Why do people hate preds so much and how do you suggest we fix it.

Currenlty from what i have gather from the large amount of salt in dead chat. Preds are op, annoying, attention hogs, power gamers, mp mains, grefiers, adding nothing to the round, and variations on these things. Also the devs have been called out as holding there hands, refusing to nerf them because there all pred mains, a meta clich, and baiicly ignoring the problems with preds. I think these people are just salty but it think its indicative of a larger problem. This page can act as a way for pred players and pred haters to present there arguments outside of ooc.

Plus if it gets too salty then i can close it. Maybe it will serve as an example of the lack of ablity to communicate.

Those who hate Predators and MP’s must put aside their differences to unite against the common foe; Warrior class Xenos.

However, one of the main problems that derives from why some may not like the Predators is that marines are much more likely to try and start a fight with them than Xenos, and as such they have a far greater impact on the USCM than the Hive in a negative way.


The way you worded that is confusing. Are the preds more likely to start a fight with marines or the other way around. If its the other way around then why would that make the marines hate them. i have noticed that the people who hate preds don’t/can’t play them.

This means the marines are more likely than the xenos, to start a fight with the Predators. The marines want to fight the Predators and steal their gear, Xenos have no reason other than trying to make an abomination by capturing them which is extremely rare and will just result in preds sending in a hit squad to tear through the hive. Many marines are small brained and just want to try their luck.

As a result, the marines who know not to mess with the predators, are annoyed because the result is just a lot of dead marines, which only helps the Xenos by thinning our numbers and distracts them from fighting the Hive.


Nailed it right on the head.

Whether or not preds are fun is entirely in the hands of the pred player. Some pred players are fun, I have had some really cool interactions with preds in the past. Others will just wordlessly ambush, kill you, then perma you.
The latter is not fun for a few reasons. Part is just that preds suck to fight. You don’t stand a chance unless you’re a marine with AP. I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen a xeno 1v1 a pred (and I’ve seen many try), it just takes so many slashes to kill them. Then when you do get the upper hand on them they do their massive AoE stun, turn invisible and run away at the speed of light. Pred tools/mechanics are clearly not designed to be fun for the person fighting the pred, especially if you’re a xeno.
Second of all is that preds are a side antagonist that just arbitrarily decide to kill you. If a lurker ambushes me, ok my bad, that was my fault for bad positioning. If scout kills me as xeno, again that’s my bad. If a pred ambushes me it’s because the pred arbitrarily picked me to “hunt”. Preds do not kill most people, if they decide to kill you it’s just unlucky. They single out specific people to kill and there’s nothing you can do to avoid being their target other than pray that they target someone else. Getting arbitrarily picked to be killed is not fun.

This isn’t even mentioning the insane shipside chaos when marines bring back gear, but this post is long enough and I think everyone agrees how ridiculous that sometimes gets (except pred players who will say it’s completely ok that they are allowed to blow up half of the shipside crew whenever someone brings back gear)

So whats some pro pred rebuttals.

Years ago there was a Predator who was accepting duels from marines on LV LZ2, we would use whatever melee weapon, and they would only use their fists. I fought them about 4 times. Losing of course, but never being killed and allowed to be picked back up and brought back to health. I think I had every bone in my body broken and then fixed, only to come back again and again.

Nice Predator.

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It goes both ways actually, heard from lot pred players that fighting xenos is not fun in anyway, and there is no RP to be had with xenos.
Preds fighting xenos usually ends up in entire hive trying to gang up on one pred, using every CC in the book to make them lose the weapon etc, so ofcourse they will gravitate toward the faction that is more RP focused.
But there is a fact that sometimes there are marines who gear up for fighting preds and actively seek them out, dragging other marines into fight as well.

My problem with preds is that there not fun to fight. Thing is preds should not have armor, in the movies they wear mostly fish nest.

My issue with Preds is that, at best, they barely interact with marines, and are humble enough to weaken themselves for a 1v1 with fists or semi reasonable gear.

Sadly this hasn’t been happening as of late, lately I’ve been seeing most preds only abuse their gear when fighting either marines or Xenos, especially on the Xeno front. For Xenos the task is nearly impossible to kill a Pred, much less capture, due to the fact that 1, they take hits like a tank, 2 they hit like a tank, 3 they run away invisible at the speed of light and use AOE stun when you manage to touch them, and 4, instantly heal back to max health after running away, thus making all your efforts for nothing and letting them repeat the listed above cycle indefinitely.

And even if you manage with great cost to the hive to capture a Pred, there then is the issue of about 6 predators magically coming online to free the infected Pred, which then takes your entire hives efforts to protect the body as the preds kill half the hive with there fully automatic flame weapons, shoulder mounted Sadar rockets, and OT mortar round SDs in hive, and all you get if you manage to win is a predalien who may or may not be intelligent for a small bit till yet another 6 preds log on and kill him.

So all in all the entire interaction with Preds is frustrating especially for Xenos the whole way through (not to mention the whole time they are ranting about how skillful they are as they two tap the defenseless XX drone trying to protect the Ravager getting assaulted for no reason by a Pred.)

Reasons why it sucks to deal with them as marine are similar and talked about in other peoples reply’s. It’s just not fun for the most part talking or interacting with these things in anyway shape or form, and you get next to no gain, only a decimated hive or a pulverized military.

Xenos used to be able to 1v1 predators, back when lurkers were much better at sustained combat and Predators didn’t literally sever the Queen link by smacking them, thus removing pheromones and the ability to heal.

I used to even see runners occasionally style on predators, but something changed on either side that its just not feasible in practice anymore.

I like to fight press, the best I can do is half health before marines or someone else shows up to kill me. I managed half health with a runner, no running away or anything, slight healing from weeds and that’s it.

I see it from the preds perspective. Xenos are pretty hard to hunt, they inherently have no honor. A pred wanted to solo fight the queen. When the queen was at half, the entire hive charged in to save her, and obviously they ran off to avoid dying.

How about preds hunting marines almost exclusively? How rare is it to find a suitable xeno just chilling alone in the back lines? Pretty rare I reckon. Xenos are group killers that all mass on a frontline. So the pred can’t hunt xenos (because most likely the queen has forbid the hive from attacking the pred anyway) and they move onto marines. From observing them, when marines lose planetside, they get out. There is no interest because now the hive can afford to gang up on you.

Solution? Some quirky hive mind stuff that allows xenos to act with honor? Making pred gear worthwhile to xenos? (T3’s that are able to spew acid can acid pred gear after a massive windup and a bit of heath to…. Produce larva?) make xenos more deadly???

Earn Combat Larva? :slight_smile:

Isent that why preds hunt xenos because they lack honor and are extremally dangerous. Isent the challenge the whole point. Just kill runners and make it obvious to the hive your not going away until they make you go away.

If just seems like preds are suffering from the same sort of thing that most of the game is… and that there isnt much to do.

Pred vs xeno:

Xenos have no reason to fight a predator. Best case 1/1000 you capture them and get an abom, but then have to fight 100 more predators.

Best “real” case you kill them… who cares… not worth your time.

Worst case you die and wasted the time.

Pred vs marines:

You are so weak by comparison you will probably die. And your fight will probably be interupted.

Best case you kill them for some minor gear and then get hunted the rest of the round.

Ultimately they arent fun to fight… and It just seems like there isnt alot for them to do but stand around and make emotes, occasionally stunning the whole hive.

Actually according to the old lore the Preds keep the eggs and breed them on worlds with inferior life forms in order to pass some kinda super hunt test where you kill the whole hive. They are supposed to be considered bred game. Usually when the Xeno accidentally come into existence in other worlds though they just do pest control and kill all the Xenos and potentially infected hosts on the planet to make sure there is no accidental spread. They are literally just like hunting reserve foxes

personally I’d prefer if predator was restricted to coordinated events as then their impact on the round would be more interesting, but I understand why predator players would oppose it, I dont think they add much to the average round of CM besides soft griefing a stupid private that wants to 1v1 them. Theyre a really cool concept though

Preds should kill everyone


why is that the case and please explain how it can be fun for other players.