for certain that revs won’t really be much of an issue. So i would fix the fracs now its a very much back and forth kinda situation but frac fixing does not take much time so i would bring back a good bit from the front but not enough that they would have to make a long walk back


Kinda here? Now it’s case by case pink area I would do surg it would be close to marines, that backlines won’t be much of an issue, but It’s far enough from the front that if it were to collapse i would have enough time to finish the surg. Basically, I would do the surg as far as i can from the front While also having marines nearby for general protection. Usually this is around the area Medics heal and rev at. But if it gets rough or the front starts collapsing, then i bring them further back

Hey Westrover welcome back.

I have to say I’m not very impressed with the amount of typos in your application - this is your third application and there shouldn’t be any simple mistakes. Grammatical errors are the easiest to fix(very avoidable) and only take a minute or two to make your application 99% spotless - which you have at minimum thirty days to look at. This is something I remarked on your first application so I am kind of disappointed to say the least :frowning:
Can you tell me why this is the case on your app?

Your experience answers are quite barren and again, I always remind applicants that you can never elaborate enough. I wish you spent more time on this because it doesn’t really tell us much.
Please provide a record of your playtimes.

The combat scenarios are nicely detailed but what you are missing is scenarios regarding Xenomorphs.
Please provide 2 scenarios where you might see Grace have to engage Xenomorphs.

Lastly, what is your timezone and when are you usually playing? It would help with observing your gameplay :slight_smile:

sorry I am heavily Dyslexic, and often miss stuff like that all the time, I really can’t help it there is fuck all I can do about that, I can use all the software all the fucking peer checks there I’m still going to be making mistakes I really can’t change that. And with that I can’t really express my experience through words, I can only really do it through action. I often teach players, if you check gameplay help in discord you can see my medical experience I have discussions about it all the time. Again, I struggle a lot with apps, mostly due to dyslexia and other issues. If you want to see my experience DM me ask me questions in discussions I can really show off my experience and ways of thinking general questions I really struggle at due to again my dyslexia, It’s shitty I know, but that’s the only way I can think that I can show off my experience the best comparing and contrasting thinking

I would only engage usually in self-preservation or protection of marines who can’t really protect themselves.

Lest’s say I’m a Synth Surv on Solaris, survs are held up in marshals. It’s a drone swarm, and they have just breached cades. From there, since it is Pre-Drop of marines, it means it’s delta alert. I can engage with the drones to secure that the sruvs have a chance to escape. From there once I see the survs have backed off. I would disengage and follow, securing my own safety.

Another would be, during hijack, marines are in their last hold against xenos at lifeboats themselves. And the cades got breached and xenos are flooding into the lifeboat. I would engage with the xenos as A. Its delta. B. if I don’t marines die and I die. I would kill any xeno to secure that the lifeboat is safe.

Those are if they are in delta alert.

2 scenarios I see myself engage if it’s outside of delta

Marines are by themselves a squad of 4, I am the only one with them. We both get cut off and the hive is right in front of us. There I would see it as a valid reason to engage with the Hive as there would be no other escape without it. As without my engagement, Both the marines and I die.

Another one is backliners have been harassing marines on LV. I am walking from hydro to caves and i notice an alone marine fighting lurkers. I would engage with the Xenos giving the Marine a chance to escape. If they are downed, I would firearm carry them and run to safety. Preferably behind cades If I can’t find anywhere safe I would bring them back to FOB.

IST Irish standard time. It’s UTC +0 same time as UK


Again, I cannot stress it enough. I am sorry that My previous answers were subpar, I cannot help it. Dyslexia really sucks when it comes to shit like this. Discussions about topics and ways of thinking is where I show off my experience best, not this kinda thing

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Ok! No worries about things out of your control, just try to do your best :slight_smile:

I found your combat answers to be good, and your playtimes do remark a high level of support role experience.

Some councilors will come with more questions, so I wish you the best of luck Westrover :slight_smile:


You have a diverse pool of roles you have played which is always a bonus, and I have historically seen your character quite frequently. I like the way you have formatted your story, and the fact that you have applied so many times demonstrates a tenacity that positively reflects on your character (IRL) and the likelihood you will abide by the whitelist’s regulations once/if accepted.

That said, I haven’t seen you around much lately (have you been gone for a bit?). I will be certain to keep an eye out for you both as a player and when I’m spectating to see how you roleplay with other players, and will update this response accordingly should your application still be pending.

I wish you the best of luck!

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Hai, So to clarify I am still being destroyed by work. Currently I work 58 hour work weeks which does not seem bad until you realize it’s 12 hour shifts that I do and the free time I do have is spent sleeping. I try my best to play but I literally can’t due to work. It’s such a mess. Plus with technical issues with my PC, personal issues outside of work on top of it. recent times have not went to my favour.

It should stabilize though, eventually it’s a mess right now

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Please explain your thoughts/theory on the 3 barricade set ups below and if you’d change anything. It’ll be great if you can use some type of drawing to illustrate your design ideas :slight_smile:

No idea who you are yet but I like your personality and it looks like you’ve taken to heart the criticism of your previous applications. As long as you’re competent at playing the game you have my +1

as a key

Blue = cade line
Red = destroy or move
Purple = foldable

The plan is to setup 5x5 boxes, I like compact designs that still have enough space to both shoot and move around. The limit is 5x5 due to boilers and such. The goal with the boxes is if one line is breached there is other back up cades so we don’t lose ground.

The main goal with cades for solaris. Is that since the area is so open to the south, Having it so there is always a way for someone to shoot at all times. I hate Rwalls, despise them even. Reason is i prioritze shooting. You can’t shoot past a wall. The more boxes you have the better, I tend to stick to 5x5 Modular cades that can be deployed anywhere. You have to to think in cubes when you are comtech. (if i could i would build hexagonal shapes since it its the most defendabable formation of cades in this game.)

The plan with this one, Is simple. We remove the cades to the north, Reason is its a waste. No one will be able to defend there so we pull it back to something more akin to this. I remove all the walls i can. I cannot stress how much Rwalls in reality are really bad. I would also pull lines back and reform them. so its keeping that 5x5 type design while also not allowing free cades to be destroyed. I see people cade that wall to the Forrest all the time, I think its dumb to do. rather first do cades around that wall first. So burrowers cant freely cap you and you are in a safer area. Also ignore the blue line to the north, that was meant to be red and for some reason when i saved it, it went blue.

I know schofield cades when i see them and oh boy, This fucker is the bane of modular cade engineers. You may have realized im not doing Visuals to change it. There is a good reason for that as This entire area would have a big red X on it. I would genuinly do a restart on these cades due to Its many issues. The fact that doors are not in the right places. There is cades with move cades in front of them blocking fire. There is cades that are not giving eough space. Just, take into account that i would do 5x5 boxes in this area putting doors one tile away from the corner, placing cades so they cant get corner slashed, and having big firing lines. Destroying Rwalls too

I always point to one fob that I did to showcase my thinking best

ignoring the Cades at dome and north at robotics Because I didnt do that. you get the design and theory of my cades. how i prioritize modular how space and 5x5 boxes are key. where i am putting foldabes,

You may notices to the south there is a random 2 plasteel foldable. now i seem stupid with it, but that plasteel that i do, I do it for a reason that reason is to stop breaches. Now yes you cant shoot over the cade. But thats not the point. The point is that its heavily defendable and is the “oh fuck” cade you put up once breached. The goal of isnt to allow marines to kill xenos its to allow marines to have time to be safe. There is an Area to the west that can be corner slashed, I have updated the design so that is less of an issue,

I made a little post about Cynthia Morrison general lore, if it helps you better understand that when I have a character I enjoy making them actually a character

Hi Westrover, thank you for your application in the Synthetic Whitelist.

Here’s some feedback for your application:

  • The personality is good, your story is decent.
  • Your experience answers are lacking, you can always elaborate more and I think you should.
  • Your combat scenarios are decent.
  • The answers to questions are mostly good too!

I’m gonna be honest, you are almost ready for the Synthetic Whitelist but there is just a little more that we would like to see. I do expect that on your next application you will be a Synthetic. :slight_smile:

I think these are points you can work on:

  • If able, try to refine parts of grammar in general and in your story/app.
  • Elaborate on your experience answers.
  • Keep a immersive and HRP character when RPing, especially as a higher rank. Try to not make any LRP actions.
  • Be active ingame in relevant roles, especially while your app is up! This will help council vet you.

I understand there were special circumstances but due to some recent changes we must be able to have council see and confirm that all applicants are prepared in the support roles - especially doctor. As said earlier, your application is decent and you are very close to acceptance. This was a tough decision for us but we must keep things consistent and fair for every applicant.

This is unfortunately denied but I highly encourage you to reapply when available for observation :slight_smile: . You can reapply in 20 days (8/27/23) due to time dilation in voting. Best of luck!!