xeno egg have chaces of spawning in contaiment cell

there should be a procented chance to a xeno egg spawning in research or CLs contaiment cell, I propose that there is a 10% chance of an xeno egg spawning but wen the egg will spawn it can be a diffrend verinent and they also have they procented chance to spawn heres the exlapes

feral egg will spawn at 30%
forsaken egg will spawn at 25%
normal egg will spawn at 15%
alpha and other verients like that will spawn at 10%
mutant egg will spawn a 5%
tamed egg will spawn at 3%
corrupted egg cant spawn cuz it is biologicaly imposible

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I can be corrected but this makes no sense because the USS Almayer leaves Chinook to investigate the distress beacon from whatever colony sent it, which means a couple months spent in cryosleep. Since the science team is working for the UA/USCM there’d be too many issues and with the Liaison, they’re just a business person acting as a middle man between the USCM and W-Y, how would some lowly person like them sneak an egg through customs?

I just don’t understand from a lore perspective of “how is this achieved?”

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well xeno egg in research contaiment cell is a war trophy from a previous opperation and the one in CLs contaiment cell is a present from W-Y

But what if the previous operation was attacking a CLF base? Why would they have xenomorph corrupted eggs?

Also why would W-Y supply the Liaison with an xenomorph egg knowing fully well the USS Almayer is going to an already infested XX-121 colony where they can have their experiments happen that way.

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well they found it in the CLF loboratory and the CLs like its a present you know how does corpos reward theair best emploeys

It’s a bad idea, research can get the egg plasma from it

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CLF doesn’t have any laboratories, since they’re just a collection of insurgent cells and pirates.

I also have no idea who would possibly consider getting a xenomorph egg as a present

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so if they are pirates that means the priates stole the egg from research base to sell it for loot of money but the uscm got on their base ship when the operation was over they took the egg as a war trophy

eggs are generally supposed to be a reward that gets recovered during the op, as part of the process of obtaining greenos, this is unfair as it means that the xenos can’t deny the egg to the marines.

also, lore, obviously doesn’t make sense.

final reason is that rounds shouldn’t be affected (too) much by chance, and this would completely shift the direction of the round.

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well yes but this isint just about greenos its also about alpha xeno bravo xenos and other types and also its procented chace so you will not get egg every round

the percented chance ISN’T a good thing, that just means that one in every however many rounds will be unbalanced, given that this is inherently unbalanced. I don’t see the relevance of alpha bravo hives either.

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welll yea but its basicaly 50 50 chace of whos gona win but it isnt to basicaly 50 50 chance of getting xeno egg and alos i dont know why i add corupted eggs cuz greenos are basicly like biologicly borned they are borned do to science

It does not make any sense for the USCM to have a xeno egg before the operation begins.

  1. Lore-wise the USS Almayer is actually unaware that it is engaging xenos

  2. Lore-wise Xenos are actually a classified WY experiment

  3. This gives the marines the justification they need to create Greenos right away and it’s meta

  4. This is not in line w/ current and future development and lore writing

Anyhow, if there was a PR for this it is HIGHLY likely to be straight-out denied.

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I do not like this idea. Makes no sense from a lore perspective.

well i give up i have no idea what to write now

it’s not a 50/50 chance to win.

well besicaly i would say yes and no cuz it depends on amount of xenos and marine and skill of them

I think there is a salvageable element from this. I always wondered about why we arrive to this planet and there’s just a HIVE. There’s always a weird lack of a story building up to the outburst of the infestation, rather than what the effects of the infestation are. With this being said. I think it would be cool to see nightmare inserts that go into explaining this.

A Wey-Yu storage crate at cargo that can only be opened with a wey-yu key that can be secured from elsewhere in the colony, containing a xenomorph egg.

A testing site that has planted eggs in containment cells, and chestbursted test subjects.

A cryo’d monkey that has been impregnated with the embryo.

These are all little things that give research more of a shot at getting eggs than wiping out a xeno hive or some misplaced carrier, yet each comes with a unique challenge that prevents an early game greenos. Intel has to get the card for the container, the planted eggs can’t be uprooted or really tested on, so research has to find another way to get their results from it. The cryo’d monkey is cool, but make it late stage and it has a chance of popping before you can get any real results.

Best of all, this gives interesting scenarios for researchers to play out. What happens if the monkey bursts? What if the test with the planted egg goes bad some how? It allows for an element of field research, which I think is a cool premise.


See this, this a good idea.

i like this idea better than mine not gona lie