Why no CO medals ingame?

Currently you can only see your CO medals in a little window just for you. You cant wear them on your uniform in a following round like playtime medals. I honestly just want to know why this isnt a thing, because this smells like something that is delibreatly not one.

The medals are an ingame item that holds the description already, so why cant we wear our actually fancy medals on our uniform to boast with them. They are often a well earned bragging rigth after all. And it would make them all the more special.

I know it may seem redundant, but i just feel like this is so obvious to implement there must be a reason why its not. And im dying to know it.

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Maybe if you only get the medal without the description what you got it for, since having people run around with “held off the queen on hijack”-medals would be pretty out of universe, given that hijack hasn’t happened in lore.


Here is a list of my medals:

Round 9068 - distinguished conduct medal

Issued to Steve Bobert (Squad Marine) by Joe Dafoe for:
Was a part of the Echo expeditionary squad that saved the operation from an early defeat with a magnificent flank from the west. Issued by Cpt. Dafoe 28/12/2182. USS Almayer; 2nd Battalion “Falling Falcons”, 4th Brigade, 4th United States Colonial Marine Division.

Echo expeditionary squad? that isn’t a thing, and the Almayer didn’t take part in any such operation around that time, they were busy with Tychon Tackle (which has a full AAR, it can’t have happened there).

Round 9259 - distinguished conduct medal

Issued to Steve Bobert (Staff Officer) by James ‘Yellin’ Blackbriar for:
For his fine service commanding the OP. -Maj James Blackbriar aCO USS ALMAYER

Have fun explaining that one while you’re playing as a PFC who’s never even seen the inside of a CIC, while being commanded by a different Major entirely, with the one who gave you it likely never even having BEEN on the Almayer.

Round 9284 - medal of exceptional heroism

Issued to Steve Bobert (Maintenance Technician) by Bill Sutton for:
Fought bravely and personally saved my life in the fall of the USS Almayer, helping us to the escape shuttle, leaving us as the sole survivors of the disaster.

And now quite possibly the worst one of the bunch, something that describes the near complete annihilation of the crew of THIS SHIP.
I don’t think I need to explain this one.


So there are only lore reasons then? I am honestly let down, hoped there would be more to it then that.
Like people beeing even bigger douches with there medals then they already are with playtime ones.

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It’s not “lore reasons” this is an RP game and a medal that describes the entire ship being destroyed is INCREDIBLY immersion breaking


I’d just like them to fix medal saving to be honest. None of the medals nor jellies I’ve gotten have saved.


As @ediblebomb described, this would essentially nullify every lore we have, it could work by only giving the players the medal in question without it having a description or which role it was given to.


No one ever looks at medals anyways unless they’re specifically gauging how much playtime someone has. Actual benefit is basically 1-2 marines on the 15% of rounds that actually have COs that give medals.
Imo the “why spend time on this we could spend on something else” issue is a factor to consider for very, very small changes like this

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Read my medal and try telling me this sounds like something a PFC would do and not some Spec ops level bullshit



Cause every round is it’s own universe.


Wearing CO medals is up there with actually wearing a play-time medal with no shame. You want to walk around as a PFC wearing 5+ medals like some sort of General? How many DSM, BS, etc., medals could one plaster on a sprite? We aren’t officers (for the most part) so medals are war trophies forgotten in the war chests, only worn on dress uniform.


just for you, because it looks like no one ever reported this on the github


Like James Parker said each round is it’s own thing, if you are issued a medal you can wear it that round. There’s a pinning mechanic and everything for it.


As much as I hate agreeing with Gomez Porker, he’s right.


Yeah, actually a good reason to keep the rounds seperated a good chunk. for the rp.
Sometimes a solution is so obvious you cant see it.

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your medals dont have to display their reasoning you know.
would an irl medal of something display the reason it was pinned on your chest?
Of course not. Then there are also medal ribbons in place of actual metal medals that functionally work the same as showing you were granted one at some point.

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ah yes, half the ship’s pfcs with medals of exceptional heroism delivered straight from congress, just like irl

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this is fixable by adding congress roleplay to cm

Cant wait to trip every single metal detector in the brig while I wear 800 lbs of Shiny metals on my uniform.

God forbid I cook a frag off in my hand too, than those medals are flying off my body like shrapnel.