Westrover - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Westrover

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Cynthia ‘Cyn’ Morrison

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

https://forum.cm-ss13.com/t/westrover-synthetic-application/1209: synth:denied

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

My synth is programmed with a music quirk. She is programmed to raise morale of humans she interacts with, this presents itself as being very optimistic however she lacks charisma, since she lacks charisma and is programmed with a musical quirk, she uses music and songs to better raise moral of the people around her. This presents itself as her giving marines caste tapes, singing war songs, sea shanties and lullabies to better help marines cope with the situations around them. She cares deeply for human life and their mood. She see’s humans as we do to small animals, something that is to be treated with care and to be never miss handled.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Fiona interacts with marines, with deep care and passion. She is however is not programmed to hold grief for a marine. This means if a marine dies under her care, she would not dwell on it and simply treat comparably to a spilled cup of coffee that needs to be cleaned up. As my answer in ‘Synthetics personality’ expressed, My synth sings and gives out tapes if requested to do so. She would only sing and share if requested to do so. Or in one on one situations where the synth deems it necessary to give comfort to a marine though song. Along side this she lacks charisma and is often awkward when interacting with marines. I do hope that my synth story better expresses this factor of her personality.

Her interactions to command, would be with enthusiasm however she would take up a mindset of ‘speak if spoken too’ with command, this means she will keep communications to minimum with command, however she will update command on information if they deem it necessary to do so.

She has a preference for clothing that shows off her musical quirk, this means she would wear clothing of musical communities, such ranging from lots of leather and denim, to suits and tailored outfits.

Finally for her logline it would be “Fiona is the newest groovy gal, she knows all tunes too bring you the best music when you need it before you want it”

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

There is multiple reasons I wish to by a Synthetic, one such reason is the fact I simply find Synths Cool and interesting for lore. I also find the possible RP situations that arise from a synth simply existing are endless. I also find the capabilities of a synth very appealing, the ability to do field medical and construction is very appealing to me, as I play both ComTech and Hospital corpsman often and wish I could have the capabilities of the other role in situations. As for why you should whitelist me, I am honest to my mistakes and will always admit fault if needed. I am also quick thinking under pressure, and I am on good terms with most of the community.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

I have many memories with synths, as I tried my best to interact with them when possible because of my previous synth App but I will admit, in recent times my interactions with synths has been lacking as during rounds I am either busy or to focused on other things to notice their presence. One of my fav memories was when I was a field doctor on chances, and I had to Repair River they had been gibbed and I had to quickly figure out how to replace synth Limbs, previous to this I did not know that synth limb replacement was the same as marine limb replacement, so I was I will admit was very bald doing the wrong method giggling to myself and slightly stressing over it as River had brain damage and could not tell me the info I needed so she was sent shipside to be I assume Ahealed

Synthetic Character Story:



I am highly familiar with Engineering, for both shipside and groundside activities. This includes how to change APC’s how to fix Coms where and how to gather materials. Where to cade and where to not cade


I am highly familiar with Command, I would not be the best at leading but I have won many OP’s as XO, SL SO and so on, I know how to load OB’s set supply drops how to update orders, how to do over watch .


I am highly familiar with Medical, I know how to handle high amounts of bodies. I have most Chemicals memorized and Surgeries memorized . The only area I would be lacking in for medical is research


I am highly familiar with Req, I know how to handle req lines, I know how to launch crates. I know how to use lathe and how to gather ammo, materials and extra crates for req if so needed I would not however be effective at Req budget but I would try my best with it.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

Yes I am aware of how Synths preform in combat situations. “Seek peace, but be ready for war.” What it means is that a Synth most not actively seek out to hurt other creatures but if they have no other options for self preservation they will defend themselves. This includes if the Synth is in a small group and the group cannot live if the Synth does not fight. The Synth must only kill a Xeno if it keeps fighting the Synth and out of Self defense must kill it, If the Xeno runs away the Synth must not chase simply move to a safer location to repair itself and to reconnect with Marines.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

No, I have not been banned from CM for any reason in the last month nor do i have any jobbans

Are you currently banned from our Discord?

No, I have never been banned from the CM discord for any reason

Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

I do hope my story is an improvement from the previous ones I have written, as I have went to councilors to see what is exactly needed. I have also went to peers in the CM discord for correction of grammatical errors and overall clearness of the text. I do have Dyslexia, I brought this up to one of the councilors already, It should not be a issue for majority of RP situations, however it is something of note.

+1 good player and very interesting Synth personality, I would love to see his RP with my own eyes

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+1 The quirk is interesting and your combat answer is good, and your a cool player!

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I have 2 main concerns

Firstly, a common issue that comes up when considering speech (or song) heavy characters is time. Do you have a special strategy in mind that you think will enable you to actually showcase this? Or will it just get lost in the innumerable tasks that inevitably befall a synthetic, becoming essentially non-existent as a component of the personality?

Second, paraphrasing from posted phrasing of combat rules isn’t what we’re looking for. We want you to apply understanding by examining scenarios you may see or be part of, and interpreting a reasonable course of action and its rationale while working within the restrictions of combat rules. And yes, you can kill a xeno that isn’t actively fighting or attacking under some circumstances. Bonus if you can correct your original answer with what those circumstances are, else one of us will help you out should Socratic method fail.

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I have multiple methods the synth personality is fully used, usually for common war songs or unspecific requests, I have lyrics from short songs i have saved, that simply can be copy pasted line by line or typed out from memory. As for situations where I cannot sing or am too busy to sing, I will have macros setup to allow my char to sing some of the American anthem as that can be a very versatile song in action since the USMC are an American force. For specific requests i can easily pull song lyrics from websites with quick google search, or form memory if its a extremely popular song. If i requst is not made for long persiods of time, I would just ask marines, do they wish for a song to enhance their moods

Sorry that my Answer was vague, Some scenarios I see my synth engaging in combat for is to defend medical personal and to defend marines who cannot defend themselves such as they are down and are dying a synth may protect that marine from death at all costs.

A reason a synth may attack a human, is enemy factions, now the synth must not go full terminator against the hostile faction simply to defend itself and the marines around it. As the hostile faction is not under marine law

a reason for a synth to enter combat with a marine, is it the marine is in major breach of ML, the synth must not kill the marine, the synth must use non lethal methods to control the marine, and situation so law can be followed.

Some circumstances i see that a Synth may kill a xeno not engaged in combat, is if the xeno has been proven to be a major threat throughout the op, the xeno has extremely low HP and can be killed with one hit or the synth is given the order to kill that specific Xeno. Obviously the Synth should not seek out a xeno simply if command wants it dead and is low hp and out of combat with the order the synth may kill it

(edits are for further clarification and fixing grammar)

You are awarded a Golden Banana Sticker, as that’s the most plausible solution to that issue I’ve ever encountered.

Also much better and rapid response on combat questions, all good there. Something definitely worth exploring as well via discord is Delta Alert, which carries a much more logical approach to basically everything and some people find it somewhat counterintuitive.

The biggest distinction is that Delta conditions (normally pre-drop as a survivor, hijack, xenos boarding dropship during evac, and getting left behind by an evac) means you can take any steps deemed necessary for survival including preemptive strikes against known threats. The primary duty is still to the crew, however if an enemy presents itself while tending to crew support it can be engaged, pursued and killed so long as it does not imminently detract from crew support. In Delta conditions, it’s better to eliminate a problem early than to let it become a bigger threat that could come back later and kill you and the crew you’re helping.

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A synth with a music quirk seems like a very unique RP idea.

I’m interested to see how it plays out in game.

I have seen you around and haven’t noticed any LRP or otherwise problematic behaviour.

I shall refrain from voting as I do not hold the synthetic whitelist, however if I were able to vote you would have my support.

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Hey, just as a heads up, while a synthetic app is active part of demonstrating preparedness for the role is abiding by rule and law. Do avoid getting arrested unless playing a civilian role such as survivor or as a private, at least during the active app period.

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Okay noted, i will try my best not be arrested then, generally i am not arrested much but the OP i got arrested for it was a mix bag of things that got me arrested and it went from there

I’ve had nice interactions with Cynthia Morrison, and while I’ve mostly seen her deployed, she seems to have good mechanical knowledge, and likes to interact with other players when duties allow it.

To be honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of the story. While the tech log style does let you put in dialogue it Doesn’t let you describe actions, and with the jumps from scene to scene didn’t give it much time to flesh out an interaction. The dialogue itself is fine, but remember that synthetics can speak very similarly to a human if that seems more appealing to you for your quirk.

As a side note on the quirk. Singing out a whole song might be pretty cumbersome, you could bring up some band trivia or just being up a lyric that reminds you of something related if you’re looking for some smaller interactions

I think you’ve got the restraint needed to adhere to the guidelines. I’m willing to :+1: this.

Make sure you play some OT and Researcher because while synthetics will almost never be put in those roles you still want to know in the off chance you get put in there.

Here are some questions to answer so you’ve got something to flex on while other people look at your app.

What type of things would convince you to deny a song request.

Can synthetics make arrests?

Alpha squad leader (Sergeant) is ordering you to clean their prep room. You don’t currently have any orders, but from chatter on the radio you believe your expertise could be better used elsewhere. Are you required to follow the order?

What type of things would convince you to deny a song request.

  • If the persons is apart of a enemy faction
  • If the song request is in breach of server rules
  • If the song goes against my own personal morals,

Basically, I would not sing songs that contain slurs. Contain bigotry or apart of cultures that support bigotry. I.e I would not sing Nazi songs, Pro confederate songs, or songs that are against queer and POC folk.

And if a UPP/CLF soldier makes a request, well i would deny it simply because I’m apart of the USMC

Can synthetics make arrests?

yes they can, however they can only make arrests if deputized.

Alpha squad leader (Sergeant) is ordering you to clean their prep room. You don’t currently have any orders, but from chatter on the radio you believe your expertise could be better used elsewhere. Are you required to follow the order?

No I am not, Synths have the will to deny orders if they see that they are more useful in other departments. I would make the request to assign an WJ to do it or an MT.

This was a difficult one, and voting has resolved and this application has been denied.

Points to improve for the future,

  • Try to establish and maintain a good HRP streak in a specific applicable role or character, which will demonstrate the ability to uphold consistency.
  • Make sure when you are performing a support role, prepare for it appropriately with a mission-focused attitude. Missing/ignoring calls for aid, forgetting or failing to bring things because of rushing deployments, or otherwise leaving blind spots in the performance of a support role will detract from an application’s vetting process.
  • Work on being resilient and reliable, when things go wrong we want to see you tackle it and overcome the issue using available tools if possible. Learn to scavenge and craft tools and materials, or use unorthodox tools to get stuff done and fixed.
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