Yeet_king - Player Report: Bjorn Sveinsson, Rule 10: Lethal force, Rule 4: No Griefing?

Yeet_king - Player Report: Bjorn Sveinsson, Rule 10: Lethal force, Rule 4: No Griefing?

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Valeria Todd

Accused BYOND key:

not sure

Accused character name:

Bjorn Sveinsson

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 10: Lethal force, Rule 4: No Griefing?

Description of the incident:

It was after the raid in CL office where all the PMCs were shot up. I was a nurse and just pulled any and all wounded to treat them. Then I find the professor almost going perma and I begin treating them. Then Bjorn Sveinsson arrives with another marine and both start hitting them while I try to save them. The marine walks off but Bjorn Sveinsson continues to hit the professor and not allowing me to treat them. I scream at them that it is a civi and tackle them to stop them but instead of helping me after I asked they pulled out a m39 and put a few bullets in the professor essentially finishing them off. Then they tell me that it was better that way. They killed a dying unarmed civilian that was in no way a threat to them while preventing me from treating them. I don’t know if that is simple very bad misuse of lethal force or straight up griefing.


I don’t know how to screenshot so this will be resolved based on the logs.

Hiya, I’m the guy accused of this ban(my beyond key is otiln). Anyways, sorry for not explaining it further after I was done shooting that guy. Here is the better understanding of the situation:

So, the rp was pretty simple. Me and that professor met at the research center when he and his mens(PMC’) came barching in with weapons demanding for the vile. While I was against of giving it to them, we had a pretty rough conversation. He and me were both enemies, it was pretty long but let me sums it up. I refused to give the vile to them so they basically used a lot methods to let me tell them where it was. It was not until the CO and Chief MP showed up and backed me up. In the conversation between us, me and that PMC basically said that in the end one of us will be left standing. It was basically a challenge on who was gonna get killed first. The situation was pretty rough as you could see. But it ended as the marine killing the PMC’s and me confronting him. I wasn’t gonna do anything first but then I saw you treating him. I was planning on leaving him behind but then I shot him to finish the job. To make the rp a bit more realistic or badass. At the end of the round, we both confronted each other and shaked it off.

It was pretty much that, I wanted to shoot the guy because we were challenged to do so in the rp. I mean we could’ve handcuffed the guy but I don’t know why. I thought shooting him was a good idea. Maybe it was at that time an idea of mine, a good badass way to end the rp between us(in my opinion).