Zumo119 - Player Report: Lieutenant Colonel Karl 'Big Guy' Walz, Abuse of power form the CO, or unlawfully execution / Lethal force escalation rules

Zumo119 - Player Report: Lieutenant Colonel Karl ‘Big Guy’ Walz, Abuse of power form the CO, or unlawfully execution / Lethal force escalation rules

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Ashley Amstrong

Accused BYOND key:

not entirely sure, but ¨Superreallycoolguy¨.

Accused character name:

Lieutenant Colonel Karl ‘Big Guy’ Walz

What rule(s) were broken?:

Abuse of power form the CO, or unlawfully execution / Lethal force escalation rules

Description of the incident:

Map: New Varadero Round ID: 19459 Server time: 2023-11-10

Hello!! First time I’ve done this, and I still think I shouldn’t, so I’ll try to explain it in as detail as possible. I do this because otherwise, it’s gonna stick with me every time I see him and so it doesn’t happen again in the future to someone else’s. So basically, I’m reporting Lieutenant Colonel Karl ‘Big Guy’ Walz for abuse of power. He was the mayor; I know the rules. I know they have the power to kill anyone on the ship; however, it was without a warning, a double tap, and my round as SO was over.

In an event round of zombie mode, I was SO, nothing important to add most of the round. In a specific moment, two scientists and I decided to get an infected to test on him, which we restrained and successfully managed to keep him in place, its important to add that the infected turned inside research, we managed to secure him using the jacket MP use for the prisoners to avoid action, so there was no risk at the lives of any marine or staff of the ship. The Mayor didn’t like this, so he shot him dead, which is fine; I get it, roleplay and all. Then following my roleplay, I said, “Fuck CO and Fuck command, we gonna save this ship ourselves.” cause of course we were the only ones looking for a cure, Then the door opens, and I get double-tapped without a word by the CO, like not even down or dead to be revived; I got instant permadeath, only me no other marine or scientist got killed by the CO. The reason of course its because of what I said on the radio, but i didn’t get to defend myself, i didn’t shot once, i didn’t pointed my gun at him, nothing at all that’s why i got so surprised. I get what I said, but I wouldn’t have minded a warning first; it’s my round over just because I followed the roleplay?, There isn’t any other way to arrest a bad-mouthed SO?? I wasn’t told to stop; there was no escalation at all; I didn’t get an arrest warning; he didn’t say a word, the door opened and in less than 2 seconds I was perma.

I honestly would like to know if I broke any law at all. It can’t be that just by talking about something that the CO doesn’t like you get executed, right? And even if it’s an event, my round ended there, just suddenly and without anything else to do, i would like to know in case i was in the wrong what should i do to prevent ¨sudden instant executions¨ happening in the future.


Unfortunately i dont have knowledge on how to reach Combat logs or Chat logs from previous rounds, I am pretty sure it was just what the chat i said and the double tap from Karl, ¨I could be wrong tho¨ , so please let me know if there is something I could do to get some sort of evidence.

Hello, im the CO in this.

I will first off say that yes, i shot you dead because of what you said. It was NOT out of nowhere. I warned you and the group of researchers to NOT have an infected memeber of staff in research, contained or not it was a hazard to my characters. With all my MPs dead or infected I stepped up to maintain law on a ship that was falling to shit.

You literally said “fuck the co and fuck command”. With NO MPs, you OVER GENERAL COMMS saying this, you were challenging my command and my authority, which is textbook grounds to be BE’d. You may not like what the CO orders, but if you are going to go against him in what you believe is the best move, especially knowing the CO doesnt agree…I suggest being a but more hush hush than trying to challenge his authority in a crisis situation. You are not wareanted a warning in this situation.

I regret nothing, you got shot for being insubordinste and treasonous (as a staff officer too).


I was the CMP this round. The CO made it clear multiple times in dozens of ways that we’re not curing it. We need to contain the spread and - if we couldn’t - get the fuck off the ship. He threw everyone - EVERYONE - hit by a zombie in the brig, and I myself was infected carrying this out. When I turned zombie and hit the XO, he even had HIM thrown in there.

You made a threat of insubordination of the highest order on - effectively Delta Alert, but let’s be charitable - Red Alert. ICly it is a High Stakes “We have an immediate threat onboard”. Not only were you making a threat to his Command, you were making a threat to break this heavily enforced quarantine which would endanger more lives, including the LtCols. A Quarantine so heavily enforced the Highest Ranking member of the marines on the ship - the Captain - was enforced - through threat of violence - to adhere to.

Your Character’s threats, and actions, have consequences.

To add on to this, I was SEA, and I was ordered at first to deploy or get BE’ed but I will not get into that. I was then thrown in the brig with an infected person myself.

Don’t take it too personally, I wanted to know what happened first time I get permaded by a higher rank, now a couple of things I would like to add.

-I dont mind dying, is part of the game, it is what it is and all, but is the fact that i got perma
-I said it in command radio, not general.
-I admitted what I said already, and you make it look like you warned me or something wich didint happened.
-I have no recall of you saying to KOS anyone that tries to cure the infected, the last order i can recall was to hold CIC.
-Not sure what happened to Lukas when he was SEA, just saw him inside a cell with a zombo.
-You took me as a threat and I didn’t even do anything to you, we didn’t even spoke directly!!.
-My character never threatened you or the ship staff, if you however think the contrary welp not much for me to do.
-Crisis situation or not, you weren’t in a hurry and we were perfectly safe in that 5 cades.
-You guys really make it look I was doing a scheme behind your backs, we had an infected scientist that turned inside research!! nothin more!! I didn’t put him there, i just helped the researchers, and some marines in there and followed with the story I already told.
-I would really like for you to just admit ¨Yeah there were better ways to do things, but i did the worse one¨.
-I really don’t want you to take it personally man.

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So yeah I saw you there in the cell, what happened?, pretty sure it was in the timelapse when there where many zombies also storming the brig.

It is a very long story and it gave my a bad taste in my mouth and does not belong in this report

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The Commanding Officer reserves the right to issue Battlefield Executions to personnel who are willfully acting seditiously, i.e. against their command. Saying “fuck CO, fuck command” is invitation that you either plan to overthrow or otherwise bypass the command structure, which in a situation like a Zombies event where the ship was already at Code Red, warranted the CO executing you to preserve order.

The CO interpreted your messages as a threat to their authority, and on a Code Red situation, an invitation to mutiny. Make of it what you will, but there are better things to say over radio than rallying Marines to go against the CO. If you were making a remark, you would not have said it on the radio.

This execution is ruled as valid, and there will be no action issued against Superreallycoolguy. Report denied.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs

Added report:co

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