Why do people hate preds so much and how do you suggest we fix it.

I don’t think I said anything about the predators runs speeds or said no to your opinion on them, my chief complaint was how the players handle themselves and how they act not about things like run speed. I honestly don’t care how fast they run or how much damage they soak up because I don’t play the game for balance or TDM honestly, I play on CM for experiences I can only get on CM and admittedly nostalgia and the way predator players carry themselves leaves a sour taste in a lot of players mouths.

I see i accidentally replied to the wrong post.

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So i noticed you say no to my suggestion about slowing down preds. However you did not explain why thats a bad idea. Please elaborate on it in more then a single sentence.

Problem I have with predators is they don’t slow down when they get damaged while we do. This is just a pain in the ass when you can’t run away and they can.

I also hate how fast they are I understand this is SS13 but damn. Is there really a need to make them fast.

I understand that they are somewhat fast, maybe like a runner or so, but like many people before said, the current rocket-boots speed level just makes is impossible to click them, especially with bad ping, and while they run around you, you are probaly unable to really move after some hits.

they suck and can’t fight preds is why they hate them (they will not take any steps to improve at the game)

I think i kicked the hornets nest. Except im not the one getting stung.

Also this is the second longest thread in both discussion and acid goop.

Yes, and much like any idea or change suggestions, nothing ever seems to get done. So we talk about the same stuff over and over. I’m exaggerating.

Well in that case if anyone ever does decide to actively change something they can always look here and see what people want changed. It also lets us see just how bad the problem is and observe the salt culture that has formed. As you can see there’s a fail amount of hostility. This clearly shows that some stereotypes about the community are true for some people.

I think preds are fine as they are. Hot take I know.

If you want something changed, just change speed or armor or whatnot and make a PR, either you get stomped or it gets merged.

I play medic all the time (basically never PFC) so I’m mostly safe from pred rampage, but I do have things to say about them.

  • they’re pretty annoying in their current state, usually by the time they’re done wandering behind the front, they’ve attracted the attention of an entire squad (pulling them away from the xenos), killed 3-5 people, and just been an overall nuisance to deal with as they keep yeeting dead guys towards the field triage place

  • the preds that aren’t an annoying nuisance are kinda goofy to RP with. when we do run into those decent preds, they’re usually RPing (e.g. the pred that i gave unga to once, which is based but still kinda LRP since the whole interaction was basically a culinary exchange between people literally there to kill each other)

i don’t have a great solution for the pred stuff, neither am i saying all preds are bad or something, but pred balancing and round stuff is pretty goofy

definitely all for major events with HRP preds though :+1:


Predators don’t at all convey the themes of what Predators are meant to be, and I don’t think they ever will outside of them having an entire game mode dedicated to them.

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such is the nature of asymmetrical PvP, it will never be fair

Honestly it sounds like preds are one things that sounds good on paper but terrible in practice. Like warrior or new coke.

I think some of the posters in this thread have not watched the Predator movies and damn does it show.

Preds were originally added years ago to give admins and friends of admins a role they could validhunt in. They have not changed in any substantial way since then, and the various combat changes to the game just keep making them more difficult to deal with. They aren’t fun to fight or interact with in any fashion and if a pred starts chasing me that just makes me want to log off rather than interact with them.

You can dress it up all you like but being validhunters is why preds have existed and that will never change. They should just plain be removed.

The requirement for posting a bunch of words for a roleplay profile is silly too, because nobody reads that shit after the application is done.

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My position is that Predators are a net-negative contribution to the game as they stand.

The “roleplay” between Humans and Predators is non-existent and childish, with Humans calling the Predators “Jamaicans” and no one taking the Predators seriously.

The premier strategy with Predators is to try to ignore them and never fight them, and hope they don’t kill you. Fighting them is simply as fun as fighting an SS13 greytider zooming around with a stunprod and syndicate drugs, that being there is almost no fun to be extracted from Predator fights.

When you get into a fight, you are essentially fighting a runner that will break all your bones, rend your organs, kill you and if you are lucky will dump your corpse at the FOB where you spend the next 30 minutes getting surgery on the Almayer, worst case. At least the Runner dies to ten bullets, a Predator can tank the firepower of two squads and still run away.

The fact you need to make up a story and pretend you can hold yourself to a higher RP standard is laughable considering Predators are the most anti-RP faction and concept in the game, and this is coming from a former Predator player (i only lost the WL cause of inactivity before someone asks). The “height” of Predator roleplay is clicking your tongue and making spooky noises.

If they were removed from the game today, nothing of value would be lost.


Gramps usually doesn’t have problems with Preds - usually they mock him for being old/getting lost/doing random stuff. Gramps usually tells people not to buy whatever they’re selling and just keep hunting the bugs because it’s not the hunters who replicate like a plague/triggered the distress beacon. They are very powerful, and a lot of marines idiotically engage them when the best general policy is to say “There’s somewhere I have to be” or “Maybe later.” I’ve shot more than a few from MD pings and apologized stating I thought they were xeno scouts. I typically ignore them, unless they are dragging someone like an Engineer or Medic away - even then I politely ask for the body back. I get why clout-seekers like bagging Preds, but I won’t take part in it.

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My anecdotal experience with preds.
Marine and xeno.
You get separated from everyone else. You hear a pred say something but don’t even have time to read it. You are dead.

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