Westrover - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Westrover

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Cynthia Morrison

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

westrover - Synthetic Application - #15 by QuickLoad synth:denied
Westrover - Synthetic Application synth:denied
https://forum.cm-ss13.com/t/westrover-synthetic-application/1209: synth:denied

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Grace is designed for Geological and Geographical surveys. Initially designed to help W-Y colonists and scientists, her priority was to handle crew on planets with harsh climates and stressful situations for long periods of time. The UA and USMC purchased a few models as they gave insight into Geological and Geographical data to better help Command staff prepare for operations and Marines to better understand the environments they will be deploying too., as well as being able to form bonds and strongly socialize with crew.

As Grace units are designed for long term operations, they appear friendly, curious and often give small words of advice, this advice can sometimes be redundant and obvious, but her main goal is to prevent accidents and further issues. Grace Unit’s main goal with their socialization is to elevate stress and make sure crew are able to do their job, as with the colonies she was designed to work with if someone was unable to work it could lead to deaths or worse.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Grace. Geology, Research, Analysis, Chemical Extraction units. Designed to better know where you are to know where you are heading.

Grace would treat marines and non-command staff as peers or Co-workers. She is not afraid to form bonds with staff, as strong bonds often lead to higher productivity, and was designed to work with colonists for long periods of time. Her main goal with Non-command staff is to make sure they are still able to do their jobs and be able to work proficiently. She would not be afraid to give small bits of advice to better help them or to consul, her main goal at the end of the day is to support the crew to keep them alive and happy.

Grace would treat Command staff as Site directors or bosses, she would treat them with great deals of respect, but there would be an underling tone of casualness. She would like non-command staff be not afraid to form bonds with her . Her main goal with non-command staff is to best inform them pre-deployment of the planet they are on if they are willing or able to listen. She would be an advisor figure, pointing out possible issues that may occur during the deployment from the Geography of the area, such as climate, speleology (the study of caves) and Geology.

There would be one outlier for both of these, however, that would be research staff. She would treat research staff as professors on top of their field. She would ask them questions about their research, trying to further her own understanding. Not only that, but she would ask questions about the chemicals they have, the hostile’s on the planet, and she would give her own analysis to research to better help them understand situations.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

I’ve Applied to this app, four times now. Most have been denied regarding either the qualify of the app itself or my RP. I have sought to rectify this the best I can, Obviously I am still my Goofy self. I still do, act and say things that often holds a goofy/memey nature ICly because while I adore all the mechanics of this game. the RP and Community being the main appeal to me. I want to have my own personal fun, this does not mean I cannot show restraint I fully can. I just have my own fun in a goofy game, when I’m playing goofy characters. Grace wont be this.

I have a staggeringly high knowledge of this game, My main Focus would be support roles specifically medical and engineering. While I will admit. My cades are unorthodox. They hold and they hold damn good. Real damn good. I get marines up before they hit the ground, I am a helldiver. Out and out. The knowledge, game-awareness and movement required to be a helldiver. Would be perfect for Synth. while Synths themselves cannot helldive. The skills I’ve learned from it would work amazingly on Synth.

My relationship to the community, I see as mostly positive. there are people who find me annoying at points but I wouldn’t say I am hated or disliked in the community. People Know me and people know what I do and rely on me because of it. I’ve made friendships in this small little community that i enjoy heavily, I have tried my best to stay out of drama where I can. I am recognized, for better and for worse.

My relationship with Synths. Most synths I try and have fun with, make fun of them, give weird obscure orders but its out of a place of endearment. While I’ve only really befriended two WL holders. I try my best to interact with ye when I can but when we both are playing roles that require so much focus, it gets hard generally though if we both are too ourselves with no duties I do try and strike up a convo even if it is small talk.

Finally, I care for my characters. I see them as personas. Extensions of my personality, Exaugurated. I wrote stores for any Character I make because I enjoy writing them. While I will admit. I am no Shakespeare. I write stories comparable to a shitty self insert fanfiction written by a 13 yr old homestuck fan on Wattpad. I do care for them deeply.

TL;DR: I should be a synth because, I hold potential and am willing to make the WL proud.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

I think my favorited interaction ever, Was with Malcom. it was On Trijernt. The hive was squashed and it was a bug hunt. My dumbass likes to explore alone. I come a across Malcom and we talk for a bit. He brings up that he has a crew monitor and that he can track me if need be. I of course, didn’t really think much of this. Not even five seconds after us ending the convo I get capped. I yell it out on comms and the general area of the straggling Xenos who are fumbling to make a new hive. The Xenos. bounce me back and forth between tunnels. nesting me. The marines, of course Follow Malcom who is tracking my ass. I am in hive fighting for my life. I brought a fuck ton of throwing knives for some… reason and just kept throwing them at Xenos, trying my hardest to escape. I finally get nested. I am late stage… Xenos run out of hive. I am at first unsure of what exactly is happening. until i realize, The Xenos. They caught on that I was being tracked and abandoned me. Malcom comes clawing his way through weeds into the small little area I was in to rescue me. He gets me. I have about give or take with stasis 3 mins left on the clock. They drag my sorry ass to Fob, to the dropship, to the ship itself. and, manages to get the larva out before I become another name in the memorial.

Synthetic Character Story:

Graces Grace.

used for my previous app, However I am still proud of it so I will use it again.

Internal Diagnostic Report.

This is more for For flare, rather than much else. Just shows what I would imagine goes on in a synths Head, not the main focus or story however still just fun to think about.



I know my stuff with engineering. My cades hold and they hold firm. My soul is a fobbit. It was the squad I started out in, I have strong cade theory. Intense hatred of Rwalls and know how to fix Comms while not looking like a dumbass.


I lead operations with a might like no other. I know how to rain hell down with OB’s, give hope with supply drops and send marines to their death via Auto-PO. I know how to sing glorious songs of war through announcements, Both shipside and everywhere. My biggest weakness with Command however, the marines under my command seem to think themselves as cannon fodder, dying when i didn’t give them the order too. Marine Law is my bible.


I know how to save the marines whom i didn’t give permission to die. Mass casualties are no issue to me, Chemicals and research I have fully memorized. I know how to to treat OD’s. How to position so I can both quickly flee and save a life at the same time. Surgeries and tools i have memorized. Both crude and hobo methods as well.


While my weakest Role in support. I would know how to make sure the Jar Heads groundside get what they want, and the Unga’s shipside don’t bitch on comms about how slow the Req line is.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

A synth is a Program. It cannot break its programming no matter what the condition is.

It is Marine over Machine, A synth must preserve it’s crew and itself as without its preservation it cannot serve the crew.

Examples are.

I am the colony synth for Solaris Ridge. The Survs have held up at marshals. Cades are weak and are falling. Under Delta Alert and my hands are untied for self defense. I would try my best to secure that the survivors have time to escape. My priority would be them less so on what I am fighting. I would bounce in and out. Hitting when I can. Once i buy enough time, I would flee myself, only engaging with Xenos again if they chase me and I am forced to engage again.

The marines have deployed to LV. The beaches are baron. Brave, or some would say foolish Marine makes way to containers where the front is, Alone. With their trusty M37. backliners are all over. Lurkers and Runners hide in the shadows to find easy prey. This marine sadly, was not lucky and they choose them. I the synth am walking to containers as well and notice that he is being harassed. When a Lurker pounces on him. Synths are programed to prevent danger and remove it. The only way to remove the Lurker from this marine is to bash the xenos skull in till it backs off the marine. From there I would fire-arm carry him, bring him to safety. The priority is the Marine, not the xeno.

If a Marine is in breach of M.L and I am not deputized but is a major threat to myself and other crew members, I would use non-lethal means to disarm the situation and then communicate with the MP’s about the situation if need be.

Finally, I would treat other factions in the universe similar to xenos. I would not activistly seek out combat with them unless they are a threat to myself or the crew around me. Using lethal means where need be as the factions do not fall under M.L.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

No, I have not been banned.

Are you currently banned from our Discord?

No I am not banned.

Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

I am sorry for the Reuse of the story of my previous app and other things that I copy and pasted with this one. it most likely will doc me a few “Good synth” points and will result in more harsh criticism. however I am just tired of doing redraft after redraft of stories and never being happy with them. Of course goes for other parts of this app I moved over from my previous one.

Finally, For Grammar and spelling issues. I am severely dyslexic. most councilors already know this. However I am clarifying further.
I know my Playstyles can seem “strange” and non serious, but there is reasons as to why I go the loadouts I do. If you are ever curious as to why I am going something, Ask away, Some of it is because of lore.

CYNTHIA MORRISON LORE DUMP < Cynthia’s lore dump. Dropping it here so I can show that I enjoy developing characters.


Westrover is one of the most talented support players out there, and it constantly surprises me with deep conversations in DMs about technical cade development, pushing the limits of support-based loadouts in ways that I - a lifelong support player confident in her methods and experimentation - am constantly surprised by, and going above on beyond to seek guidance and to pass it down to players who need guidance themselves.

Cynthia Morrison has aided my medics in keeping hive stampede and bad OB victims who had no right to survive the round in the fight, they have seen FOBs untouched by God’s light and not left them until they were rearranged into fortresses, and they have kept myself and my squad alive as the little voice in our ears watching from the CIC. All of this with a level of attention and dedication that I have rarely seen in the rest of the playerbase and frankly: most synths.

I’ve never been certain if only people on the whitelist or council are supposed to ask questions, but I’ve got none: I have absolute confidence that the sooner Grace is on the Almayer, the sooner that she will not only prove herself as a valuable member of the USCM, but the sooner that Westrover’s bold and exciting strategies can be tuned and benefit the whole of the support playerbase. I mean it, they are a rare talent that should be supported and watched, and most could learn a lot about roles they feel confident in from a round or two in their shadow.


I forgot to drop time zone and hours(i know hours are not needed and don’t add much other than a “I play”, but they show experience)

IST(irish standard time UTC +00:00)



Don’t normally like to vote on non CO-applications, but for this one I gotta hop in. Cynthia is one of my favorite people to see as a medic both for an rp-er, and for sheer gameskill. I first starting noticing her as a competent support player in this spring, and while I was gone for a good deal of time, from what I have seen since she is just as competent if not more so since she was then. While she may not have the same time in game as some other players, there is no doubt in my mind they have what it takes to be a synthetic. Firm +1 here


I hate to do things like this but going to have to change my vote for the moment. I know you have the game skill but my concern is the RP. I have heard word you were running around naked as SL. I would like to hear your thoughts on this. I do this not out of hate but concern.


I’ve seen them around often.

And recently I’ve gotten to play with Cyn quite a bit. Fun to play with, and absolutely excellent at any role they’re given.

(played a little more) Refine your RP a little bit and you’ll have a decently well chance, but other than that,

Total +1 from me, liked the story, good luck!

i have been struggling with the edit god please save me


Westrover the goat fr +1
Westrover is someone who takes their aspirations in their roles seriously, yes they have a PFC role where they go shirtless but I don’t believe it will hinder them from taking their Synth role seriously.
I see them active in game and in the discord frequently, they’re a cool person and they take the game seriously when they need to.
They are also a very competent medic.

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Hello I have let this sit for a couple of days now to see if there would be any responses from synth players, but there hasn’t been. So I’ll give my take and other people can comment or piggy back off of it if they’re so inclined.

I like the name, it’s very Southern.

Cool and unique quirk, could be kind of hard to use in game, but I like rocks so…

This is the crux of the issue I have with your application. You started playing SL recently, which is cool because we need good SL players, but there was something pretty unusual about your SL playstyle. You prefer to deploy naked, as an SL. I don’t really care if you do it occasionally as a PFC or whatever, but from my experience with you - this is your standard go-to. I see you do it as corpsman too, and you said it’s your playstyle. We’re all goofy, every time I kill a xeno as PFC I do /me crip walks. However, there is a time and a place for being goofy and this is what you have trouble with. I do not want another Felix situation with the WL, and as I explained to you - you and Felix are birds of a feather.

You were unable to play seriously for 3 days since your app going up, how can I realistically expect you to play synth consistently? I think you’re a good player, at the very least with medical, but synth is more than just a mechanics role, it is first and foremost an RP role.


I like to blow off steam. While yes, I do see your point and we talked about it a lot in dms. I can show restraint when needed of me. As I talked to you before the SL situation was more of a challenge for myself, I talked to one of the councilors about it as well.

While yes my playstyle counts as Lrp, I have said to you before and I’ll say it again.

CM is not a job, It should not be seen as one. I work security and know how to be strict and follow all the protocoles and show restraint daily. Games like this is where i blow off steam and just have fun.

while yes, I would 100% love to be WL’ed i have applied four times, that should speak to my want pretty heavily.

I am not sacrificing my own personal fun when i’m playing roles that do not require much out of me. The reason i want the WL, is because I think it would be fun for me, That i can RP with and stick to and not faulter with. That’s my main focus with wanting the WL, i find the RP i can do with it amazing.

I fully understand your fears over me. Nearly everyone does(i would hope) this is more of a situation of trust than anything. I feel I have broken it in some form or the other however, I am sorry.

I like to have fun with the game. My expression of my fun should not be a expression of my ability to RP because, while you have not fully experienced it, others have.


So by recommendation by a councilor.

I am making a new character. That will be strictly RP focused. Showing my ability to separate these sides of myself.

Sarah Lyell. will be her name.

While I know trust is hard to earn back, and once broken can never be fully repaired.
I hope I can at least. repair some damage done.

I will be fighting a uphill battle for the rest of my app. Because of a silly thing I did because i wanted to try something new.

but I still have… hope(even if its limited)


Jane got removed from staff over harassment and then made RP councilwhatever it was called and then became a CO and then became a synth councilor, anything broken can be mended.


you were doing very well when you first applied for synth, i thought you’d get it on second try 100% but it seems like its been downhill ever since
i like your synth idea, its cool and interesting but your behavior is the only thing i have an issue with
if you cant behave in a manner that would not impact your reputation whilst your app is up i dont think you’ll be able to behave as synth

No hard feelings.

I understand completely. As said before. it will be a uphill battle.


Withdrawing the app due to college and no longer being able too play


I understand your intention to withdraw, we hope to see you back in the future Westrover! Best of luck :slight_smile:

Added synth:denied and removed synth:waiting