Your thoughts about Oily Amphibian

I know the map itself haven’t been around since Warfan’s sad removal from the administration team, but since the beginning of the map runs, I thought on asking your opinion on what could be improved on the map to make the HvH more sustainable for all parts.
When running the map, me and Warfan were always preoccupied with any balancing issues, but apart from brief comments, the players who played it never had a good chance for saying what they most liked, and what they hated on the map, and what could be improved on it.
That’s why I ask for those who played on it when it ran to express what could have been done to make it more enjoyable. (This is a research on, not only how to improve pre-existent HvH maps, but also to improve any HvH maps that may be ran in the future by anyone else).

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Never got to play it enough that I’d be able to provide good map-specific feedback (only 2 rounds), and it’s been a pretty long time since the last time we had a hvh event on it, too.

For the most part the map was ok, UPP still struggled in communication and organization imo due to lack of tools that USCM has like squad trackers, but that’s not really map specific.

One thing I’ve noticed about it is the clearer frontline resulted in a lot more back-and-forth with medics on both sides actually able to treat people, so it wasn’t just “die in 5 seconds” which is something you don’t typically see in hvh and I think sours most people’s opinions on it (e.g. snipers/scopes, mortars, etc. being seen as a huge game breaking issue, when I don’t think they actually are)

After playing on that map hvh genuinely felt rather balanced and fun, and I think there isn’t actually a problem with all the big issue items people bring up; it proved to me that most of the hvh problems are the setup - when people try to run hvh events right now, its just been “haha spawn 50 guys in 1 tile directly in front of a marine with a flamethrower/grenade”, with absolutely no thought put into communication, logistics, medical treatment, or common sense about how UPP, CLF, whatever, are even supposed to fight.


As an example of this:

I got to play the UPP CO in an event that wasn’t run by warfan and set on sorokyne, and I had literally no tools. I couldn’t overwatch, I had no map showing what was happening until 75% of the way through the round, I did not have a tablet to give announcements, and there wasn’t even a radio comms so I could communicate at all.

So quite literally as the CO of the UPP all I could even do was give a pep talk, basic orders “You’re landing in the hangar, secure it and then take the hospital” and that was about it. Pushed a crate of ammo into the dropship too, I guess.

Well the person running the event was giving announcements where we were landing and what we were doing, so all the UPP landing in the hangar were summarily executed just trying to get out of the dropship, and the round was basically waves of UPP suiciding into entrenched marines who knew where they were coming from, with no ability for UPP to sustain any sort frontline/treatment area. You basically lived for about 30 seconds, and then had to wait for a respawn.

Which is what happened to me as well; I went up with the final conscript wave, made it about 15 steps out of the dropship and was killed/mutually killed a marine in a 3 second firefight, but being it was the almayer the marine got treated while none of the dead/dying UPP could be.

To say it wasn’t remotely fun is an understatement.

In another round:

I was playing as a CLF specialist defending Chance’s Claim against USCM, we had 3 hostages to hold. We were spawned without bootknives, without food, without radios, without splints or bandages, basically without anything useful or important. We weren’t even given anything like claymores to turn the map into a deathtrap. The first half of the round was CLF wandering around trying to find radios and tools to do anything useful. Then the marines landed and it was basically a 50 marines vs 20 CLF zerg rush, we got absolutely swarmed and wiped in something like 3-5 minutes.

It took another 5 minutes after 90% of the CLF were already dead to even get a reinforcement wave, and we were spawned in an enclosed blocked off space not even 2x2 with 1 tile out of a little maze for like 30 people while marines controlled the entire map now. Well there was a marine on the other side of the wall from us who had C4 and planted it right next to 30 people all trying to squeeze through a 1 tile doorway at once. The C4 went off and 90% of us were wiped out again.


I provide these example mostly to illustrate the actual problems I’ve seen in hvh: A lack of frontline, haphazard spawns, no logistics, no communication, no medical treatment, absolutely absurd decisions by the admins running the events, no command/coordination, bad gear for ERT spawns both in lack of vital medical equipment/tools, NUMBER of medics, and often limited ammo and generally absurd loadouts (UPP SL for example - 3(!?) magazines for his rifle, 5 magazines for his pistol, BUT a pouch with 6 C4 in it (!?)).

So overall my recommendation for making hvh better isn’t going to be map specific. Everything about non-marine factions needs work. We need squad leader trackers, we need overwatch, we need radio comms, we need lots of medics, we especially need loadouts made by people who actually play the game.

From what I’ve seen, most of what the UPP vs USCM specific map did, was provide most of these common sense things that are apparently not so common sense in most hvh events + an actual frontline so there was back and forth fighting and not just an immediate curbstomp.


Loved it, I was the reason M60’s were removed from it.

Honestly seeing the map constantly changes and improved after runs of the events and feedback was the best part about the HVH, you could really tell everyone involved was passionate and cared about the event alot.

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oiled up amphibian


HvH is just so, so dogshit without staff intervention. It honestly needs a rework to stand on it’s own. Everything is balanced for HvX, especially the punishing medical system.


At minimum we need to remove fractures and organ damage from HvH (or make fractures very rare). That would be a massive boon.


imo its not just the fractures/damage specifically, it’s also the slowdown

you get in a 2 second firefight, you survive, but now you can barely even move, it takes 10 seconds just to hobble to cover, another 10 seconds to do a basic bandage patchup job let alone use some injectors, and 30+ seconds if you’re going to try and splint anything, which you need to do if you want to avoid internal bleeding.

All of that means you really cannot recover from even a brief engagement if there’s any additional pushing by the enemy and in many cases you cannot even get back into cover to begin with before more stray bullets from out of LOS hit you.

It hampers the ability to have a back and forth because every firefight kills you, there’s little to no disengagement options. On oily amphibian back and forth fighting was enabled mostly by an actual frontline preventing people getting constantly flanked, and medics being able to push behind a group and recover dead to revive them.

I still think a lot of this I think is helped substantially by consumable ceramic plates eating up the first bit of damage in a firefight.

oiled up amphibian


That, and UPP being balanced for ERT-size squads, NOT full blown platoons. The combat advantage the UPP hold over the USCM is insane on a large scale.

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And the scouts! Are fucking awesome for pve. Also does sniper scope work in faction clash?

Sniper scope used to (which was as fun as you’d think it would be). Now you get a chat message saying the scope is fogged up thankfully.

During Faction Clash the following unique modifies are put in place.

  • Sniper Sentry is disabled
  • You can not damage corpses
  • You can not strip enemy faction corpses
  • Defibrillators work through armour, meaning you do not need to strip dead people
  • Offensive CAS is disallowed
  • Flashbangs produce a weaker stun
  • Scopes are disabled, even for Sniper spec.
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Idk man, CAS should be allowed.

Stripping bodies should be allowed and using enemy equipment should be allowed. However wearing enemy uniform or anything that will identify you as the enemy should be banned. ( give UPP a green band around their arms and torso, Blue for USCM )

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Not currently, but I think they might’ve in the oily amphibian map events we did.

There were at the very least mortar strikes. I think we even had OB’s used still, and I remember getting really lucky in one of the rounds I played and ambushing the VC’s while they were repairing the tank so we actually got to steal it from the marines

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Call of duty Game Over screen/Spec ops the line loading screen

“Under the 1977 Geneva convention, Acts of perfidy such as disguising oneself as an enemy combatant, will lead to culprit being guilty of a war crime and losing protections of the laws of war”

round restarts because admin didn’t get their spec roll

CAS was megabroken though, as they would just roll 4 lasers and kill anything beneath them and give them 600 burn damage. It made holding a defensive position actually impossible.

I think that’s kind of the point of cas, it removes stalemate. You could say the same with OBs and mortars along with tank.

The map is large and getting through the very first stage is actually a pain due to how heavily it’s guarded 2 M2Cs with a supply depot.

However if it is quite broken why not make some weapons limited or take longer to fire

CAS is a lot faster and “invisible” to the defenders, since you can essentially put the laser or flare 12 tiles north of where you want to shoot, while obliterating anything anything in another 12 tiles of fire.

With OB and mortar, they need to lie directly on top of the enemy, giving them a heads up that they might get mortared/OBd before it even gets loaded.

mortar can also be offset and the lase can be instant depending on player competency.